SEGA’s Website Confirms Sonic Dash for Android

Sonic Dash Android SEGA website

Android users rejoice, as SEGA has finally confirmed that Sonic Dash is headed to Android devices. SEGA has added the game to its website today and is listing Android as one of the platforms. No news on when the Android version will launch, unfortunately, but as soon as a date is revealed, we’ll let you know.

Sonic Dash is now available on the App Store for $1.99, AUD$1.99, £1.49, €1.79 on iPod® touch, iPad® and iPhone®.

Source: SEGA’s official website

S&ASR Transformed Website Now Live, Sky Sanctuary Zone Track Revealed?

It looks like Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed won’t just be getting a Facebook site after all, because SEGA has today opened a proper website for the game, though it’s not much different to the Facebook site. One major difference, however, is the multiple backgrounds where in the ‘Screenshots’ section we can see what looks like a Sky Sanctuary Zone hub. Will the game feature a Sky Sanctuary Zone track? A Death Egg Zone hub can be seen in the sky next to it, and we’ve known for a long time that its track from the first game is returning.

We’ll keep you updated with any developments. For now, speculate away in the comments section.

Sonic 4: Episode 2 Japanese Website Now Open, New Screenshots

SEGA Japan has today opened their official website for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2, which features character profiles, a Zones section, a co-op play section and more. In the Zones section there are twenty four new screenshots covering all three Acts of Sylvania Castle Zone and White Park Zone showcasing platforming and puzzle elements as well as the return of snowboarding.

You can view all twenty four screenshots after the jump.
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Sonic 4: Episode 2 Japanese Website Coming Soon

SEGA Japan has updated their official Sonic the Hedgehog 4 home page with a ‘coming soon’ teaser for Episode 2’s website. Woun from fellow Sonic fansite Sonic Scene has managed to grab the game’s full ‘box art’ and what appears to be two pieces of concept art from the Aquatic Ruins Zone styled stage and says we can expect more information about the game from the next issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu tomorrow. We’ll relay any new information here.

Check out the images after the jump.
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SEGA Re-opens Sonic Generations Website

In a very odd move, SEGA has re-opened its Sonic Generations website today, which, as you know, is the day of the console version’s release in the US, making that half of the website at least, redundant. Even weirder is the fact that nothing has been added to it since we last saw it about a month ago, apart from the recent trailers. Stages for both the console/PC and 3DS versions are still locked out, despite the console version’s release and almost all of the 3DS version’s levels already being revealed.

You can find the site at this link.

Thanks to SSMB member Shade Vortex for the heads up!

M&S London 3DS Gameplay Footage, English Website Updated


We’ve got two pieces of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games news this evening. First, we’ve got some new gameplay footage and screenshots of the Nintendo 3DS version from Nintendo’s 3DS Conference, which was held early this morning.

Check out the screenshots below:

And second, we’ve just got word that SEGA has given the EU and US website for the game a huge update. There’s not much new in terms of screenshots and videos, but you can check out some profiles and new artwork of the characters in the game, as well as their stats for the Wii version of the game.

Sources: Nintendo’s 3DS Conference 2011 website and EU & US Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games website

Thanks to Sonic Wrecks for the YouTube upload and thanks to YoshiUnity ’06 at the SSMB for the heads up on the website update!

Got a news tip? Send it in to, or via Twitter at @Shadzter and we’ll credit you for the find.

SEGA’s TGS 2011 Website Open, Software Lineup Revealed


SEGA has opened their Tokyo Game Show 2011 website and revealed their software lineup for the event, which starts September 15th and ends on the 18th. The PS3 and Nintendo 3DS versions of Sonic Generations will be at SEGA’s booth, as well as a variety of other titles from the publisher listed below. A Sonic Generations trailer combining the old Green Hill Zone and City Escape trailers and the game’s two packshots without the logos have also been released.

Binary Domain (PS3/360)
Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure (3DS)
Hatsune Miku Project Diva Extend (PSP)
Virtua Tennis 4 (PSV)
7th Dragon 2020 (PSP)
Anarchy Reigns (PS3/360)
Sonic Generations (PS3/3DS)
Phantasy Star Online 2 (PC)
Yakuza: Black Panther 2 (PSP)

Sources: SEGA TGS 2011 Website, Sonic Scene and SEGA Driven

Thanks to Woun for the heads up on the SEGA TGS website and YouTube conversion of the trailer!

Sonic Generations Japanese Website Open, 2 New Screenshots

SEGA Japan has opened an official website for Sonic Generations. There’s not much there right now apart from the game’s trailer and six screenshots, but there’s bound to be more added in the coming months. Two of the screenshots are new and show us more of Classic Sonic speeding through the Green Hill Zone. Check them out and share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Sonic Generations official Japanese website

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up and for grabbing the screenshots!

Big Shows the Beaver in a Pinch

MaxieDexide sent this in to TSS and I had to double take at what I read.  He went to the old Japanese Sonic webpage and had Google translate it.  Big’s character description is the best:

Heh, now I have an excuse to post this video.  Thanks, Canada:


Hate away.

More Sonic 4 Concept Art: Masher Returns

Today was filled with more broken countdown clocks on the Sonic 4 website.  Hopefully, everybody has come to realize that despite the longer wait, the payoff isn’t going to be that great regardless (see: motobug).  SEGA of America really needs to fix that site.  It’s a real mess.

I digress.  The “concept art” (note the quotes) is of a badnik from Sonic 2‘s Emerald Hill Zone.  It looks like Masher will be hoppin’ up some waterfalls to bite your blue balls as you cross wooden bridges in Sonic 4. CHOMP.

After Hours of Mystery, Sonic 4 Site Unveils the “Badnik” Section

Also known as “stuff you’ve already seen.”

SEGA of America, continuing their c-c-c-combo of disappointing cockteases, unveiled the “badniks” section of the site today after hours of people staring at a broken countdown clock.  The only thing within the new section currently is a 19-year old badnik, the motobug.  The entry includes a short description and its full animation.

What badniks will be coming up in the near future?  Judging from the badnik art contest, it’ll probably be ones… we’ve already seen.

Visit the Sonic 4 website

Zone Quantity, Mystery Images, and “Broniks” in Latest Sonic 4 Site Leak

This news has been bouncing around from site to site and more speculation has been running wild.

The Wiire is reporting that “Vash” from has decompiled the flash website of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and looking at the code, you can make many guesses as to what it all means.

Here’s the first bit of code that looked weird:

preorderBtn1 = new preorderBtn();

Pre-order?  Like, as in, a retail release?   The next line of code that catches my eye is “bronik.”  It is my new word (until I find one that exceeds it in cool):

<broniks text=”BADNIKS” />

One of the big questions revolves around the length of an “episode.”  The code leads us to believe that there will be 4.


The final thing found within the site is a series of buttons within some mystery image that is currently not in use:

Could this represent the 4 zones of “Episode 1?”  Could it be 4 characters (who would be the green one)?  Are Sonic and Tails teaming up with Mario and Luigi (lol)?  Do the buttons represent the four platforms that this game will release on (Wii, 360, PS3, and iPhone)?  Your guess is as good as mine.

[via The Wiire]

Speculation Nation: What is “Project RINGO?”

First, we get shakey mushrooms and now we get some silhouette juggling an apple (which is “Ringo” in Japanese, by the by).  I don’t know what to expect from this new teaser site after the 8-bit mushroom made way for a blatant Mario rip-off with dick jokes.  I think it’s safe to speculate that we’re getting a platforming game out of this deal.

The teaser page is a little flash ditty with the cartoony silhouette tapping its foot to an upbeat tune.

Check out Project RINGO.

[Source: SegaNerds via Kotaku.]

Scavenger Hunt!: Find Classic Games and “Starfish Head”

On the U.S. Sonic and the Black Knight website, you can engage in some fun and find surprises while you wait for Sonic’s next non-canon trip to Arthurtown.


The site is VERY flash heavy, so make sure that you have the latest updates.

Anyway, there are 4 references to classic SEGA games on the Black Knight site and I’ve given away two in Wonderboy and Alex Kidd.  Can you find the other two references?  First one to find them gets a shiny, red ball.

Secondly, Silver, who shall always be referred to as “Starfish Head,” is confirmed for this game through the site’s “papercrafts” section.  You can print out paper versions of Sonic & Co.’s armor.  Starfish Head has some slick gear:

If you ever wanted for someone to question your sexuality, then print this out, fold it up, and wear it to school.  Then, at dinner, your dad will regret not making you play contact sports and/or not beating you enough.  Good times.

Ambitious (and cumbersome) Sonic Chronicles website opens

The Sonic Chronicles website launched in the U.S. just recently and it is one flash-heavy beast.  While being creative by replicating the gameplay of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood by dragging Sonic along by a “stylus,” the website manages to be a pain in the ass to navigate.  Nonetheless, everything you need to know about the game is there and there is more than enough media to tide fans over until the game’s release.  Plus, if you collect all the rings on the site, you get a super-duper prize.  Eff yeah.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood U.S. Website