Now Your Kids Can Sit On Sonic

Gaming chairs are a pain in the arse. I mean, seriously, what good are they for? You get a leather chair that tears easily, has to be on the floor so you feel like a Hobbit watching the screen, and you get ‘surround sound’ blaring into your ears that most times sound all distorted. Worst of all are those gormless fools on the box, sitting in them making idiots of themselves. Who in the hell would want one of these things?

… oh, there’s a Sonic one being released? Get down, that changes everything.

Well, maybe not, but it’s still some interesting news that’s travelled across the Interwebs. According to PRWeb, Sega have teamed up with Ultimate Game Chair to release the new Reactor Mini, a gaming relaxer for kids ages 3 – 9 years, that features a picture of Sonic on it. It’ll coincide with the launch of Sonic Unleashed in North America.

These gaming chairs supposedly rumble at every little thing happening in the game, to totally immerse the player, but we wonder if it’ll do anything out of the ordinary whilst playing Sonic Unleashed. Shaver adaptor whilst playing as the Werehog? Oh wait, they’ll be too young for that. Apparently the chair is also labeled as a massager. That may come in handy if they get addicted to Sonic hen- oh wait, they’ll be too young for that.

You can buy the Reactor Mini Game Chair from Ultimate Game Chair’s website from the 21st November; it’ll set you back about $70.

Ultimate Game Chair Unveils First Video Game Chair for Kids – PRWeb (Thanks, ‘Knux’!)

SatAM Fansite: “2007 Sonic Movie Pitch Was In Fact Real”

Quexinos/Sonique, former administrator of the Fans United for SatAM website, has buried the hatchet with almost-Sonic-film-producer Richard Kuta over claims that a Sonic the Hedgehog movie pitch he made 18 months ago never happened.

Way back in January 2007, Richard Kuta had pitched his fan film project to studios such as Universal in order to produce a brand new Sonic the Hedgehog film. The Sonic Stadium originally reported it here while progress was still young – Richard had then boasted that SEGA had actually “green-lighted” such a project – claims that ended up being false.

While SEGA had not in fact given the go ahead, Richard’s intentions and ambitions were quite real, and were evidenced as such with discussions involving PR spokespeople from various studios. Quexinos made claims that Kuta was not in fact a filmmaker and called into question the validity of the project to The Sonic Stadium some days after the original news story, which you can read here.

Since that time, Kuta and Quexinos have been at loggerheads as the former insisted his project was real and the latter constantly debunked the claims. Quexinos wrote a post in the FUS forums today, reneging on the claims she made in 2007:

Rich did a lot of stupid and dumb things okay? But one thing he did right, was he somehow got Universal and DiC to back him up. Now I know what you’re thinking, “But he’s bullshitting…” well I found out he wasn’t. I talked to someone at Universal who at least remembered who he was (yeah I went there >.>) It was like I was talking to Rich and he said “Go ahead and call them” and so I did. So there I said it.

Richard’s movie pitch eventually fell flat in Decembet 2006, before all this mess began, when SEGA told him they were making a Sonic film internally. Since that time, Richard has been constantly contacting websites in an attempt to convince people such a project is still in production.

Unfortunately, we can say with certainty that, although The Sonic Stadium supported Richard in his original pitch, he is incorrect in believing a communication from early 2007 is proof SEGA is making a Sonic film. Had this been the case, we would have all heard about it by now. You can chalk up the ‘internal movie’ response as a polite form of rejecting Richard’s original pitch and nothing more.

Still, at least a year-long drama between a website and a budding film maker has come to an end at last, hasn’t it? Now, let’s never hear of any of this again. Ever ever ever ever again.

SatAM’s best chance for a comeback is now – FUS

SEGA to open Theme Parks in the Middle East

SEGA announced earlier today that there were to be releasing a series of new Theme Park Arcades in Emaar shopping malls across the Middle East.

The first Arcade is set for opening in the Dubai Mall, featuring such attractions as roller-coasters, simulators and arcade machines.

SEGAs CEO Hajime Satomi said, “Entertainment is about living dreams, it is about experiencing joy and culture. In joining with a company of Emaar’s stature and power, we hope to convey the pleasure and excitement inspired by great entertainment to people all over the world.”

The Theme Park Arcade is set for release later this year, and there has currently been no mention of a UK or US consideration.

Stay tuned to Sonic News for more info!

And thanks to Pur-Rulz for finding the info on her Wii news channel!

Sonic Movie a Hoax? [UPDATE]

Sonique of Fans United for SatAM has spoken to Sonic News about the recent story of a possible Sonic movie in the works, stating that Richard Kuta’s chances of actually getting the project off the ground is slim.

Richard Kuta is NOT a film maker. What films has he made? None. Nada, zero zip, zilch. He’s just a guy who’s been banned from almost every Sonic forum ever made who has a dream. That’s it.” Sonique said in an email. “He’s never even written anything above fanfiction.

Interesting evidence and searching reveals no information on the animation company ‘Soloakai’ either. Sonique states that findings point to the group being makers of flash animations rather than a professional major movie production team. Our research only found the name ‘Soloakai’ on our own news reports. Continue reading Sonic Movie a Hoax? [UPDATE]

The Spin: Single, Seeking Caring Consumer…

Walk into a Japanese music or games store. Look left. Look right. Notice anything different, apart from the eclectic colour and anime freaky cartoons screaming in your earhole rendering you half-deaf? Amongst other things, an abundance of video game soundtrack CDs. The Japanese love the aural aspect of gaming, so much so that society has deemed the compositions as a bona fide form of audio art. As such, you can expect to see many original soundtracks (OSTs) littered about the place for any such game.

This trend is catching on in the West, particularly America. The large-scale video games are getting standalone soundtracks. Granted, most of them happen to be either Final Fantasy (whatever else?) or the chav-gathering titles aimed at those who like gritty, grey realism with as much life as a beige sweater. Not that I’m biased or anything, you understand. Jun Senoue’s getting in on the act by doing his best to ensure Sonic OSTs are brought to the US mostly intact.

Continue reading The Spin: Single, Seeking Caring Consumer…