Weston Super Sonic: Free Tickets Available now

Weston Super Sonic 2015

This morning, Weston Super Sonic’s free ticket registration has opened for fans to register for the Weston-Super Mare based Sonic convention, taking place on Weston’s Grand Pier January 17th 2015.

Tickets have been said to be released in multiple waves, the first opening today, and further waves taking place at future dates.

You can register for your own free tickets right here

Opportunities to get tickets in person are also available, with the WSS staff making appearances at Bristol Animanga POP!, on Sunday the 4th of October and PLAY Expo, Manchester on the weekend of Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th of October.


The coming months look to be an increasingly exciting time for people in the Sonic community. With Sonic the Comic Con opening its doors to guests in less than a month from now, and SEGA’s own Sonic Boom event opening this Saturday, it’s an incredibly exciting time for Sonic fans to get together, network and have a great time.

It’s awesomely refreshing to see Sonic fans out and around the world creating their own events and doing what they can to leave their marks on the community, so why not join us for a day of tournaments, panels and a day of all things Sonic the Hedgehog!

Hope to catch you there!

Wave 1 of SOS tickets sells out in 6 seconds!

sos2013Blink, and you probably did miss it! Following the amazing demand of last year, everybody knew this years first wave would go quickly, but nobody expected it to go this quickly. 450 tickets were up for grabs and they all sold out in 6 seconds!


If you got your tickets odds are you’re wiping the sweat of your brow right now and thinking something along the lines of ‘Oh man! I got lucky!’ However if you were unsucessful, do not despare, the second wave of tickets will go live this Sunday 7th July at 6:00PM (BST). There will be another 450 tickets up for grabs.

If you didn’t get a ticket this time, think of it this way… 450 less people attempting to go for tickets. See you on Sunday, good luck!

For more announcements and news on ticket updates, keep checking the SOS website and TSS.