[UPDATE] Sonic 4 Official Websites Updated

UPDATE: 12 new Casino Street Zone screenshots from the English site have been added to the bottom of this article. Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for grabbing them. /UPDATE END

SEGA has updated both the Japanese and English Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 websites. The Japanese site now contains 8 new screenshots of Mad Gear Zone and profiles for two of that zones badniks, Slicer and Shellcracker. The English site has been given a Casino Street Zone themed makeover, with 12 new Casino Street Zone screenshots along with 4 new wallpapers and Casino Street Zone Act 1’s music now available to download. The screenshots for Splash Hill Zone have been updated to reflect the final build of the game, too.

The below description of Casino Street Zone has also been added:

A bright and busy casino-inspired theme park, where shining neon lights fill the streets. Casino Street Zone is bustling with elaborate pinball areas and powerful cannons, so time your movement well to guarantee your chance of survival. If luck is on your side, why not explore for a moment and try your hand at the slots?

You can check out all of the new screenshots and wallpapers below. There’s just 2 days to go until the U.S. and EU release of the iPhone version and about a week to go until the console version is made available. Are you excited? Speak out in the comments.

Mad Gear Zone:

Casino Street Zone:


Sonic 4 Official Japanese Website
Sonic 4 Official English Website

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for obtaining the Casino Street Zone screenshots from the English site.

SEGA Releases 10th Anniversary Wallpaper

What better way to celebrate Sonic’s 10th Anniversary than with an official desktop wallpaper? Well, SEGA understands your needs – which is why it has shared a special background for fans to use on their computers to celebrate the big event.

You can download the wallpaper in full by heading to The Sonic Stadium’s Wallpaper section.

New Sonic Wallpaper Released by Sonic Team

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