Sonic Riders Zero Gravity hits Europe

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity for Wii and PS2 has hit European retail today. You can now pick up the game for the RRP of £39.99 for Wii and £19.99 for PS2. The sequel to 2006’s Sonic Riders see’s Sonic and friends stumble upon a new gravity defying bracelet that allows them to pull off Zero Gravity maneuvers with their Extreme Gears.

For more information you can now visit the new European website for the game.

Also Archangel UK from the Sega Europe community team has put up a new blog entry in the Sega Europe blogs that includes a new Sega Superstars Tennis trailer that showcases the Superstar State power up. Also included in the new blog entry is half of the Xbox 360 versions Achievements list. Click the link below to check those out.