RUMOR: Arcade 1up Virtua Fighter Cabinet with Sonic The Fighters Leaked

Coming out of Reddit, an image has surfaced showing a new Arcade 1Up cabinet that includes many AM2 fighting games in one machine. The games include Virtua Fighter, Virtua Fighter Remix, Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers and Sonic the Fighters. There is no word on price or release date yet. Continue reading RUMOR: Arcade 1up Virtua Fighter Cabinet with Sonic The Fighters Leaked

Sonic the Fighters Rumoured for Xbox Live Arcade

Amidst the flurry of classic SEGA titles hitting Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network last week, it may come as no surprise to many that whispers of potential releases of other classic games are circulating. Continue reading Sonic the Fighters Rumoured for Xbox Live Arcade

Freak-Out Friday: Barking Off More Than They Can Chew…

…are Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite, for this week’s Freak-Out Friday! (Sorry lassies! No dog puns today!)

Recognized by many as one-shot characters, Bark and Bean made their first and only appearance in the series within the 1996 beat-em-up Sonic the Fighters. Following that, the two were never to be seen, heard from, or playable again in a future Sonic title.

What many fans do not know, however, is that the duo made one more playable appearance following Sonic the Fighters! Bark and Bean have both returned to the ring once again in Fighters Megamix, a Virtua Fighters and Fighting Vipers crossover on the SEGA Saturn, with the two being unlockable characters!

With the game’s release back in late ’96, a Famitsu guidebook for the fighting game hit the shelves in Japan. Interestingly, the Fighters Megamix guide featured more than just  character profiles for the cast; they’ve each had a short comic as well! And yes, that includes Bark and Bean!

Check out their comics down below! (Warning: It’s a tad Engrish.)

Bean’s comic is found after the jump!

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ASR Site Hack Reveals Bonanza Bros, Opa-Opa

SEGA has once again been the target of tech-savvy fans, as some disassembling of the official Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing flash site has revealed unannounced information, including the presence of the Bonanza Bros. and Opa-Opa (from Fantasy Zone) as playable characters.

The find came from fan blog TSSZ, with writer Ryan Bloom publishing a wealth of images that pertain to characters and All-Star moves. The snapshot above is apparently taken from the Characters page from the official website (which in itself is a replication of the game’s actual character select screen). Behind recently-confirmed Akira from Virtua Fighter is a tuft of blonde hair, leading the blog to suspect that companion fighter Jacky could be racing with him.

More obvious is an image of the Bonanza Bros. next to Big the Cat, and a silhouette of Opa-Opa. Exploring the “Moves” files uncovers a Kapu-Kapu from Chu Chu Rocket!, the ‘PARTS SHOP’ balloon from Fantasy Zone and the blimp from Bonanza Bros. It is assumed that these are clues to All-Star Moves, which if proven correct leads to the presence of the Chu Chu Rocket! playable vehicle as well.

Quite how SEGA will react to its website being torn apart remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t be the first time eager fans have been impatient to find every last morsel of detail about one of its games. We’ll bring you word of any comment from SEGA about the find.

ASR Site Launches, Reveals Jacky and DLC Characters Coming To Xbox 360

The official U.S. website for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing has just gone LIVE and in the All Star Moves section there is an icon for each characters All Star Move with their name underneath. Flick through and you come to an icon with the name Jacky from Virtua Fighter tagged underneath. It appears Jacky will be playable with Akira as his All Star Move.

The Characters section is closed off right now so could this be a mistake on SEGA’s part?

Downloadable characters are also listed to be coming too as an Xbox 360 exclusive.