Sonic Chronicles ‘Exploration’ Trailer

It’s the final countdown to the release of ‘Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood’ on the Nintendo DS as in just over two weeks time Sonic’s first venture in to the RPG genre will be made available to buy in Europe and shortly after in America.

DarkShadow notifed us earlier on the forums that those generous blokes and ladies down at Bioware have give us yet another ‘first look’ video at some of the areas Sonic and friends will explore throughout the course of the game. There’s also some new footage of some fantastic looking CG animated models, featuring Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge and of course our spiky blue hero himself!

Source: YouTube.

Sonic Chronicles Insider Video 4 – New enemies revealed!

Bioware are on fire just lately with their new ‘Insider Videos’ released on YouTube promoting ‘Sonic Chronicles’ on DS released later this month!

Their latest video released yesterday showcases two enemies Sonic and pals will face on their adventure, the ‘Egg Pawn’ and ‘Kron Warrior.’ Bioware stresses danger is afoot and you’ll need to kick some ass if you’re going to make it through to the end of the game, naturally.

Source: YouTube.

Another off-screen Sonic Unleashed video

On the heels of GameVideo’s off screen video, Gamekyo has come up with their own video. While the quality isn’t quite as good, what with all the people walking between the camera and the screen, this video does help add some persepective to just how many different paths there are in Unleash’s first level. At the very least, it looks like this game will have some nice replay value.

Sonic Chronicles Insider Video episode 2

Sonic’s big RPG debut is only a month away, and BioWare’s getting us Sonic fans ready for it via a series of YouTube videos on their own Youtube channel. It’s good to have a video to explain just how this game works. For those younger Sonic fans, unitiated in the ways of the RPG genre, this video should give them a clue of what their in for.

Meet Chip

Game Videos have posted a cool off-screen video of Sonic Unleashed in action at Leipzig’s Game Convention. The most notable about this video – despite the fact that you can see for yourself how awesome it’s looking with it’s alternate paths – is the rather random first appearance of a new character called Chip. Now, remember when we broke news that Sonic Unleashed would add a new character to the series? Looks like we totally called it, but we never thought Sega would reveal his/it existence so unceremoniously. Seriously, we’d have thought there’d be some sort of super-announcement for it or something.

Chip, from what we’ve seen and heard, appears to be some sort of tutorial pal and may well be integral to the story. Long as he doesn’t say a damn word during levels (so far so good) and stays on a totally platonic relationship with Sonic, I think we’ll be OK. Seems kinda cute actually. I hope Sega are as careful with Chip in consideration for future games as they have been with Blaze and Marine and not, for example, Shadow, however. I wouldn’t want to see this purple thing in every Sonic game since.

Check out Sonic’s assessment of his ranking at the end of the level with Chip, and the proceeding breakdance once he’s discovered he got an ‘S’ ranking. Pure Sonic gold, that is.

Honey Nut Cheerios With Added Hedgehog

The good old days of 1992. Sonic was everywhere, your video game systems, your local book stores, American meatball cans, you name it, SEGA had an advertisement campaign involving it.

Member Godofwarordle (what?) at Game Trailers has recently dug up an old gem of a commercial involving Sonic and some inferior company mascot we forget the name of, advertising a box of Honey Nut Cheerio cereal. It looks like the advertisement ran around the time Sonic 2 was released on the Mega Drive… 1992. You received some nifty ‘gaming tips’ for Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine and ToeJam and Earl 2 on every box, plus the chance to win a SEGA Genesis console itself! Chances of winning were 1 in 10,000. Extremely generous of them, that.

You don’t see Mario having a corny Honey Nut Cheerio theme song now, do you?

Source: Game Trailers.

SAGE ’08 Extended Promo Video


This 3-minute video ran at the Summer of Sonic during the day, but if you didn’t go, catch a glimpse of Sonic Nexus’ new engine and animated cutscenes, the action of Sonic: Time Twisted, the beauty of Emerald Ties: Crossing Fates, and more!

Click here to watch the movie in high quality (and to comment and vote 5!)

BlueTube: SatBK Gameplay… apparently.

It’s such a good job we can always rely on Youtube to bring us the newest and most reliable game footage before any other place on the Internet, isn’t it?

It appears a user named ‘JesseMeza07’ has managed to get his hands on a first look at the gameplay of the upcoming ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ title for the Nintendo Wii released next Spring. There’s something wrong here though… but we at TSS can’t quite put our fingers on it.

Jesse writes –

This is the first footage of the new Wii game, Sonic & The Black Knight, courtesy of IGN. I can tell you one thing, this game is shaping up to be pretty good. ūüôā

Source: YouTube.

Summer of Sonic Gets Live Internet Broadcast

Did you hear about the spectacularly awesome Summer of Sonic a little too late, or really wanted to come but couldn’t because you live too far away? Couldn’t bear the thought of missing Richard Jacques talk about his life story? Well guess what? You’re in luck.

The Summer of Sonic team have been testing a method of providing a live video feed to everyone who otherwise can’t attend the convention in person. That test being successful, you can expect a bird’s eye view of the show floor as stuff happens during the day. If we get a few willing volunteers, we may have someone walk around with said camera within the hall to give you a closer look in on the action. The best part is, you won’t miss the main stage shows such as the mega-Q&A I will apparently be hosting, and the live Sonic Hour show. Due to quality issues though, it’s unlikely we will be able to provide a live video of Richard’s awesome performance – you have to see it yourself to believe that.

Interested now? Yeah I bet you are. Gimme that funky chunky donkey.

BlueTube: Nothing like a stroll in the Sonic 06

It appears sometimes even Sonic needs to take a break from saving repeatedly kidnapped princesses and skipping through time periods in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Even when the most speediest of blue hedgehogs wishes to slow things down for a little while though, level design can sometimes get in his way when taking a quiet stroll along the beach. Luckily though, the kind people at SEGA were nice enough to include him a constant gravitational pull towards any area of the environment no matter what speed he be going!

Just a bit of fun really. This video made me chuckle and look back on some of the minor technical glitches Sonic encountered in his Next Generation debut back in 2006. I’m sure most of us have gotten over how disappointing this game was, though looking through the frustration there were some relatively funny irregularities included in the game that are always fun to look back on. Let’s hope Sonic’s upcoming adventure on the same platforms don’t end up as technically impaired as this, though.

Source: Youtube.

Game Trailers – More Sonic Chronicles footage!

Oo er, wouldn't want to meet that Chao in a dark alley.

Radu… chop!

Hurrah! Who could possibly say no to a bunch of new videos from the latest build of ‘Sonic Chronicles and the Dark Brotherhood’ on the Nintendo DS? Not TSS, that’s for sure! The new videos are viewable at GameTrailers here.

The footage actually may look a little similar to something else to most of you, and that’s because they’re actually videos that were included on the official website when released some weeks back. The difference now? GameTrailers have gone through all the trouble of adding in some ‘banging toonz’ from the game that certainly do sound awesome, and not to mention Sonic like. Continue reading Game Trailers – More Sonic Chronicles footage!

BlueTube: Sonic Rocks Tokyo Game Show 2007

Last year, The Sonic Stadium attended the Tokyo Game Show in Japan. We reported on all sorts of lovely junk for various video game outlets, not least Nintendo Official Magazine with a preview of No More Heroes. Amidst the madness was SEGA’s booth, which had a healthy dose of Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan!, Valkyria Chronicles and NiGHTS Journey of Dreams. Of course, to help sell the company’s latest wares was none other than Sonic the Hedgehog himself.

Now you can watch as he entertains us with his strong man poses, cute nose-rubbing and photo-taking. We especially like the SEGA rep taking him away shortly after chasing a photo-buddy for not shaking his hand. Genius.

SAGE 2008 Teaser Surfaces on YouTube

The 2008 Sonic Amateur Game Expo, hosted by Sonic Fan Games HQ, is exactly one month away and to celebrate, TSS member Huepow00 is helping build excitement by releasing a teaser video.¬† The video also serves as a reminder for those who are thinking of entering to start working if you haven’t already, so get going people!¬† The show can never have enough projects!¬† Guests (most notably, Ryan Drummond, who is back for his second year) and events are being finalized and added as we speak, so it looks to be another stellar community event.

SAGE 2008 will start August 17th at 12 AM GMT.  Registration for booths will happen August 4th through the 8th.

Check out Huepow’s SAGE 2008 Teaser

Check out the SAGE 2008 Press Site

E3: Watch a Demo of Unleashed in Action

Gamespot’s at E3. We aren’t. SAD FACE. But luckily Gamespot’s able to pick up the slack that we can’t otherwise manage, and have grabbed a SEGA Brand Manager guy to help showcase some real in-game demos of Sonic Unleashed. What’s interesting to note here is that the 3D segments, contrary to popular belief, are not on rails, and many are fully 3D analog-stick playable. We saw some areas in the China stage that looked more like a SatSR-style “shift left, shift right” style of 3D play, but generally we’re looking at some good old 3D movement here.

The guy demoing the game’s not too hot, and there was one section where Sonic glitched and failed an automatic spring-to-grind section, but the rest looks solid. We’re told that there will be equal nighttime versions of every stage, and Sonic segments will be much longer than the Werewolf ones to compensate for the speed at which you blitz through them. The nighttime alter ego is officially labelled as ‘Sonic the Werehog’, and the fighting aspect does look pretty cool.

Truth be told, this demo lays some concerns to rest, particularly with the Werehog. Sure, we could have done without any brawling segments at all and just had Sonic run from left to right and up a Z-axis, but the nighttime sections do look like they’re going to hold some enjoyable, classic platforming action. There are two attack buttons and a grab move in addition to your jump (which also has a double jump for additional height), and while Werehog isn’t as agile as traditional Sonic, he can use his massive arms to grab ledges and pull himself up. We still don’t like carrying pots around but grabbing enemies doesn’t seem compulsory at least. In fact, the whole thing reminds us that we want a new Streets of Rage game; this mechanic would be perfect for it.

SEGA pretty much confirmed that alternative characters may be playable (using the classic PR “We’re not ready to announce anything yet”) besides Sonic, which sounds like a bowl of fail. Let this be a game about Sonic for once and not his over-publicised friends. Sonic Unleashed will also have an online component, although quite what this is has yet to be revealed. Check the video if you have half an hour, it’s a good watch.

Sonic Unleashed E3 2008 Stage Show Demo – Gamespot (via SSMB)

Now YOU Can Own This Lovely Sonic Unleashed Trailer

Hey you! Yeah, you, there. That new Sonic Unleashed trailer was pretty nifty, no? Well, nifty isn’t the word, we all browned ourselves at the prospect of a Sonic game being good this year. SEGA have released the trailer to download, which we now have for you to grab. So when all of us start praising this as the second coming (give it a month) you can ignore all that shit and remember this lovely footage for eternity, no matter how good or bad the game actually ends up. Enjoy!

Download High Europe Trailer (TSS Media Portal) – 67.9MB
Right-click and select “Save As…”

Unleashed: High Europe is High

That initial Sonic Unleashed trailer was really nice and all, but didn’t you wish you saw more of the gameplay? Like, a whole two minutes worth? IGN felt your pain and showed a second trailer of the next major Sonic title. Apparently this is from the ‘High Europe’ stage, which doesn’t sound like a very cool name if you want my opinion but hey – it opens doors for a MECHA High Europe Zone in Sonic Unleashed 2, surely?

This video shows off some rather cool stuff, including QTEs (Quick Timed Events) to shift Sonic to the left and right, Sonic going in and out of the screen like a blue-arsed banshee and a lot of grinding and crashing through boxes.

Looks tight, but is it just me or does the blue bugger not stop at all during this sequence? Not even for a split second. If this isn’t another on-rails game like Secret Rings, SEGA’s not doing a very good job of showing it.

IGN Video (360 Version)

Sega Superstars Tennis site updates

Sega Europe have updated the Sega Superstars Tennis official game site. You can now view the Characters and Movies sections. The U.S. version of the site has not been updated yet. Characters revealed so far are Sonic, Beat, NiGHTS, Ulala, AiAi, Amigo and Dr. Eggman. Each characters page contains official artwork for that character. The other 9 characters have a question mark over them.

The Movies section contains the Intro movie(which is the first CG trailer shown), a Gameplay movie, Scrap Brain Zone (Eggmans stage with name now confirmed), Chu Chu Rocket and Space Harrier. You can also view a preview movie with Steve Lycett, Producer at Sumo Digital over at Steve tells us all about the features in every version of the game.

Sega Superstars Tennis will be released in Europe 20th March 2008 and shipped in the U.S. March 18th 2008.

Sega Superstars Official Website

Five new Journey of Dreams Videos

The ‘Game Videos’ website has just uploaded five brand-spanking new NiGHTS videos viewable on the internet as of today. A lot of news on this game lately, but these videos have got me even more hyped more than anything.

See all Five vids here intergrated into one page courtesy of Nintendo Wii Fanboy!
The Shleep are back! 8D

The videos show off new footage, new music and alot of other cool stuff. This is looking to be an awesome sequal to an above awesome origional and has definatly greatly improved upon the quality of the previous batch of videos. It also appears you DO have to get a key from the bird to enter the ‘NiGHTS Captures’ (origionally they were Ideya Palaces’ to continue to the next course. This change doesn’t really seem bad, infact it looks fun chasing after those bird things. Stay tuned at TSS for all the latest NiGHTS 2 media!

I think I need to sit down after that. Well, if I wasn’t already sat down. x_x;

Also: Well done Somethingstein for finding the videos and letting us all know on the forums. =P

More new screenshots and four new Rivals 2 Videos

IGN have released four new gameplay videos of Sonic Rivals 2, one of them including a story scene between Tails and Espio. Ironic to the game’s name it look’s like characters will be coupled to WORK TOGETHER –

  • Sonic and Tails
  • Knuckles and Rouge
  • Shadow and Metal Sonic (Fan-fiction love story writers will be loving this -_-‘)
  • Silver and Espio (and this -_-‘)

It also look’s like we have adventure maps like the one in Sonic Advance 2 making a return.

There is alot of voicework in these video’s(Espio sounds terrible in my oppinion) and doesn’t seem to be written very well, for example at the start of the Knockout mode battle between Sonic and Knuckles Sonic says “Let’s race”. Continue reading More new screenshots and four new Rivals 2 Videos

New Rivals 2 Trailer

Earlier today the Game Trailers website uploaded new footage from the upcoming Sonic Rivals PSP game. Other than an overview of what information has already been released, the trailer briefly shows off a new Casino/Bingo Highway type stage and a classic looking Hangliding section. The trailer also showcases some new music (finally…) that will most likley be included within the game.

Check out the (slightly corny) trailer here. Continue reading New Rivals 2 Trailer

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics (Updated!)

A load of new videos have recently been released from the Games Convention event at Leipzig. I don’t believe I need to say much here. Included below are a bunch of videos from several websites, including Sega Nerds and GameVideos.

Sega Nerds:

Continue reading Mario and Sonic at the Olympics (Updated!)

More NiGHTS Media

Again, as this is mostly media oriented, no need for much of my blathering.

The NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams box art:

Looks pretty...

The NiGHTS Video with in game music:

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams video

It should be noted that the sound is a bit out of sync with the video, and the boss music starts way early, nevertheless this seems to be the official music. As a NiGHTS fan, I rather like the first one. The second one…sounds fitting, but a bit weird to me.

Edit: Apparently, my source might have been wrong about this music being “official”. As a result, I’m going to regard this as a rumor until something more concrete is shown. I apologize for jumping the gun on this.

New Rivals 2 Footage; Mario and Sonic Site Open

Being that this news is mostly about media, I’ll stow the words and cut to the chase:
Sonic Rivals footage, courtesy of GameSpot:

The link to the Mario and Sonic at the Olympics site: Mario and Sonic Website.

Nothing new here, but be sure to keep an eye on it for future updates.

Sonic Rivals 2 gameplay clip released

It’s that time of the year again. E3 to be precise. And Sony have released a gameplay clip of a montage of their PSP titles in development, Sonic Rivals 2 being present amongst the other games on show. You can watch this video below (The Sonic Rivals 2 footage begins at approximately 54 seconds into the video.) Continue reading Sonic Rivals 2 gameplay clip released

Sonic the Hedgehog site updated, trailer released

Thats right, folks. The website for Sonic’s big next gen title, aptly named “Sonic the Hedgehog”, has seen a huge make over, with new info to boot. You can access the website here.

The site is entirely in Japanese, and may have some trouble loading. If you have trouble loading pages, just reload the page and everything should work.

With the complete redesign of the website, comes some interesting new info. Firstly, it is now confirmed (via ambiguous sillohoutte outlinings) that Knuckles, Tails, Blaze, Omega, Rouge, and Amy WILL be in the game. But judging by the size and placement of the pics, they will not be playable. Continue reading Sonic the Hedgehog site updated, trailer released

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 – update, video & images

On the 4th may 2006 both IGN and GameSpy lifted the vale on SEGA’s Sonic 2006 project. Since then more discovery’s have come to light from various other sources, and this article shall continue to be updated as they do. As well as hinting a Sonic game unique to the Nintendo Wii, SEGA also revealed the games release would coincide with that of Sony’s Playstation 3. With the PS3 receiving a simultaneous worldwide release can we really expect SEGA to follow suite? Continue reading Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Рupdate, video & images

Next-Gen Sonic is Running

Next-Gen Sonic is up and running. Early on the 17th, IGN and Gamespot released game play videos of the next generation Sonic the Hedgehog game, from the Tokyo Game Show. Three short videos of game play show most of what we need to know to get a good idea, along with a few new details.

Yuji Naka revealed that the new game shall be self-titled “Sonic the Hedgehog” to mark the Blue Blur’s 15th Anniversary. There is also a new engine used in this game. The engine called Havok, used in games like Halo 2 and Half-Life 2, is being used for the making of Sonic the Hedgehog. After showing how boxes at different weights move differently, Naka praised the flexibleness of the new engine for allowing simple details like these to be done. Naka-san also said that his theme while creating the games is “What if Sonic actually existed in real life?”. His theme is certainly living it up to what it stands for. Continue reading Next-Gen Sonic is Running

E3: Next-Gen Sonic Video [UPDATE]

SONIC NEWS FIRST: The Sonic Stadium has obtained the full movie of the next generation Sonic the Hedgehog demo in action. It shows stunning footage of how we can expect the blue blur to look like on next generation consoles.

The movie is of slight quality, due to the filming taking place from afar (covertly, one would imagine), but you can download it here from The Sonic Stadium from its exclusive E3 Coverage Section. Look under the “TSS Commentary” subsection. Continue reading E3: Next-Gen Sonic Video [UPDATE]

Movies, Music and… erm, Navigation Bars

Right, I did a few things today, let’s try to remember what the heck I added… New movies have been added to the Movies Zone – they are the Sonic & Tails and Sonic Ride movies from¬†Sonic Jam¬†and the entire Director’s Commentary from¬†Sonic Adventure DX¬†director Takashi Iizuka. Split into 4 parts, mind. The¬†Music Zone¬†has had a brush up, with previously submitted MIDIs and a slightly new format now added to¬†Sonic 1, Sonic 2 on both¬†Mega Drive¬†and¬†Master System,¬†Sonic 3¬†and¬†Sonic & Knuckles.

Also, the first step into listening to people’s suggestions as to improving this site navigation wise, I’m changing the navigation bar to it’s old format. This is the format where everything we had to offer on The Sonic Stadium would appear as a seperate link in a simple menu. Many people felt this was the best navigation bar and made the TSS design previous to this one the best ever made. So who am I to argue with that eh? Won’t be on every page for a while though, so just be patient. Also added three links just for the hell of it – the¬†Donation page¬†returns, as does the¬†Banner Service, as mentioned in the last update. Finally, since it’s been ages since there’s been any word of it, and people are starting to ask the questions again,¬†The Sonic Smash Cards information page returns.

ETERNAL REVOLUTIONS, Guestbook and New Movies Zone!

“Pinch, punch, first day of the month, no returns of any kind”… x_x; Although this is pretty much the best time of the year. For me anyway. Think about it. It’s slap bang in the middle of the year for starters. It’s officially the start of Summertime, and that means Will Smith will be played on stations until everyone throws their radios out of the window. My “Bo’ Selecta” calendar shows ‘David Blaine’, evidently one of the best characters in the British TV comedy series. Plus, for us Sonic fans, we have Sonic’s own Birthday on the 23rd, the Sonic Site Awards round about that time too… and for me especially, my own birthday is on the 30th. Right at the end of the month. But it’s worth the wait, no? ^_^

And to celebrate the turning of this wonderful month, most of the change-around involving the new¬†Movies Zone¬†is complete, and the movies can be accessed via category. You can also find a link to each movie page related to a Sonic game just by going to the Sonic game page in the Games Archive¬†too. Finally,¬†Eternal Revolutions: another area we (or more precisely, I) have been slacking off on, and we know it has it’s fans. So we’ve caught back up to date, and it will be updated on a regular basis now. Catch all Episodes 1-7 at the ER page. Plus, we’ve finally woken up and sorted the Guestbook¬†out. There’s STILL more updating to do before we’re square with you guys though, so expect more updates during the week. Adios! ūüôā

A Proper Update, and the SSA 2004!

I have a loooot of stuff submitted and that needs to be added, so I’m spending this week to get it all online and sorted so the site is back up to date ūüôā To start with, I went through the ENTIRE list of¬†Sonic Links¬†for dead links. I would have named them all here to commisserate the dead sites involved, but there turned out to be 139 dead links! 139! Added a few links too, and will be adding more throughout the week too. Assuming they’re not dead. The links, that is.

The reason most people have not been able to get onto the¬†FTP Service¬†is because the details changed – again – and TSS’s page was no longer up-to-date. Apologies, and you can now use the details on the updated page to successfully enter. Interviews have been added: two old interviews withShayne Thames¬†and¬†WB, and a recent interview¬†of myself¬†by Miles Attacca. The¬†Movies¬†section of the downloads zone is under renovation, so it’ll be finished and ‘n00’ during the week. That, and new sections on¬†the Sonic E3 DS Demo¬†and¬†Sonic 3 Fighter Sonic¬†[A new pirate game.. sigh] are up in the Games Archive.

Finally, today is the first day of the warm-up to…¬†The Sonic Site Awards 2004! The SSA is changing for this year’s event, and you can now find out the first details…¬†HERE.