Take a Look Inside Sega’s 2016 Vegas Licensing Expo Booth

Las Vegas is hosting the annual Licensing Expo, as usual Sega are in attendance and someone actually took photos of the booth for once!

It’s certainly a different design to the usual, we’ve had a close look at the photos but we don’t see any clues or hints at anything new game wise, there might be the odd one or two new pieces of merch in there somewhere.

Anyway, enjoy the pics in their full size in the gallery.

Source: First4Figures Facebook

Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Celebration to Feature ‘Heritage of the Classic Sonic Franchise’


Sega has been quite tight lipped on their plans for the 25th Anniversary of Sonic, whilst a logo has been leaked out of the Vegas Licensing Expo, and First 4 Figures teasing a statue for the event, very little else has been mentioned.

However we can now reveal some new details about the event. During the Vegas Licensing Expo there was a daily newsletter published which would detail news and photos from the event from various booths. Now Sega had a small section on their booth in one of the newsletters, primarilly the information was about Boom, in fact this information was later released, we even newsed it here.

However, the newsletter contains one extra detail which has since been omitted from other press material. Specifically regarding the 25th anniversary celebrations.



The article details that Sega will be planning a celebration for Sonic’s 25th anniversary, and the tiny detail comes at the end where it states the following.

SEGA is also planning to showcase the heritage of the classic “Sonic” franchise as part of its anniversary celebrations

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean the next game is focused on Classic Sonic, it may mean that merchandise and some licensing deals with be focused on Classic Sonic, however, it does seem odd to put such a focus on the Classic Sonic brand.

To put it another way, we now have two completely different sources, Sega & First4Figures commenting on the 25th Anniversary stating that there will be a classic Sonic focus. First4Figures went as far as to say 

-Classic Sonic is to be the main focus (of the statue).

Speculating, this to me strongly suggests that we might see the return of Classic Sonic in some way in the foreseeable future. Whilst I don’t want to suggest a Sonic Generations 2 like experience, it does seem very odd to be promoting the classic Sonic brand and not actually reflecting that in the primary sales asset (games).

Anyway, excited at the thought of Classic Sonic returning? Think it’s a new game? Or just a merchandise promotion. Look below you, see that? That’s a comment box, let us know your thoughts Blue Believers.

Source: Global License.


New Sonic Games & Major Surprises to come in 2014


Earlier this year, Sega were one of the companies in attendance at the Vegas Licensing Expo, whilst news did come from the event with regards to Lost World, something has slipped under the radar which has only come to light just now.

During the event, Global License produced a daily newspaper of sorts filled with news from each day, and on the second day, they had a very interesting segment on Sega and the Sonic license brand.

Fans will get a preview of the action with new videogames and merchandise slated to release at the end of this year. With more games and major surprises to follow in 2014.

Whats interesting is the use of language, notice how they say ‘video games’ as apposed to ‘a new videogame’ or ‘a new game.’ Could this be a hint that maybe Sonic will see a number of releases in 2014? As apposed to just Mario & Sochi,’ ‘The Third Game’ as fans have started to call the third nintendo exclusive might get a release in 2014? Maybe we’ll see another game with the blue one other than Sochi and the 3rd game.

Also, major suprises which are not game related? What could they be? Well… there was also advert for the Sonic brand included in the same publication.

sonic2014advert Aside from the new renders of the cast, I would direct your attention to the top. In previous adverts since last years licensing events. Sega have used the line “Sonic has appeared in over 60 videogames,” they have never put the annimations/cartoons so dominantly on an advert of this kind. Draw your own conclusions, it’s why we have the comment section.

We’ll keep you upto date with more news as and when we get it.

Source: Global License

Sega’s 2012 Merchandise Plans Will Make Your Wallet Cry!

Strap yourself in merch hunters, it’s gonna be an expensive 2012! Sega have announced large number of product and license deals set to hit Europe and other territories later this year. Whilst some are already know, others were until now unannounced.

Manufacturer ‘Little Buddy’ is making a selection of Sonic gumball machines. So if your teeth are not yet rotten, now is your chance to change that!

Secondly, Funko are making a selection of new Sonic Vinyl figures which will be produced in their ‘pops style.’ Only concept images of Sonic, Tails & Knuckles where shown, no release date or prices yet. Continue reading Sega’s 2012 Merchandise Plans Will Make Your Wallet Cry!