Sonic List: The Top Official/Semi-Official Sonic Pairings (Valentine’s Special)



I hate you Google Image. I put two Sonic characters in your search bar and you provide me with these horrifying images of Sonic couples. The safe search, it does nothing! Why are they inflated?! Why are they centaurs?! Why are those things a fetish?! GAAAAAH!

Anyway, it’s Valentine’s day, love (or some other foul stench) is in the air and it’s the perfect time to talk about everyone’s favorite Sonic relationships. While I’m sure there are many of you who like to ship their own fictional Sonic couples be it straight, gay or “call the police”, I wanted to focus on the ones that have been made official or even semi-official through the games, comics or cartoons be they full blown couples or just one-sided love interests. I’m not much of a shipper myself, but I wanted to look at them from a writer’s perspective to see what works about them. So in no particular order, here’s my list of what I personally think are the best couples in the Sonic Universe.

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Mobius’ Most Memorable Mommas

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Now, we know Sonic is not exactly you’d relate to on Mother’s Day. After all, the only official mother in the Sonic games is Cream’s mom, Vanilla. But in the land of Sonic cartoons and comics, anything goes and just about every character you can think of has a mom and dad. So, the questions remains, which Mobius mama is the top pick of all time? Read on to see who my five favorites are.

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