Happy Hallowe’en! Check Out Our Ghoulish Seasonal Roundup!

Hallowe’en comes but once a year, and is all too quickly pushed to one side on November 1st in favour of the more festive Holiday season. But we at TSS like to celebrate the event – as evidenced by our funky new look. You like it? Continue reading Happy Hallowe’en! Check Out Our Ghoulish Seasonal Roundup!


It’s incredible how time flies, isn’t it? One moment, you’re seven years old, sitting on your living room floor with eyes glued to the screen as a speedy blue ball bounces around to the tune of Green Hill Zone. The next, you’re replaying those golden oldies as an adult, celebrating 25 years of epic platforming fun.

Happy Anniversary, Sonic the Hedgehog. We know SEGA has plenty of plans in store for you, but we at the Sonic Stadium have some plans of our own too. Continue reading HAPPY 25TH ANNIVERSARY, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!

On October 24, The Sonic Stadium Will Be 15 Years Old


Strange Scary, isn’t it? In just four days, this little website about Sonic the Hedgehog will be a decade and a half old. I personally would have spent half my entire existence keeping this thing alive (actually, let’s not think about that bit). It was on that day, 24th October 2000, that The Sonic Stadium was introduced to the world via the wonder of Angelfire‘s then-generous 20MB hosting solutions.

I’m working on a few things to celebrate the week in style, largely involving heady walks down memory lane. Timeline updates, discussions with staff old and new about their favourite memories of the site, hopefully a contest… and a special project that, as you’d expect if you know me by now, is top secret right now (that might not be ready this week though, but definitely soon). It’ll be worth it, I promise.

No, it’s not Sonic Smash Cards.

I’ll be decorating the site soon enough to get everyone into the mood. While you’re here, if you’ve been visiting TSS for a while, feel free to share your memories of this place – favourite features on the site, SSMB threads, SegaSonic Radio podcasts, anything (and if you want to do that on SSMB, you can do it here).

And as always, we’re only here because of you guys. So from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of the TSS team (past and present) thank you so much for your support and for making us your home to talk utter bollocks about a cartoon blue hedgehog for so long. It’s humbling, and I hope to keep this place alive for as long as you guys want it around.

We’ve got some plans for you all. We hope to keep you entertained and informed for many more years to come.

More Sonic 4 Updates On The Way

RubyEclipse has announced at the SEGA of America Blog that today’s new media releases for the Lost Labyrinth Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 aren’t the only updates planned. From tomorrow, fans can expect more info on changes made for the final build of the game, with footage of the Lost Labyrinth Zone coming soon, too. RubyEclipse says updates will be posted exclusively on the SEGA Blogs and the Sonic City Blognik. We’ll be keeping an eye out for the updates and post them here at TSS soon after. The above new screenshot has also just been released in hi-resolution.  In it, we can see that Sonic will still be able to spin jump while holding a torch.

What changes to the game are you hoping for? Speak out in the comments.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Updates Coming

Those awaiting updates for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 will be glad to hear that they won’t have to wait much longer.  SEGA of America Community Manager RubyEclipse has revealed in a post at the SEGA Forums yesterday that the updates could be coming as soon as next week and hints at the next zone reveal by stating that the Sonic 4 website will be getting a new zone overhaul. In his post, RubyEclipse has a question to ask of the fans before SEGA reveal anything, “Would you guys like to know only about the biggest updates to the final version of the game, or would you also like to know about the smaller ones?”

Sonic 4 update question – for you guys!

Hi everyone,

With our Sonic 4 Birthday Contest wrapping up soon and our final Hedgehog Day prizes about to go out the door, I have a question for you all with regard to the next news about the game.

Coming up, we’re going to be revealing many of the changes that we spoke about a couple months ago when we announced the extended development. With the website getting another big zone overhaul (possibly as soon as next week), I wanted to pose another question to you guys and get your thoughts.

Would you guys like to know only about the biggest updates to the final version of the game, or would you also like to know about the smaller ones? I ask because though not every update is massively game changing, there are some nice minor touches that I think some fans would appreciate. In any case, I’d like to know what you guys think, since you’re all quite passionate and engaged. (You too, lurkers!)

Let us know which you’d prefer (only big changes, or all changes) in a post below. I’ll be looking over the feedback for a couple days until the end of this Thursday. Thanks everyone!

As stated in the above post, answers are to be posted in the SEGA Forums topic and must be in by the end of tomorrow to be taken into consideration.

New Unleashed Xbox 360 Update, More DLC Coming


The Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed has received a new update for download on Xbox Live this morning in Europe, no news on wether other regions have received this but Xbox Live updates are usually worldwide so other regions will most likely have this too.

The update doesn’t seem to have changed anything about the game(Adabat’s frame-rate is still choppy) although after loading up your game save the cursor on the planet isn’t over the last area you visited like normal but instead the cursor is over an open ocean area. If it’s anything like the last update the game got over Xbox Live and Playstation Network, it will be to prepare the game for upcoming downloadable content and then any fixes to the game will take effect once you have the downloadable content.

We’ll bring you more news on this as it happens.

Archangel UK over at the official Sonic City Blognik has confirmed that the Unleashed Xbox 360 patch put out today does indeed confirm our speculation that more downloadable content is coming and that current hidden areas in the game people in the research community have been digging into will be opening up.


We’ll let you know more on this when the downloadable content becomes available.

Trolls, Who’d Have Them?


I always used to think that there’s a stigma with The Sonic Stadium that I had real trouble shaking off. The perception that myself and the writers here are ‘retrofags’ and that we bash on every new game that comes out without a word of reason. Seeing some comments fly around over the last few days, I’ve come to realise that it’s not me, or TSS, that has the problem. It’s a group of people that are otherwise known as ‘trolls’.

Trolls are people who try to ignite flamewars for no apparent reason other than the fact that they want to get a rise out of you. Their arguments make no sense, and they lower themselves to swearing and incessent idiocy. When you argue back, they argue more, causing a massive flamewar. If you do anything else, they’ll complain that you’re not allowing their opinion or voice to be heard.

Well, after having a brief influx of trolls on this website, I have decided to knock it on the head here and now. Anyone trolling on this website will have their comment removed and their IP blocked. This is a website that celebrates the Sonic series, and we don’t want anyone destroying the atmosphere for the rest of the Sonic fans that enjoy this place. Don’t confuse this with disagreeing with an opinion or review on TSS; you’re still allowed to voice your thoughts. Trolls don’t have opinions though. They have flamebait, and the mind of a basement-dwelling child.

Take our recent review of Sonic and the Black Knight. Apparently, I should not have written anything at all, despite the fact that I am obligated to write a report on it (for one thing, I’m a games journalist as well as a Sonic fan; for another thing I received a copy from Sega on the grounds that I reviewed it). Trolls think that the problem of awkward games will just go away if people stop talking about it. But if you’re not enjoying a game, why should one say it’s good?

Also hilarious is the notion that we hate every new Sonic game that ever comes out. OK, let’s review some of the games that we did enjoy then: Sonic Chronicles was received very well, Thumbs Up for all except Sound. Sonic Rush Adventure got a 10/10. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, 7/10. Sonic and the Secret Rings, 8/10. Even Sonic Riders got an 8/10… it’s really hard to argue that case all of a sudden, isn’t it? Continue reading Trolls, Who’d Have Them?

Sonic Unleashed DLC and Patch released today!


It’s been a good three or four months since the release of Sonic’s super fast/generic action’y title on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Sonic Unleashed. SEGA have updated the Xbox Live Market Place today with some of the first Downloadable Content available for the game, a Chun-Nan ‘Adventure Pack.’

The adventure pack weighs in at around 530MB in size and contains four new day time stages (Act 1-2, 2-2, 4 and 5) and two new Werehog stages (Act 1-2 and 3.) While act 1-2 for both characters is simply a more difficult obstacle course of the standard Act 1 stages, Act 4 and 5 for Sonic and Act 3 for the Werehog offer entirely new areas of Chun-Nan for players to explore. Act 2-2 for Sonic simply adds an extra two ‘laps’ on to the already existing stage, though both of these are cleverly designed and a good challenge for even the greatest Unleashed enthusiasts.

Currently, the Xbox 360 DLC is avalible in Europe, Japan and America, while the PS3 DLC is only accessible in Japan. Worry not however, as word has it the European and American PSN will be updating later tonight with the content.

Alongside a DLC update, SEGA have released a patch for the game currently only downloadable through the Xbox Live Marketplace. While it doesn’t fix everything, incorrect totals on the map screen have been fixed and a slight optimisation of the code for the Adabat stage has been put into place, lessening the frame rate drops by a small amount.

Hopefully more Adventure Packs will be made available to download in the future, alongside more frequent patches for the game, hopefully fixing art book glitches and the loss of frame rate in Eggman Land especially.

Are you happy with the Chun-Nan DLC? Were you expecting something more? Entirely new stages? Remakes of classic zones perhaps? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: SEGA Nerds.

AFD 2005: Sonic Smash Cards – IT’S FINALLY HERE

It’s here. It’s finally here. Remember back in October 2003 we announced something called The Sonic Smash Cards? Well, you’ve all been waiting for it to pop up, and here you are! The first initial build of the Sonic Smash Cards is here for your delight and amusement! Continue reading AFD 2005: Sonic Smash Cards – IT’S FINALLY HERE

Dreadknux’s Diaries: Ah’m So Tired… But It’ll Be Worth It

Oh my GOD! As I’m writing this I’m just starting work on the final site Channel, called the “Others Channel”. Thank feck I don’t have many sections to go now, that sodding Media Channel and that Sonic Channel both deserve my eternal hatred for the amount of work that required.

Continue reading Dreadknux’s Diaries: Ah’m So Tired… But It’ll Be Worth It

Dreadknux’s Diaries: ‘Awww… But I Can Rebuild!’

It’s come to this. HostOnce, the wretches that hosted us (paid for by Zifei… the poor sod, that’s his money down the pan), decided that TSS was using too much of their “unlimited bandwidth and webspace”. So they shut down the site. Without notifying one of us. At all. Gaffy gits.

Continue reading Dreadknux’s Diaries: ‘Awww… But I Can Rebuild!’

Announcement: The Sonic Stadium is Down

Visitors may be wondering why, when they access www.sonicstadium.org, they do not recieve the Sonic Stadium (TSS) as normal, but an unprecedented 404 Error. Well, I just want to say to all my visitors and Sonic Stadium Message Board (SSMB) that we are attempting to control the problem – neither of us here at the Staff know what is going on either, and we are just as confused that someone could do this to us.

Continue reading Announcement: The Sonic Stadium is Down

TSS UPDATE: Return of the Sonic Encyclopedia

A quick update for the site today – I managed to restore and redesign two major sections of TSS. General Information has had a do-over, so everything should look a little neater and make more sense, while the Sonic Encyclopedia has come back! A complete A-Z of Sonic, back for you to flip through whenever you like. Enjoy!

Continue reading TSS UPDATE: Return of the Sonic Encyclopedia

Dreadknux’s Diaries: The Calm Before The Storm…

The whole of January must have been, in all honesty, the most laid back month I’ve had. And that’s a good thing. Most definitely. After running a growing (both in size and popularity) Sonic site for nigh on two years, you’re bound to need a break every now and then.

Continue reading Dreadknux’s Diaries: The Calm Before The Storm…

Dreadknux’s Diaries: Annual Reflection…

I got it right with the Sonic Site Awards 2002 – instead of a live broadcast, I pre-recorded the results so people could listen to it online. 😉 And it was a great turnout – people who were nominated showed up in the AIM Chat, and this may have brought about the biggest increase since its return.

Continue reading Dreadknux’s Diaries: Annual Reflection…

Dreadknux’s Diaries: TSS relaunch, Staff, Sonic United…

Well, what an eventful month. The Sonic Stadium (now beginning to be lovingly abbreviated as TSS real quick) has been relaunched successfully, and without delay, interest has grown for it. Andrew and I both agreed that a team should be secured to maintain the website, as it’s just getting too damn big.

Continue reading Dreadknux’s Diaries: TSS relaunch, Staff, Sonic United…

Dreadknux’s Diaries: The Race Against Time… and UCAS is not helping!

God dammit! This month is being SO stressful to me, both for the website, and in Real Life. The irony is, is that the stress I’m getting in RL is completely unnecessary! Take my college. I’m trying to get into University for next year, and therefore must fill in an admission form and have it sent to an organisation called ‘UCAS’. The College I am at now has a Student Support section, a part of which specialises in helping students with their UCAS forms… Hah. Hah hah bloody ha ha.

Continue reading Dreadknux’s Diaries: The Race Against Time… and UCAS is not helping!

SSMB UPDATE: The Last Ever ezBoard Post…

Hey there, ezBoard SSMB. It’s me, Dreadknux. You know? The guy that looked after you for the past 2 years. Wow, 2 years, has it really been that long? Seemed to go really fast! The whole place is deserted now, so it’s just me on my own. Everyone has gone to the new SSMB – the YaBB. Can’t say I won’t miss this place – there are certainly some things I will miss however. Continue reading SSMB UPDATE: The Last Ever ezBoard Post…

TSS UPDATE: Time For A Forum Name Change!

Part of the new look Sonic Stadium has already been completed – I’ve finished the new Message Board for the website. If you remember, our Message Board was called The Sega Sonic Message Board – many people refer to it as the ‘SSMB’. Well, the name has slightly changed… to The Sonic Stadium Message Board. Yeah.

Continue reading TSS UPDATE: Time For A Forum Name Change!

Dreadknux’s Diaries: Popularity? Moi?

Woah. Even though I have (and even stated several times) that The Sonic Stadium’s updates would be practically nil, people still keep visiting. That’s gotta be a good sign – I really need some of those signs now, as the place looks like it’s falling apart. If people stop visiting now, they’ll never get to come to the actual re-launch in October (well, hopefully October).

Continue reading Dreadknux’s Diaries: Popularity? Moi?

SSMB UPDATE: I’d Like Your Opinion on This, Guys…

It’s about the ‘Sega Sonic Message Board’ name. First of all, I’m not changing the entire name to something that sounds completely wrong (like the recent ‘South Island Forum’ – blah). But, this community is best known as just ‘SSMB’, they don’t know the ties that this MB has with The Sonic Stadium. Continue reading SSMB UPDATE: I’d Like Your Opinion on This, Guys…

SSMB UPDATE: Important Announcement Regarding Move

OK then, I’d like EVERYONE to take notice of this Announcement. I don’t want anybody left clueless or left behind on the whole ‘leaving ezBoard’ thing. I notice a few of you (be they newbie or regulars) that haven’t a clue what is going on. This topic is to inform you exactly what is going on. For people who already know about it, this topic is simply to re-instate the fact that I am serious about leaving the ezBoard. Continue reading SSMB UPDATE: Important Announcement Regarding Move

Dreadknux’s Diaries: Picking Up The Pieces

I now realise this month the importance of having a News Broadcaster on my site. No-one seemed to care when the ‘Stadium had just started, but now that we’ve been offered Zifei’s hosting based on our ‘best site ever’ vision, a News section seems like a pretty integral thing. I needed only one man for the job – Sonic_Hedgehogs. He had quit the site, but I could invite him back.

Continue reading Dreadknux’s Diaries: Picking Up The Pieces

SSMB UPDATE: OK, I have had enough! EzBoard has got to go!

I know we’ve all had this conversation before, but I am serious this time. We need a change from ezBread. Period. Now, I don’t know whether I’ve told any of you this yet, but in the next month or so, The Sonic Stadium is getting new hosting facilities. I don’t mean simply moving to a better ‘free’ host, I’m talking the _real deal_ here – and we owe thanks to Zifei, founder of Sonic HQ, no less. Continue reading SSMB UPDATE: OK, I have had enough! EzBoard has got to go!

SSMB UPDATE: The Sonic Battle Stadium – Should It Continue or Not?

Public debate here – what do you guys want to do? The Sonic Battle Stadium was quite popular when it first launched, but now there seems to be less and less interest for it. I’m asking you lot, where do you think we should go with the RPG now?

  • Option 1: Call it a day. Say “It was fun while it lasted” and shut down the Sonic Battle Stadium. A piece of SSMB History would have ended, but never forgotten.
  • Option 2: Continue with the SBS in a vain attempt to pull back popularity. We can either make more or less rules to make the place more interesting, or if you like, even bring back the good old ‘Level Ups’ System.
  • Option 3: Close down The Sonic Battle Stadium, but come up with an all-new RPG game to play on the SSMB, using a different type of way to play rather than beating each other to pulp – I think less people are willing to land themselves into mortal combat nowadays, even if it is fictional.

So…. what are your thoughts? Reply to this topic, with your opinion and an explanation of why you think that option is the best choice.

Online Comments: SSMB ezBoard

TSS UPDATE: The Sonic Site Awards 2002 – PHASE II

So so so so… etc etc, SORRY for no updates – like I said, I won’t be updating anything small until the site comes back with a new look (we are moving to new and better servers soon, so we are busy preparing for that…). BUT, the major things are still going on. Like, for instance, the start of THE SONIC SITE AWARDS 2002 – PHASE II.

Continue reading TSS UPDATE: The Sonic Site Awards 2002 – PHASE II

TSS UPDATE: SAGE 2002 Competition Results!

Remember the SAGE 2002 Competition we held a while back? Well, the results are in! The winner of the competition is… Thomas Walker! Thomas, you were randomly picked from the list of entrants to win all the goods!

Continue reading TSS UPDATE: SAGE 2002 Competition Results!

TSS ‘SITE RANT’: Can You Believe This Guy?

This is going to be (possibly) the only ‘Site Rant’ I’ll ever make on this website, but it’s a valid one for sure, and you can easily feel for me on this issue. Hell, it’s not even a rant really, but more like a simple… question. And that question is; why are people so easily worked up about things? It’s really starting to get me down.

Continue reading TSS ‘SITE RANT’: Can You Believe This Guy?

TSS UPDATE: SAGE Competition Closed, No Updates ‘Til September

First off, the SAGE Competition is at a close – thanks to everyone who took part. A winner out of the correct answers will be picked randomly from our… little-random-picker-contraption-thing, and you’ll all know who won it on the 10th of this month!

Continue reading TSS UPDATE: SAGE Competition Closed, No Updates ‘Til September

SSMB UPDATE: Exclusive Sneak Peek At The New Sonic Stadium

Because this is my Message Board and all, I’d like to give my members a little sweet something every now and again. Sometimes I do, and right now is one of those moments. As you may know, The Sonic Stadium has been going through what has been noted as “Ein Rough Patch”. This will all change in September, because with any luck, we will get hosted by Zifei, who founded none other than Sonic HQ!

Continue reading SSMB UPDATE: Exclusive Sneak Peek At The New Sonic Stadium

TSS UPDATE: New Hoaxes Section

The first actual update in ages (rather than just editing pages due to layout) – but I’m sure you’ll get by until September. Hopefully, anyway. Just hang in there – in the meantime, I’ll try to add as much stuff as possible. I’ve edited the look of the Hoaxes section of the Sonic Fan Club (NOT every single page however) – and new hoaxers have emerged to show their talent. Bomberman, Great Saiyaman 64 and Dust Hill Guy. I’m trying to get up to scratch on the hoaxes front, so I’ll update everyone else’s pages with the new hoaxes sent to me soon.

TSS UPDATE: Sonic Underground & SatAM Video Petition ON THE WAY TO SUCCESS

“Let’s talk about Yosh, baby!” See the banner below, that leads to a petition to bring SatAM and Underground to home video and DVD (especially in the United Kingdom)? Well, thanks to the combined power of The Sonic Stadium and BS Freakzone, a website run by contributor Samba 9000, we are on the road to success! Continue reading TSS UPDATE: Sonic Underground & SatAM Video Petition ON THE WAY TO SUCCESS