Sonic Colors Ultimate Gets its First Major Patch, Removes “Rainbow Glitch”

After reports of some bugs ranging from harmless to potentially seizure-inducing, SEGA and Blind Squirrel Entertainment began work on fixing up Sonic Colors Ultimate. The first patch has just dropped, and it’s made experiencing the game much safer for photosensitive players.

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Legendary Fangame Sonic Robo Blast 2 Gets A Major Update

When you think of Sonic in the 3rd Dimension, your mind will probably snap to the likes of Sonic Adventure or the more recent Sonic Forces. But before we first got to play a full 3D Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, a group of talented fans known as “Sonic Team Junior” took it upon themselves to reverse engineer DOOM (yes, that DOOM) to create their own 3D Sonic game back in 1998: Sonic Robo Blast 2, and you may be surprised to find out that over 20 years later, it’s still alive and kicking with updates and features. Continue reading Legendary Fangame Sonic Robo Blast 2 Gets A Major Update

UPDATE: New Mario and Sonic Trailer Shows Sonic Forces’ Metropolis and New Footage

One of the coolest things about the Mario and Sonic series, besides seeing Mario and Sonic together in the same game (that never gets old for a 90s kid) is seeing them compete in familiar territory. Dream Events are how we do it in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, and in the Tokyo 2020 edition, we get a glimpse of a level from the more recent Sonic Forces, among others. Continue reading UPDATE: New Mario and Sonic Trailer Shows Sonic Forces’ Metropolis and New Footage

Big the Cat Now Playable in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Shh. What’s that rumbling sound? That’s the sound of stomping feet, from all the Sonic fans dashing to download the latest update in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle! Why? Because everybody’s favourite lazy purple fisherman, Big the Cat, is now available as a playable character in the mobile racer. Continue reading Big the Cat Now Playable in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

‘Sonic Mania Plus’ Physical Game Release Announced, Comes With Two New Characters

SEGA has announced a physical version of Sonic Mania will be released later this year. The game, dubbed ‘Sonic Mania Plus’, will also be something of a ‘micro-update’ as it will essentially be the same game with the added bonus of two new playable characters. And, for fans of SEGASonic the Hedgehog Arcade… you’d better be sitting down. Continue reading ‘Sonic Mania Plus’ Physical Game Release Announced, Comes With Two New Characters

Sonic 4: Episode 2 on iOS receives new update, now playable on the new OS

S4E2 iOS Update

Well that’s an interesting development.

SEGAbits have reported on their twitter that the game has received and update for the first time in 3 years with the following notes (in case you can’t see the above image for any reason):

–Bug fixes for iOS 7, 8, and 9

–Fixed crash on boot

This update numbered Version 2.1.3 is live in US, Canada, and EU.

SEGAbits also mentioned that the game still doesn’t lock-on with Episode 1 to unlock Episode Metal.

How does the game fare now on iOS after the update? Let us know in the comments!

A Statement from the Summer of Sonic Team


It’s no secret that many people have been anticipating news of the next Summer of Sonic event. Well, a short while ago, The Summer of Sonic Organisers/Team have issued a statement regarding this years event.

Their statement is as follows.

Every year, The Summer of Sonic team dreams of new ways to excite and inspire like-minded Sonic the Hedgehog fans, with large-scale conventions that aim to bring people together under a common theme.

Due to the nature of how the annual event is organised, each Summer of Sonic event hinges on the availability of key team players, as they help build the show in their spare time – alongside SEGA personnel who also must work around their daily duties.

With this in mind, it is after a lot of consideration that we have decided to put Summer of Sonic on hiatus for 2014. During this hiatus, we will take stock of the things we have accomplished with SEGA and then decide when we will be able to return for another round of Sonic excitement.

The team would like to express our sincere thanks for the continued support of our fellow Sonic fans, as well as our apologies for any disappointment this news may cause.

Since its début in 2008, the Summer of Sonic has been a truly pioneering event, entertaining thousands of fellow Sonic the Hedgehog fans from all corners of the world with the mantra of providing a convention by the fans, for the fans.

Its creation also marks a significant milestone in the video games industry – these past six years this small team of adoring fans have enjoyed an extremely close working partnership with the company responsible for the products and characters they grew up with and love. This close interaction between brand and community is unprecedented to this day, and shows SEGA as a company ahead of the curve when it comes to fan engagement.

As such, the team would like to thank SEGA and the Sonic Team for its support for the convention – both past, present and future.

Source: Summer of Sonic Website.

Sonic Dash Update Brings New Characters, Features & Improvements


Popular mobile game Sonic Dash has recieved quite a hefty update today which has brought in a ton of new features as well as assets which suggest additional characters are on the way.

The update details are as follows.

Daily Spin
Test your luck with the new Daily Spin. Visit every day for a free spin and win all-new boosters and jackpot prizes including ring bundles and playable characters. Feeling lucky? Then spin again with Red Star Rings.


Equip new boosters before each run to give your score a massive boost. There are 5 different boosters available and up to three can be equipped per run. Visit every day to get more Boosters in the Daily Spin and Daily Challenge or spend those well-earned Rings.5 different boosters are available

Spring Bonus
Hitting a spring gives a score bonus that increases with every successive spring reached – reach the next spring and watch your score soar!

Enemy Combo
Get smashing enemies for more points. Enemy Combo gives a bonus for every Enemy Combo achieved.

Ring Streak
Collect all the Rings in a sequence to get an additional score bonus.

Final Score Bonus
The final score gets a large bonus at the end of a run.

Golden Badnik
Defeat special golden Badniks for a massive score bonus.

Facebook Invites
You can now invite your Facebook friends to play Sonic Dash, can they beat your top score?

Performance improvements across all devices and bug fixes.

According to comments on our forums, the game plays remarkably better with improved framerates and textues.

In addition to all the new features and improvements, fansite ‘The Sonic Scene’ was able to find assets which suggest that Cream, Rouge and Silver are going to be added to the game at a later date.

Sonic Generations Buyer’s Guide on TSS

Hey guys. With Generations barely a week away, we know that plenty of you will have already preordered it in anticipation of ripping open the packaging on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/whatever-day.

But for those of you who haven’t yet taken the plunge, we’re opening a new Buyer’s Guide section of the site. While we’ll eventually be expanding to cover all sorts of Sonic merch, we’re starting with the big name right now.

TSS Buyer’s Guide for Sonic Generations

Inside you’ll find a list of what we think are the best deals in the UK right now, along with a couple of US options, and all we know about the dwindling stock of the Collector’s Edition. If you’ve been out and about and have found another retailer (particularly in the US) with a competitive price, we’d love to hear from you.

We’d also love to hear with you think of the Buyer’s Guide idea, or any suggestions for it, here in the comments.

Sonic 4 iPhone To Get Game Center Support

SEGA’s Digital Brand Manager Ken Balough has just announced at the SEGA Forums that SEGA will be submitting a free update to Apple on October 15th for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 on iPhone, which will add Game Center support.

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully you guys had a terrific 1st day enjoying Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I on the iPhone!

That said – I’d like to let everyone know that on October 15th, we are submitting to Apple a free update for Sonic 4 that would give it Game Center.

So stay tuned as we add this new feature.


No exact details were given as to which Game Center features will be supported, but we expect the game will gain the online leaderboard and achievement features that other versions of the game have. We’ll update you when more details are made available.

Source: SEGA Forums

For more information about Game Center, head over to Apple’s website.