UK Getting It’s Own Sonic Happy Meal Toys

Last month, most of McDonalds’ upcoming Sonic 2 happy meal toys were leaked. However, the plastic toys will not be coming to the company’s UK and Irish locations, and will instead be replaced by plastic-free toys.

The existence of toys was initially confirmed by a photo posted by a Facebook user, which was then shared to Twitter by Dave Luty. Luty than shared photos of what appears to be packaging for the toys taken off of a computer. The toys appear to be centered on Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. In addition to the toys, the photos also confirm a “book option.”

The person who took the second group of photos Luty posted speculated that the toys were likely paper dioramas and board games. You can check out the photos below:

The UK and Ireland are getting different Sonic toys due to a 2020 pledge from McDonalds UK & Ireland to reduce their use of plastics by eliminating plastic toys, and instead move towards toys made out of paper or cloth. McDonalds as a whole will be phasing out plastic toys by 2025.

We don’t yet know what these toys will be, but once we do we’ll report on it, so stay tuned! Hopefully McDonalds will officially unveil their toys soon.

SEGA Shop Launches ‘Sonic the Hedgehog Remix’ Collection

Now, these look awesome! SEGA’s official merchandise store has just launched a brand new line of goods on which to splash your cash. 1990s Sonic fans in particular will be happy, as the ‘Sonic the Hedgehog Remix’ collection offers a distinctly retro flavour.

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SEGA Shop Launches Awesomely Spooky Halloween Merchandise Range

Getting ready for Halloween? No? Yeah, neither have we – there’s just not been a reason to, you know? Until now, that is. SEGA Shop UK/Europe has launched a new range of merchandise that features Sonic, Tails and Eggman in appropriately spooky wear! Continue reading SEGA Shop Launches Awesomely Spooky Halloween Merchandise Range

SEGA Shop UK Teasing New Light-Powered Sonic Product

Numskull’s official SEGA Shop has teased a brand new product, in news that could very well ‘light’ up our weekends! A sneaky image of the new piece of merchandise was shared on social media today, but even though no other details were shared, it doesn’t look like the company is being very subtle about what it is.
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Sonic Movie Released Early on UK Digital Store Fronts – Available Today

Surprise! Paramount Pictures has released the digital version of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie today in the UK. You can purchase the ‘cinematic experience’ from storefronts such as Apple iTunes and Amazon Video for £13.99. Continue reading Sonic Movie Released Early on UK Digital Store Fronts – Available Today

The Spin: Why Can’t EU Order From The Sega Store?

On October 17th 2017, Sega opened it’s own online shop which had many collectors of Sega merch screaming with delight, even prior to the opening to the opening of SonicMerchandise.Com, fans had been begging Sega to have a store which would be full of exclusive or hard to find merchandise. Continue reading The Spin: Why Can’t EU Order From The Sega Store?

Sonic Mania ‘Drawn Back to the 90s’ Competition: THE WINNERS

WOW! Last week, we asked you all to ‘draw like a 90s kid’ to celebrate Sonic Mania’s launch tomorrow, and boy have we been bowled over by the humungous response (and amazing talent)! It seems like everyone’s nostalgia-bone has been well and truly tickled. Let’s take a look at the winners – and some honourable mentions – below! Continue reading Sonic Mania ‘Drawn Back to the 90s’ Competition: THE WINNERS


Sonic Mania is right around the corner, and you’ve probably pre-ordered the digital version a hundred times over (definitely not an exaggeration), right? What’s that? Something missing? You wish you had the money to grab yourself a Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition on PS4, or that you had the chance to get it before it sold out? Well, boy are you in luck – because we have five of these bad boys to give away courtesy of SEGA Europe.

[This contest is now closed – please stay tuned for winner announcements]  Continue reading SONIC MANIA COMPETITION: Drawn Back to the 90s [CLOSED]

Sonic Mania Trailer Music Artist Headlining EGX Party in London

If you thought one of the best things about the Sonic Mania reveal trailer was the 8-bit music, then you’ll love this (assuming you live in the UK) – Nitro Fun, the artist behind those chiptune beats, will be headlining a special gaming-themed party in a couple weeks’ time during London-based show EGX Rezzed. Continue reading Sonic Mania Trailer Music Artist Headlining EGX Party in London

TSS Review: Castle Fine Art Sonic the Hedgehog Gallery Opening

The Sonic Stadium spent last Wednesday night enjoying a spot of high society, quaffing champagne, dining on hors d’oeuvres and indulging in the opening night of the Castle Art Gallery’s Sonic the Hedgehog 25th anniversary art exhibition. And, while we were initially apprehensive of what we might find, we left the gallery discovering some fantastic and inspiring art featuring our favourite hedgehog. Continue reading TSS Review: Castle Fine Art Sonic the Hedgehog Gallery Opening

It’s Official, More Women Like Sonic Than Men

Well this is really interesting, because if these results are to be believed that everything we think we know about Sonic, including Sega’s own market data is completely wrong.

YouGov recently ran a poll to see which was the top 16 favourite video-games of the British public, coming in at number 1 was Candy Crush (no surprise there),with GTA coming in at number 2. Sonic manages to get on the table at number 13.

What’s more interesting is that the YouGov poll breaks down the results into percentages, and one thing is very clear…

Sonic is more popular with the ladies.

This is, really unexpected, for the following reason, Sega still markets and promotes Sonic as a ‘boys’ franchise. Even when Boom was announced, Sega’s own marketing material had boys as being the primary demographic for Sonic with girls as a secondary. Yet this poll shows that Sonic is nearly twice as popular with women over men.

However, there is one consideration to take with this. The poll doesn’t register the views of anyone aged under 16. Which is Sonic’s primary demographic. There is this huge lie which does the round a lot, that being, Sonic sells best on Nintendo? Erm no… Sonic sells best where the kids are. Which this poll doesn’t recognise, where-ever the kids are, that’s where you’ll find Sonic’s biggest sales.

But this is really interesting, since if it really is an accurate reflection of views worldwide it changes a lot of what was considered Sonic’s primary target demographics. Lets speculate for a moment that both this poll and Sega is correct and Sonic is more popular with boys (males aged under 16), after the age of 18, Sonic’s primary gender demographic shifts over to women. This isn’t the natural assumption to make for a character like Sonic, especially since there is little active female representation within the series (generally speaking), there is much more appeal to males.

Or.. and there is no way to independently verify this, Sonic actually has more appeal to girls than boys at all ages.

The full results of the YouGov poll can be found on their website, as well as what was the better console, the MegaDrive or the Super Nintendo, and who was a better character, Mario or Sonic… I’ll let you look that one up yourself.

Source: YouGov

Sonic Boom’s UK run will only be 14 episodes & won’t be in HD


Sonic Boom is finally coming to the UK on Monday, however some details are now emerging which some may find extremely disappointing.

The first piece of news is that Boomerang UK is not a HD channel, nor does Boomerang have a HD channel. Meaning every episode of Sonic Boom in the UK will not be shown in HD, no 720p or 1080p for us, we have to make do with 4:3.

The second bit of news comes from the Sky+ app, Sonic Boom is now appearing on the TV listings when searched, each episode is listed along with a brief plot and episode number. It’s the episode number which is now drawing some concern. Based on the information from the Sky+ app, there are only 14 episodes in the UK’s Sonic Boom run.

If this information is correct, given how Sonic Boom is being shown from Monday to Friday in the UK, Boom’s entire UK run will be over in 3 weeks. Whilst it’s possible that this might be an error, looking at a number of other shows on the app, their listings appear to be correct. Another possibility is that this is a series break, but after only 3 weeks this would be a strange move.

We’ll keep you up to date if this information changes.

Thanks to everyone on our forums who pieced this together.

Sonic Boom UK Air Date & Time


Despite there being no official announcement from Sega or Boomerang UK we finally have the date and most importantly, times for the UK’s showing of Sonic Boom. According to details found in numerous TV Guides, the times that Boom will be shown is as follows.

June 1st 2015.

  • 4:00pm (First airing of Boom in the UK)
  • 6:30pm (Repeat of the 4PM episode)

Then from June 2nd 2015

  • 7:30am (From 2nd of June onwards, Repeat of June 1st’s episodes)
  • 4:00pm (New episode)
  • 6:30pm  (Repeat of 4pm episode)

So three times per day, every day on Boomerang UK starting from June 1st.

Don’t forget to set your VCRs.

Thanks to Nightwing on SSMB for the heads up.

Sonic Boom to Air in The UK On June 1st!

boomjune1stWell this is a surprise! Sonic Boom has been quite the hit TV to audiences in the US and France since November of last year, however, when Sega said that Boom wouldn’t be coming to the UK until fall of 2015.

Well looks like something has changed! Multiple reports are from people living in the UK say that an advert has appeared on TV which shows Sonic Boom is coming to the UK on June 1st.

Boom is going to be broadcast on the Boomerang UK channel, as of yet there is no timeslot or details as to how many episodes will be shown per slot.

Keep checking TSS if more details come we’ll let you know.

Thanks to Blue Paradox for the image.


Sonic R Soundtrack Now Available on iTunes and Amazon Music Worldwide

Sonic R OST

UPDATE: It’s now available worldwide on iTunes. In the UK the album will set you back £7.99, while individual tracks are priced at 79p each.

SEGA Japan has today announced that the soundtrack for the SEGA Saturn classic racing game Sonic R is now available via digital download in Japan. You can grab the seventeen track album, which includes fan favourites like Resort Island : Can You Feel The Sunshine? and Super Sonic Racing, for ¥1,600 from iTunes and Amazon Music.

Source: SEGA Japan Twitter

S&ASR Transformed Limited Edition Now Available to Pre-order in the UK & US

On Monday SEGA announced that Europe will be getting a Limited Edition of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed featuring the same additional content that the US is getting in its Bonus Edition. These editions contain an exclusive Outrun Bay track, exclusive Metal Sonic character + Metal Sonic mod pack, and exclusive stickers for your in-game license.

Four UK online retailers now have the Limited Edition available to pre-order. A list of the retailers, platforms and prices is available after the jump.
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Crush 40, Summer of Sonic Venue Announcement!

If you couldn’t hold on much longer for news on special guests at this year’s Summer of Sonic, you’ll never let go of this announcement! Prepare to open your heart and get ready to roll out the blue carpet, because Crush 40 will be making a booming return to the annual SOS convention!

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Sonic Generations Plummets in This Week’s UK Sales Chart

It seems Sonic’s 20th Anniversary game Sonic Generations just can’t compete with the many other big name titles released this month. In the top 40 All Formats chart this week, Sonic Generations plummeted from No.21 to No.37, down 16 spots from last week, while in the top 40 Individual Formats chart, the game is nowhere to be found. Continue reading Sonic Generations Plummets in This Week’s UK Sales Chart

Sonic Generations Drops in the UK Chart

Despite a full week of sales last week, Sonic Generations has dropped in the UK charts. In the top 40 All Formats chart, the game dropped eleven places from No.10 to No.21. In the Individual Units chart, the Xbox 360 version has plummeted from No.14 to No.32 and the PS3 version dropped from No.21 to No.37. In the top 40 Xbox 360 chart, Sonic Generations fell six places from No.6 to No.12, while in the top 30 PS3 chart, the game dropped just three places from No.6 to No.9.

With big titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception released last week and more heavy hitters to come, Sonic Generations may find itself struggle to grab sales. We’ll update you next Monday with this week’s sales chart results for Sonic Generations and Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, which is released this Friday on Wii in Europe.

Source: Chart Track

Nintendo UK Reveals More M&S London 2012 Wii Tidbits

Nintendo UK has today put up their product page for the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games and in it has revealed some more tidbits of information about the game.

– Option to play as your Mii character returns
– Over 20 Olympic events
– 10 Dream Events total
– In London Party mode: “The aim of the game is to collect stickers and fill sticker sheets before your opponents – a goal achieved by beating them in events and minigames that will be triggered as you roam through London.”
– The game features “great unlockable bonus content and online leaderboards”
– “Play every sport using only the Wii Remote or opt to use the Nunchuk for some events.”

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games will be available for Wii next week on November 15th in the US, November 17th in Australia and November 18th in Europe.

Source: Nintendo UK

UK Chart: Sonic Generations Just Barely Makes the Top 10

Last week’s UK chart results are in and Sonic’s big 20th Anniversary title Sonic Generations has just barely managed to make it into the top 10 All Formats chart at the number 10 spot, which isn’t bad for just two days of sales. Continue reading UK Chart: Sonic Generations Just Barely Makes the Top 10

Get a Sonic Generations Statue Code at Marks & Spencer

Those who have played Sonic Generations may have heard about the game’s hidden Statue Room and the code system used to unlock the statues. Well, in an update to their official Sonic Generations website, SEGA’s revealed that you can obtain a code at posh UK retailer Marks & Spencer which will unlock exclusive statues. It’s unknown if you need to purchase anything to obtain the code right, though. We’ll update when we know more.

SEGA has also offered the below instructions about the Statue Room for those new to it.

Head to the Collection Room in Sonic Generations™ – it’s located to the left of the Green Hill Stage Gate in the White Space.
When you’re in the Collection Room, press and hold SELECT (PS3™) or BACK (Xbox 360®), and Sonic will drop down to the Statue Room. You can return to the Collection Room by jumping on the Spring in the Statue Room.

How to enter the code
To unlock your statue, press SELECT (PS3™) or BACK (Xbox 360®) and enter your code.
Hey presto, you have a new statue!

Viewing your statue collection
To view your statue collection, push up on the left stick and you’ll go into “Viewing” mode. You can then use the left stick to rotate your statue. To go back, press the CIRCLE (PS3™) or B (Xbox 360®) button.

You can find your nearest Marks & Spencer store over at their website.

Source: Official Sonic Generations website (via SEGA Addicts)

Thanks to SSMB member Blur of Blue for the heads up!

Note: Please do not share the leaked codes or where to get them in the comments. Comments doing so will be deleted.

SEGA Signs VMC to Produce Sonic Accessories in the UK, Spain Gets Sonic Generations T-Shirt Pack

SEGA Europe has signed on VMC Accessories to produce a range of Sonic the Hedgehog licensed accessories ranging from Winter specialties like headwear, earmuffs, scarves, gloves and mittens to items like sunglasses, belts, fashion bags and wheeled suitcases. VMC Accessories is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of children’s licensed fashion accessories and should make a great addition to SEGA’s list of merchandise partners.

The accessories will be available to buy Spring 2012.

In other news, SEGA Spain has announced on their official Tuenti page that fans in Spain will soon be able to get their hands on a Sonic Generations t-shirt that comes packaged in a special Mega Drive-themed box. SEGA Spain says they will update soon with details of how you can obtain this item.

Sources: and Sonic Paradise

Thanks to SSMB member Lucky for the heads up on the VMC Accessories story and thanks to Seraphinprincess for the heads up on the Sonic Generations t-shirt news!

Got a news tip? Send it in to, or via Twitter at @Shadzter and we’ll credit you for the find. and Now Taking Sonic Generations CE Pre-orders

UK and French Sonic fans now each have another opportunity to nab a pre-order for the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition before it’s released November 4th. In the UK, Propel Gamer is now listing it for both Xbox 360 and PS3 at £149.99, and in France, popular video game retailer GAME is now listing it for both Xbox 360 and PS3 for €106.99. Unfortunately for those outside of the UK and France, these two retailers only ship within their respective countries, but don’t fret, our list of worldwide retailers stocking the Collector’s Edition might be able to help you.

You can get your pre-orders in at the links below.
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360): £149.99
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (PS3): £149.99
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360): €106.99
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (PS3): €106.99

Thanks to Propel Gamer for getting in touch with us via Twitter!

Got a news tip? Send it in to, or via Twitter at @Shadzter and we’ll credit you for the find.

Grainger Games Now Taking Pre-orders For Sonic Generations’ Collector’s Edition

UPDATE: Gareth from Grainger Games has confirmed in our comment section that the retailer is unable to ship this item outside of the UK due to its high weight. It appears the price has increased to £98.99 now too.

UK video game specialist Grainger Games is now taking pre-orders for both versions of the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition. The retailer is charging £88.99 and offers free delivery within the UK. We’ve checked their terms and conditions, but there is no indication of them shipping to other countries, so if you live outside of the UK, we suggest you try to order and see if they accept or not.

You can get your pre-order in at the links below.
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (PS3): £98.99
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360): £98.99

We don’t know whether Grainger Games is taking pre-orders for Sonic Generations’ Collector’s Edition in-store or not. If you would like to enquire about it with your local store, you can find their phone number at their website here.

Got a news tip? Send it in to, or via Twitter at @Shadzter and we’ll credit you for the find.

Online Commerce Retail Group Now Stocking Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition in the UK

UPDATE: The Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition has now sold out on both platforms across the group.

Following yesterday’s report, the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition has been found available at four other UK online retailers, who all make up retailer group Online Commerce. Those who missed out on the Collector’s Edition at Amazon UK can now pre-order a copy at,, and The down side is that the retail group is charging the full £99.99 RRP for it, which is £24.05 more than Amazon’s £75.94 price.

Fans from the US and other parts of the world will be happy to hear that the group ships to most countries.

Q. Where do you deliver to?
A. United Kingdom this includes England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Wight, the Isle of Man, Channel Isles and all BFPO addresses.
We also ship to the following countries – Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA, Vatican City

Get your pre-order in now at the below links:
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360)
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (PS3)
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360)
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (PS3)
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360)
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (PS3)
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360)
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (PS3)

Thanks to Blue Blood at the SSMB for the heads up!

Got a news tip? Send it in to, or via Twitter at @Shadzter and we’ll credit you for the find.

More UK Retailers to Stock Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition?

The Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition will be made more widely available in the UK according to an e-mail that reader Matt received from SEGA yesterday following a query about the item’s availability. Currently, the Collector’s Edition is only available at Amazon in the UK and it’s now sold out, so for more stock to be available anywhere would be a very welcome move for fans who missed out.

SEGA says in the e-mail (below) that a list of retailers that will be stocking the Collector’s Edition will be revealed on their website by the end of this week. This means we could find out as soon as tomorrow.

After consulting our Sales Department, I can confirm that the Collector’s Edition of Sonic Generations will soon become available from other retailers apart from
The list of retailers offering this Collector’s Edition will be revealed on our website by the end of the week.
Please keep an eye on our website:

As of the time of this article, no other UK retailers are offering the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition, but when/if it’s made available elsewhere, we’ll let you know.

If you live outside of the UK and are interested in the Collector’s Edition, check out our worldwide list of retailers that are stocking it and the prices they’re offering it for here.

Thanks to Matt for sending this information in to us!

Got a news tip? Send it in to, or via Twitter at @Shadzter and we’ll credit you for the find.

M&S London Wii: UK’s Pre-order Bonus & Spain’s Collector’s Edition Revealed

The GAME Group (GAME, GameStation and Gameplay) has revealed the UK’s pre-order bonus for the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, which released November 18th in Europe. If you pre-order at either of the three retailers, you will get a free child’s large sized t-shirt (pictured above) themed with art from the game. Unfortunately, the t-shirt is only available to UK residents, so fans overseas won’t be able to import one (at least until a few inevitably hit eBay).

Your can get your pre-order in at the below links:
GAME: £29.99
GameStation: £29.99
Gameplay: £37.99

Thanks to Trixie the Great at the SSMB for the heads up!

SEGA Spain has revealed a Collector’s Edition for the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, which comes with a copy of the game and an exclusive tin, similar to ones Nintendo previously gave away with pre-orders of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2. SEGA didn’t reveal which retailer(s) will carry this Collector’s Edition.

Source: SEGA Spain’s Official Sonic Tuenti (via Sonic Paradise)

Got a news tip? Send it in to, or via Twitter at @Shadzter and we’ll credit you for the find.

Sonic Generations and M&S London Playable at GAMEFest UK

GAME UK has today announced the titles SEGA will be bringing to their GAMEFest event in Birmingham UK next month, and Sonic fans will be happy to hear that Sonic Generations and Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games will both be available to try out. No information about platforms has been given. Other SEGA titles available to demo include House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut and Rise of Nightmares.

GAMFest will be held 16-18 September 2011 at the Birmingham NEC. If you’re interested in attending, you can purchase tickets from the GAMEFest website.


Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up!

UK & Spanish Retailers Listing Sonic Generations Special Edition For PS3 & Xbox 360

UK retailer GAME is now taking pre-orders on their website for a Sonic Generations Special Edition for PS3 and Xbox 360. This edition of the game is priced at £37.99 for Xbox 360 and an higher price of £39.99 for PS3, which is £5 and £7 higher respectively than the game alone. What’s weird is that the Special Edition is said to contain the content GAME has recently been advertising as a pre-order bonus for the game in-store. The same content is also advertised as a pre-order bonus at US retailer GameStop. Hopefully SEGA will clear this up and announce official details about the Sonic Generations Special Edition soon.

Sonic Paradise last week reported that Spanish retailer Xtralife is taking pre-orders for the Sonic Generations Special Edition in that territory. The website also heard from SEGA Spain that the company hasn’t yet decided who will be doing the voice dubbing for the Spanish version of the game.

Source: GAME UK

Thanks to Major Ziggy at the SSMB for the heads up on the GAME UK listing!

More Details on GAME UK’s Sonic Generations DLC Pre-Order Bonus

We have more details about GAME UK’s Sonic Generations DLC pre-order bonus in the above photo I snapped today of the reverse-side of their instore advertisement that we reported about on Friday, courtesy of Emerald Coast. We can confirm that it is definitely the same DLC pack GameStop is offering in the US and that the Super Sonic avatar costume is Xbox 360 exclusive (sorry, PS3 Home users).

For those who haven’t been following, the pack contains:

* Casino Night’ Pinball Stage: Play through this all-new mini-game inspired by Casino Night’ from Sonic The Hedgehog 2′, and relive some of your favorite gaming memories in stunning HD.
* Super Sonic Costume: Give your avatar the ultimate make-over with the iconic super transformation’ character.
* Theme: Give your console the ultimate Sonic experience with a theme created exclusively for this pack.

GAME is still yet to offer the bonus on their website, but we expect they will sooner or later.

SEGA to Attend GAMEfest 2011 in the UK and Spain

Video game retailer GAME will be returning to Madrid in Spain to hold their GAMEfest event and will also be hosting it in the UK for the first time in Birmingham’s NEC this year. SEGA is on the list of exhibitor’s for both events, so could we be seeing demos of Sonic Generations and Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games? That is unclear right now.

Sonic Paradise has confirmed they will be attending GAMEfest 2011 in Spain and you may recall that a SEGA rep at last year’s event slipped out the first details of what we now know as Sonic Generations. I will be attending the UK GAMEfest 2011 on September 18th and I’ll be sure to bring you coverage here at The Sonic Stadium of any Sonic titles that may be there.

GAMEfest is a public event where you can play upcoming video games before they’re released. If you’re interested in attending, tickets are on sale now, for the UK event at least. Tickets are priced at £10 for adults and £5 for children. A GAME Reward Card is required to purchase tickets. The UK event will take place between September 16th and 18th at Birmingham’s NEC, while the Spain event will take place between September 29 and October 2 in Madrid.

The list of publishers attending the events so far are below.


Koch Media
Namco Bandai
Take 2

Sources: GAMEfest 2011 UK website, GAMEfest 2011 Spain website and Sonic Paradise

A history of ArchangelUK and The Sonic Show

Someone recently asked my why I picked on Kevin (best known as ArchangelUK) in one of our recent videos, as they found it a bit unfair. What they didn’t realise was that AAUK has been frequently popping up in this little podcast since the very beginning. I view AAUK as the lucky charm of The Sonic Show. Lets not forget that he was the first major Sonic site (Sonic Wrecks) to support the show, long before anyone else did! It’s his promotion that got SCD to see the show and begin its long journey to where it is today. Every so often we always feel it’s important we do a “Kev Kameo” (we spell it with a K intentionally okay?!?!) so while you may have only just noticed, lets take you through his many appearances (with and without his consent) in The Sonic Show’s timeline.


#1 The BIG crossover. 2007.

Back in 2007, The Sonic Show and Radio Redux merged into one big thing! Kevin hosted in his usual style and unsurprisingly The Sonic Show suddenly gained a ton of attention!

#2 The BIG crossdresser. 2008.


Hop along to early 2008 and we have our first “Kev Kameo”. Featured in season 2 of The Sonic Show, we for some reason got very bored.

#3 The BIG stroke. 2009

We managed to catch AAUK for a chat during Summer Of Sonic 2009. Bless him he was completely fucked and the day had only begun (yes it got worse, can you blame him from retiring from organising this thing!) but managed to show such energy for the event in his brief natter. He also sent a message direct to you guys who watched at home through The Sonic Show live stream getting everyone to wave and shout for Crush 40 to come (which worked).

#4 The BIG Afro. 2009


The Sonic Show site went offline for about a month while we did a whole site redo on a new server. In that time the site had one working video, our second “Kev Kameo”, in the form of AfroangelUK getting on the soul train.

#5 The BIG kidnap. 2009

In what is simply a bizarre and disturbing opening sequence to any episode we’ve done, AAUK discusses how much he loves the show. To the point that he will lay a trap and kidnap so he can take over my show. The next shot has me locked in an empty room tied and gagged by him… o_O

#6 The BIG sequel. 2009

We announced we had an exclusive launch trailer on the show. Which we did…. of course it was fake. And it featured our favourite “Kev Kameo”. We imagine this is how he worked at SEGA.

#7 The BIG stroke PART 2. 2010 

We interviewed AAUK the next year for our big Summer Of Sonic blowout. His answer for “How is it going”, pretty much sums up how his “I may collapse and die” metre was at it’s max, even if his charm says otherwise. He must love the fact we come up in his face every year when he’s really busy to ask how busy he is. If you’re reading this Kev, <3 your efforts these 4 years! We will be bothering you on June 25th, sticking a microphone in your face as your being taken out on a stretcher.

#8 The BIG rainbow. 2011

The most recent “Kev Kameo” is the oddest one. If you know Nyan Cat then you know what this is. We stuck it in at the end to see if people watch all the way through. It would appear they did!

So that’s AAUK’s numerous times with the show (that we can recall) forgetting all the mentions of Wrecks on our news segments. Will we continue to do it, yes. Why do we do it, because we <3 him and even though we only shove his face in on average once a year, we feel it’s a stupid nod to what he’s done for us. Well that’s our excuse anyway.

Sonic Charity Event at Retailer GAME in Hull Tomorrow

SSMB member Hogfather has reported in a topic at the forum that Sonic the Hedgehog will be appearing at a UK GAME store in Hull’s St. Stephens Shopping Centre from 11am to meet fans and help the store raise some money for charity.

Hogfather queried with the shopping centre’s management regarding whether or not you can take photographs at the event, since the centre is normally strictly against picture taking, and they told him that picture taking is allowed for a small donation.

Of course you can take photographs of Sonic!! For a small donation at least it is for charity.

Have fun.


Centre Receptionist and Administrator

No word on which charity the store is raising money for, but we expect it’s for a good cause.

If you plan to head to the fundraiser, you can find help for getting there at St. Stephens Shopping Centre’s website and GAME’s website. If you manage to grab some pictures or video from the fundraiser and don’t mind sharing them, send them in to us at and we’ll post them in a blog post on the site.

Sonic Classic Collection and Second Full Week ASR UK Sales Charts

Jut a quick heads up, Chart Track have today unveiled last weeks UK video game sales chart for the week ending 13th March. Final Fantasy XIII has taken the top spot of the all-formats chart but how have Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and Sonic Classic Collection fared?

All-Formats Top 40:
ASR down from 5th to 7th place
Sonic Classic Collection 35th

Individual Formats Top 40:
Wi version down from 12th to 15th
DS version down from 17th to 21st
Xbox 360 version down 19th to 36th
PS3 version down from 27th to 40th.

Sonic Classic Collection 32nd

PS3 Top 30:
ASR down from 6th to 10th place

PC Top 20:
ASR hasn’t placed in full price or budget charts

Xbox 360 Top 40:
ASR down from 6th to 8th

DS Top 40:
ASR down from 1st to 2nd
Sonic Classic Collection 6th

Wii Top 40:
ASR stays at 2nd place

It appears all versions of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing minus the DS version have dropped a little in the charts though remaining in the top 10 is still a positive to say the game has some heavy competition in games like Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Will Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing be able to stay put in the top 10? We’ll let you know next week.

ASR First Full Week UK Sales Chart Positions

Chart-Track has updated today with last weks game sales, week ending 6th March. Last weeks chart update the game had only been on sale for a couple of days but today with a full week on sale in the UK we can now get a better idea of how well the game is doing and its very positive.

Here is the full list of places each version charted in –

Top 40 all-formats 5th place

Top 40 DS 1st place

Top 40 Wii 2nd place

Top 20 PC Didn’t make the full price or budget titles chart

Top 30 PS3 6th place

Top 40 Xbox 360 6th place

All in all the game looks to be quite popular and despite Mario Kart Wii and DS the game has been selling very well on those platforms with the DS making the top spot. We’ll check back with Chart-Track next week to see if the DS version can hold its place at the top of the chart and wether the other versions will be able to hold their high positions or maybe even do better.