Sonic 4 Title Theme, Sonic CD Version


When I first heard the “Hedgehog Day” jingle, I knew right away that it was going to be the title theme into “Project Needlemouse.”  I also knew right away that something about it was off.  It tried to be a catchy title theme, but it just didn’t sound right.  There was an aesthetic to it that was off-putting.

Tweaker, Sonic Retro admin and author of the Sonic Megamix ROM hack, agreed.  Him and I were up pretty early this morning after some badass sleep.  I decided to voice our opinions of the game in the “What’s In A Name” article (which had been flying around the #retro chat room since the announcement), while he decided to make the “Sonic 4” theme worthy of its title.

So, what happens when you combine the “Sonic 4” theme with the Japanese Sonic CD theme?  Something that gets the melody stuck in my head, a key aspect that the official theme could not do.  He let me put it on TSS to share with you guys.

Download “Sonic 4 Title Theme (Sonic CD Remix)”

Like it?  Hate it?  Comment away.

Sonic Megamix Un-Canceled


Sonic Megamix, the most well known Sonic ROM hack, has returned to the public spotlight with a post by, community oldbie, Stealth at Sonic Retro. Stealth revealed that the drama that resulted in the project’s cancellation months ago was a complete misunderstanding. Therefore, it was only canceled for three days and the once Genesis, now Sega CD project has had work done on it since being resurrected. When Stealth finally revealed that Megamix was not dead a few days ago, he and other team members brought videos with them to show the amount of progress that they have made in private.

Despite publicly announcing Megamix’s return, Stealth did lay some ground rules that I certainly approve of.

With that said, you know how I feel about my projects, and this is no exception. It never has been, less of Tweaker’s over-zealous promotion. I am protective, and I will remain so. We will do what we please with this project, and on a time-table of our own choosing. Requests and questions about release dates are annoying and pointless. There will be no further demos, or even “private” beta-tests. Fact is, Megamix was supposed to end development with “version 4″ (at a later point in time), until this mess happened. There is no way we can possibly make another non-final release and keep it substantially fresh. Trust me – you’ll thank us when you have much more to play with all at once than one level at the end of the game and a couple of menu text changes


Finally, and this is important, we reserve the right to halt completely at any time. We owe a debt to no-one, and we don’t have to publicize any newer builds. All we ask for is some decency and respect. Don’t launch into actual complaints about how we choose to handle our business. Don’t rip us off solely for the sake of riding off Megamix fame. Also, don’t go asking for or looking for things that don’t belong to you. If we hear about the leaked material, or see it being spread/used, that’s it. If you want to do our jobs for us, we just won’t, and when you can’t handle it, you’ll only have yourselves to blame.

The videos below showcases Megamix’s progress since its move to the Sega CD. The game is not only “Sonic CD” smooth, but now has CD audio, composed by DM Ashura of DDR fame. Megamix’s design continues to, in my opinion, bridge the old and new styles of Sonic. In addition to the classic Genesis presentation, new moves, such as the homing attack, and a higher emphasis on speed make their mark.

Now, if only the level design wasn’t so masochistic.

Visit the official Megamix thread at Sonic Retro.

Sonic Retro’s Wiki loses anonymous editing

One of the greatest Sonic encyclopedias on the internet has removed its anonymous editing feature following many attacks to some of its articles, mainly in the fangaming section. The attacks consisted of deleting all the content on a given page and replacing it with a gratuitous amount of copy-pasting swear words. The attacks also had a “SOTI RULES” comment smack dab in the middle of the obsenities.

Stupid people would automatically assume that SonicEpsilon (SOTI) did the dirty deed, but us smart people know that it was a blatant frame, spawning from an ongoing “battle” between SOTI and long-time banned member and retard, Blazefire.

As a result, you will have to register an account to contribute to the ever-growing Sonic Retro Wiki.