Sonic Music Artist Roundtable On True Colours Album


I think one of my all time top ten fantasies (after the one where I’m trapped in an elevator with Tia Carerre) would be to sit around a table with some of the musical geniuses who have worked on Sonic music past and present. Well, to commemorate the launch of the second best of Sonic the Hedgehog album “True Colours”, The big names in the Sonic music Universe, namely Tomoya Ohtani, Hataya Hisashi, Jun Senoue and Kenichi Tokoi gathered to reflect on some of their masterpieces from the past….

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True Colours: The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 pre-order from


As with the albums “Super Sonic Songs: Best of Crush 40” and “Jun Senoue: The Works”, the second installment of Best of Sonic songs “True Colours” is available to order from the Jun Senoue Official Shop. The album will not be released until tomorrow, but this is another chance to snap up a signed copy of the album, scribbled on by “Junny Baby” (as Dread refers to him).

The album includes another fantastic lineup of tracks, and also includes the previously unreleased “Look-A-Like”, the main track from the Sonic OVA Anime, as well as the rather Snazzy Sonic3 MegaD Mix from Sonic Gems Collection amongst other remixes. Ted Poley fans will also be able to hear a Demo version of “Lazy Days…Living In Paradise”, the theme to Big the Cat from SA1.

Nip over to the Jun Senoue Official Shop to pre-order your copy for the meagre sum of $30 plus shipping.

Either that or direct your parents attention to the site, should Santa be stuck for what to put in your stocking this year…