New Sonic trademark made by Sega

Sega Japan have made a new trademark, the name? Sonic Chronicles. Nothing is known at this time other than it’s marked down under computer games. Could this be a new Sonic game on the way or could Sega just be protecting a name? Let the speculation begin…

Also video game store GAME have revealed what looks to be the official box art for Sega Superstars Tennis (Wii). No other versions box art is up at present.

Thanks to Keiji Dragon for informing everyone of the trademark at the SSMB and thanks to Hogfather for the heads up and informing about the box art.

New Sonic Rush game in the works?

A member of the Sonic Stadium Message Board has dug up a new trademark filed by SEGA on April 2nd 2007, for a product titled “Sonic Rush Adventure”. SEGA neither confirmed or denied such a project when we contacted them this morning.

Sonic Rush was revered as the best Sonic game of recent years when it was released on Nintendo DS in 2005, but it was largely ignored for its home console flop Shadow the Hedgehog instead. This trademark, using a similar name, suggests that a sequel is perhaps in the works. Considering the insane popularity of the DS handheld worldwide, that’s probably not a bad idea.

It is worth pointing out that many trademarks taken out by companies with the best intentions of releasing it as a product end up cancelled or the result of stillborn ideas. Judging by the nature of the title itself, SEGA could even be taking out a trademark to protect the ‘Sonic Rush’/’Sonic Adventure’ name from potential unauthorised games from other companies. So there is a chance that this could turn out to be nothing.

But hey, if it does… more wonderful 2.5D platforming may await us. Many thanks to super sleuth Keiji Dragon from SSMB for the tip. You can view the trademark for yourself here.

Sega Trademarks “Sonic Gems Collection”

By using the Search Form on the US Patent Office website, type in “Sonic Gems Collection”. It seems our friends at Sega have trademarked this title on March 7th, there is also a Sonic styled trademark image on that page as well. Though we are unsure if this is a new game, or maybe Sega/Sonic Team are finally gonna give us the games we want in a collection, those being Sonic CD, Sonic The Fighters, and SegaSonic Arcade? We can only dream, as usual.