JAKKS Pacific Features Eggman Robot and Excited Child in Online Commercial

As online entertainment has taken over my diet, it’s rare to really encounter the style of toy commercials I used to ingest in my youth, but JAKKS Pacific haven’t given up the style even if the medium has shifted.

The Dr. Eggman Robot Battle Set is now available online and in-stores at Target in the US, and it comes with the ever classic kid-playing-in-living-room ad complete with Sonic 2 video clip and BATTLE DAMAGE!!

Source: Sonic Merch News
Thanks to VisionaryofSUPER for the news tip!

Jakks Pacific to Release Sonic Movie 2 Branded Toys and Costumes in 2022

US toy manufacturer Jakks Pacific has announced a partnership with SEGA and Paramount Pictures to produce official Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie merchandise. This is a global toy rights partnership that covers practically everything from “action figures, playsets, vehicles, plush toys, collectibles” to even Halloween costumes.

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New Sonic Toys For 2018

In what could be argued as being the first big reveal for 2018. Tomy has updated their re-seller catalogue for 2018 which includes a lot of brand new Sonic toys covering action figures and plushies.

With regards to action figures we have a new a classic Amy pack which comes with a metal art plate and a Classic and Modern Eggman pack which also comes with an art plate.

But more interestingly, Zavok is finally getting a figure and Infinite is also getting the action figure treatment along with some Chao accessories.

More modern based figures, but the most interesting thing on show here is the comic book packs, you see… that doesn’t appear to be an Archie or IDW comic book, but something completely new!

Terror, excitement, confusion… all in one page. On the one hand with have the awesome looking classic Sonic figure, and the utterly stunning looking Super Sonic plush…. Only to find Amy and Vector who appears to be hitch hiking.

More plush toys planned, this time we see a new Classic Eggman and an Evil Chao figure join the line! Also is it just me or is Knuckles giving Shadow a bit of a look there?

More on these as and when we get the details in.

Source: Tomy



Tomy Reveals 25th Anniversary Toyline For July 2016

25th aniversary figures

“Ok Detective TSS! Are there any clues as to the next Sonic game?” Well F4F saying that their 25th anniversary statue must be classic, press material from various licensing and toy fairs saying classic. Interviews also saying classic. And now Tomy are releasing a classic themed toy line with the 25th anniversary logo all over it…

It’s hard not to jump to conclusions, it’s really hard, so many signs indicate that next year will be a classic themed one, why would there not be a game to support that, anyway…

Found in Tomy’s catalogue for 2016 are a bunch of classic Sonic toys complete with a new version of the 25th anniversary logo. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman are set to get a plush toy release and Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are also going to get a figure release with a collectable coin.

Now these are clearly just mockup images as they use the Boom figures as place holder images and official art as place holders for the plush line.

In just over a months time there is both London and New York Toy Fair which would be the most likely place for them to make their first appearance.

Items are set for release July 2016.

Keep checking TSS for more information as and when we get it.

Thanks again to Lhancat for the find. 

Tomy Reveals New 2016 Sonic Boom Toys


It never fails to amuse me when I see someone say “The Boom toys are a failure!” despite the fact that they’ve continued to expand over the last year, both in quantity and availability, well it looks like that trend is going to continue into 2016.

Tomy has just revealed via their catalogue for 2016 a boom in the number of new Sonic Boom toys. Coming in 2016 are new plush lines, including Metal Sonic, Shadow, Amy and for the first time ever Sticks is to get a plush incarnation.

Also included in the range are new action figures including the odd one or two badniks, Shadow, Metal Sonic and even a new Eggman model. But the surprises don’t stop there, Orbot and Cubot are also going to get a plush incarnation, another merchandise first for Tomy.

Thanks to Lhancat for bringing this to our attention.

Sonic Boom Fire & Ice to Get Fast Food Toys

sonicboomfireicecarlfastfoodAccording to a ‘now deleted’ tweet by the CDM company, Sonic Boom Fire & Ice toys are on the way to Carls Jr. and Hardee’s. For those who don’t live in the US, that’s a burger/fast food chain.

The exact tweet was as follows.

Meal bags are in! Sonic Boom Fire & Ice is coming to #carlsjr October 7 and #hardees October 5! #sonicboompic.twitter.com/EjSBRkJuK6

— The CDM Company (@TheCDMCompany) September 2, 2015

But this was soon deleted suggesting there was an embargo placed on this announcement for reasons we don’t understand.

Especially since the exact same announcement is still up and has been up for a rather lengthy period of time on the Carls Cool Kids website which CDM Company apparently handles (see pic above).

So anyway, it looks like fast food toys for Sonic Boom Fire & Ice are on the way, this is great news, now if only we could get a side order of a new trailer or a large screenshot of fires to go with that since there has been no news about the game at all since announcement.

What do you guys think? Excited about the toys? Going to go to Carls Jr. and Hardee’s just for the toot? Going to get Boom Fire & Ice despite there being no information about it? See that thing below that’s a comment box, you can say stuff like “I WANT TOYS!” or “TOYS!? YOU MEAN ACTION FIGURES!” Let us and your fellow blue believers know, Toys! Burgers! Fires oh my! TOYS! BURGERS! FRIES! OH MY!

Sonic Boom Toys Now Available in the UK

boomukWay back in September we brought you news that TOMY had confirmed that the Sonic Boom toys would be coming to the UK, well several months later, it looks like the merch has landed, or have they?

According to this photo, a number of toys from TOMY’s Sonic Boom toyline have made their way into a UK Store, however, all is not as it seems.

The toyshop in question is named ‘Toy Planet’ which sounds like an independent toy store, but it’s actually an associate store of the toy shop chain ‘Toymaster.’ What does this mean? Well, Toymaster associate stores in the past have been known to order/import items for ‘test runs’ which may or may not reflect the wider chain of stores. Back when Jazwares released a bunch of 20th anniversary toys, one Toymaster associate store got in some 20th anniversary toys which never saw a wide release in the UK.

To further complicate matters, Toymaster doesn’t have an online ordering service, nor does it have a full toy catalogue on it’s website, so trying to verify if this is nation wide isn’t easy.

The photo itself was taken from a store in Derby, the person who took the photo also confirmed that the talking plush, running action Sonic and a Knuckles figure were also in stock, the prices break down as follows.

  • Sonic + Ripcord = £9.99
  • Knuckles + Hoverboard = £9.99
  • Sonic Running Action Figure = £12.99
  • Talking Plush = £14.99
  • Sonic Boom launcher = £22.99

Although considering Tomy said that they would appear, it might just be possible that these toys are indeed nation wide here in the UK, you would be best checking your local toy stores just in case they pop up.

We’ll update you if we get confirmation that this isn’t just a one off.

Source: Sonic the Hedgehog Collections

Sonic Boom Toys Coming to the UK Spring 2015


With Sega’s recent announcement that the UK and the rest of Europe will not get the Boom Cartoon show a year after it’s release, and the general lack of promotion for Boom here in the UK, many people have been wondering ‘What about the toy line?’

Well The Sonic Stadium can reveal that following an email exchange with the UK branch of TOMY, the Sonic Boom toy line is coming to the UK and it will be launched in Spring 2015, with some products possibly making it to shelves before Christmas.

Thank you for your email.

> They are due for Spring 2015. Some maybe in stock before Christmas, but we don’t have an exact date yet.
> I am sorry that I do not have any further information for you. If we can be of any further assistance please feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards


TOMY Careline

So hold off on those expensive imports, the toys are indeed on their way!

Sonic Boom Toys Launching in August?

ToyWiz have just opened pre-orders for some of the Sonic Boom toys. Whilst this isn’t as varied as the number of toys we saw from Toy Fair earlier this year, odds are this is the first of many which may come in the next few weeks.

Details of the initial toys are as follows,



The first toy is a burnbot playset which seems to include Burnbot and something which will launch that Sonic… you’ll probably have a better idea as to how it will look like when you see the next image.


The next toy is called the ‘Sonic Boom launcher.’ So it looks like the burnbot playset may also include a launcher, and it also seems that Egg-O-Matic Eggman is also on his way.

The third toy has no image, but it is described as a ‘Plane Launcher’ to me this suggests that we may also get a Tornado plane vehicle too.

The price is $28 each , however more interestingly is the release date of August 2014, however this is more than likely a placeholder and not the final date.

Source: ToyWiz

Sonic Boom: Even More Sonic Toys Revealed

Following on from an earlier report regarding the new Sonic toys, more information and images of the toys have come to light including some new toys and toys in their prototype stage.


First up is a Knuckles plush based on the Sonic Boom design. He doesn’t look too bad if you ask me, there’s no obvious problems with it and it’s very accurate to the final design. You can also just make Amy out in this image.


Up next is Tails. Tails looks… alright I guess? It’s hard to say, Tails hasn’t really changed too much during his Boom transformation other than the accessories so really it’s just a question as to if you like tool belts or not.

boomamyplushAnd the last one in this plush line is Amy. I might be alone here but is it just me or does it look kinda bad? It’s accurate to her design, no question about that, and I like the Amy Boom design, but in a plush form it looks a little messy.

Actually… I know what the problem is, it looks like someone took the head off an Amy plush and slapped it onto a completely different plush toy. Her head doesn’t look like its part of that body.

boomeggmanYES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Finally! We have not only an awesome looking Eggman, but also the Egg-O-Matic! It’s still in the prototype stage, but hopefully this one will get put into production. Eggman looks really great here, paint job seems accurate and his model is accurate too. But even though it lacks paint, just look at the detail on the Egg-O-Matic, also from the looks of it, Eggman can actually stand inside it!

Really hope this one gets into production, UK release please.


Another prototype now, looks like Burnbot will be tormenting our action figures at some point. He looks great, really well detailed model, just hope the paintjob matches… also… what’s going on with Sonic there? A spin attack form? Or… something else? I might have the answer in a later image.


I’ve highlighted this photo not just because of Knuckles, but also because there’s a strong suggestion that the Sonic characters will be using vehicles at some point. Behind him is what appears to be a Sonic Riders style hover board. Might we see this popping up in both the game and cartoon?


Ok then, I’ve highlighted this one not because of the face mask, but because of what’s under it, see that concept image? That would appear to show some kind of play set, and the Sonic figure with it looks like the one I pointed out earlier next to Burn Bot.

boomsonicelectronicWell now! This is a very interesting photo! We’ve got a Sonic figure which appears to have some kind of electronic component. But look at the size of that thing, I assume it’s going to be a talking figure but, look at the size of that speaker, I hope that gets minimised at some point.

Also look at the top left of the photo, another hint that Sonic and Co may drive vehicles in this series. Also this photo does make me want to ponder the question “Why does Sonic’s car need sports tape?”

boomsonicplushAnd finally we have a much larger Sonic plush. I think I like this plush not sure why, Sonic has a huge forehead and his watch looks a bit tacked on, but considering the Boom design, this plush looks really good.

With any luck we’ll see these products come out later this year in both the UK and the US, because I really want the Eggman toy.

For more photos from Toy Fair and to see the images in their full size, check out our gallery.

Source: ToyWiz

P.S. Why does Sonic’s car have sports tape on it? So when he runs down people who complain he has a car, he can bandage them up of course!



Sonic & Knuckles New Design & 2014 Game Details


The designs for Sonic Boom have emerged from the Year of Sonic event being held in New York. Sonic has blue arms, a scarf, sports tape all over his arms and legs and Knuckles is a giant.

Other details to emerge from this event are as follows


So there’s going to be a new console and mobile game, toys based off the show made by Tomy and they will look like that. Although to be fair it could have been a lot worse.

Now we don’t know yet if this is the new direction for the series or if this will just be limited to Boom’s universe and the one we know and love will still continue as normal.

We’ll keep you updated with more information when we get it.

Source: Dadarocks

Edit: personally. I kinda like the new designs.

Mi-Christmas Open House, Featuring Sonic the Hedgehog

mipr1 The agency which Sega use to help promote Sonic as a brand here in the UK recently held a ‘christmas open house’ what is that you might ask? Well, Mi-Pr is tasked with helping Sega to promote Sonic here in the UK, their job is to showcase Sonic products to retailers and the press in order to get more orders placed at retail. So the idea behind a christmas house is to decorate a home and fill it with products so retailers and the press can see what it looks like come christmas day and entice people to order products for retail.

The event has since ended, however photos of it are coming to light, and there are one or two interesting bits of information coming out. I should point out, Sonic Lost World was also available to play too, but I cannot find any new information on it.


A selection of Sonic clothing/accessories, Eggman underpants confrimed. If they have those in adult sizes, I might just have to buy several pairs.


If you look at the bottom of the above photo, you can just make out the Sonic pinball game which has been teased every now and again.

mipr3 This photo both excites and infuriates me. Whilst it doesn’t show anything new, it does show the Sonic product catalogue, but you can’t see inside… Please, Sega, Mi-Pr, somebody, can we get a copy of this so we can actually take a look inside it and know what to spend our money on?

mipr6The above picture comes from toybuzz.co.uk. Wilst it shows no new products… it does show a Sonic themed Christmas Cake, I suspect this was made specially for the event.

In addition to the pictures, Pi-Pr also released some infromation regarding a couple of new products to be released later this year, including the prices of the products and retailers who would be stocking them.


The pinball game will be just under £15 and available from The Entertainer, the bike is £120 and from Argos, also a Sonic crash helmet can be purchased for £17 too.

For more pictures please see our gallery

Sources: Mi-PrLicensing.biz, Toybuzz.co.uk


Funko Shows off New Sonic Vinyl Figures

Back in June last year, we were able to reveal that the statue/figure maker Funko would be releasing a series of Sonic figures based on their ‘POP’ range. Since then there hasn’t been much word on the figures. However, that changed today when Funko showed off their Sonic range at the NY Toy Fair today.


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Meccano & NKOK Tease New Sonic Toys


Last year, Meccano released a series of Sonic construction toys. Sonic & Knuckles in their ASR cars, and several playset’s based on various zones from Sonic’s 20 year history.

According to Toy World Magazine, Meccano is expanding the range of toys with some new additions. Sky Sanctuary is going to be added as a playset and another stage which is just labeled as ‘Canyon.’ The magazine claims that these stages will be based off ‘Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing,‘ but, considering Sky Sanctuary isn’t in the original ASR, it might be reasonable to assume that ‘canyon‘ refers to the Dragon Canyon from ASRT.

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Amazon Releases New Details on Sonic Meccano Sets, Coming July

Meccano has announced that their upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog branded construction sets will be available this July and will be priced between £14.99 and £69.99. Amazon France has also added product descriptions to their listings for the items, which we have shared Google translations of after the jump.

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RUMOUR: Chemical Plant Zone to Feature in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing 2?

Keen-eyed SSMB member Hogfather has spotted new listings at Amazon France for the upcoming Meccano Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing construction sets. The listings include the previously mentioned Green Hill and Casino Night sets, (though Casino Night is listed as Casino Street from Sonic 4: Episode 1 here), but most interesting is the listing for a Chemical Plant Zone set. If the toys are being tied-in with a Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing sequel, then it appears the Sonic franchise will be represented with a focus on the classic games this time around.

Links to the listing and screen-caps of them (in case they’re pulled) can be found after the jump.
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Joe Amaro Explains How Jazwares Make Sonic Toys

Have you ever wondered how Jazwares make all of their finely crafted Sonic merchandise? Well wonder no more as SEGA of America’s Kellie has obtained all of the answers along with concept art and photos from Joe Amaro who works in Jazwares Product Development department.

Topics discussed are concepts, prototypes, approval, where the toys are made, fan input and even Joe’s favorite character. You can check out the Q&A and pictures at SEGA of America’s blog but you may want to get yourself some refreshments as it’s a very long interview.

Thanks to D00dlebug for the heads up.

Pictures of Sonic & Shadow ASR Figures Released


Yep.  Today, we’ve got actual pictures of those figures that we told you about last Thursday (instead of mock-ups).  It’s shame that they are blurry.  Regardless, they are pictures of the actual toys.

Now that I can actually see these figures FO REALZ, I want one.  Look at how cool that Sonic figure looks.  He exudes cool.  Oh, and Shadow’s here, I guess.

[Via Tomopop]

Jetix & Gaya Extend Sonic Toy License

The companies that brought you the incredible “Sonic the Hedgehog Chess” and squeezable Sonic figures, Jetix Consumer Products and Gaya Entertainment, have expanded their licensing agreement for more Sonic toys.  CEO of Gaya Entertainment, Andre Schmitz, said:

“We are very proud to announce the teaming up of Jetix and Gaya Entertainment for this project.  2009 will be an important year for everybody´s favorite Hedgehog and being a part of it is highly appreciated. With our product line-up for Sonic, we intend to offer something for everyone, may it be old or young.”

Georg Liedmeier, licensing manager at Jetix Consumer Products also spoke:

“Jetix is looking forward to working with Gaya Entertainment and delivering quality products from one of its most cherished franchises to both fans of the series and model collectors alike.”

The company will be rolling out new collectibles by the end of May, but has yet to find a UK distributor.  Three companies are in talks with Jetix and Gaya for UK distribution.

[From Toy News Online]

New Sonic the Hedgehog McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys Coming This Summer

We have fond memories of hitting the nearby McDonald’s and ordering a Happy Meal to grab a Sonic toy in the 1990s. Those days are coming back, with SEGA announcing a new deal with the fast food chain that will see Sonic return to kids’ dinner boxes.

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Resaurus in ‘Suspended Animation’; New Sonic Figures Placed on ‘Indefinite Hold’

It seems that talk of figure maker Resaurus closing down has been exaggerated somewhat. After reports that the company will be shutting down following a huge ‘going out of business’ sale, a new article sheds some light on the situation behind closed doors and states that what’s happening now is nothing but a hiccup. Continue reading Resaurus in ‘Suspended Animation’; New Sonic Figures Placed on ‘Indefinite Hold’