Sonic Colours DS Selling Out Already

The game may not be out for another few weeks, but it appears that Sonic Colours is already performing very well in the sales department, because Toys R Us Canada’s website is now out of stock of the DS version of the game. We checked for the Wii edition, but their website isn’t listing it at the time of this article’s publication. The fact that the game is selling out is good news for SEGA’s sales, but for some fans it may mean having to get those pre-orders in and buy early if they’re looking to nab a copy before Christmas.

Will this sales performance continue with other retailers and other countries? We’ll keep an eye open and report back. Meanwhile, share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Toys R Us Canada’s website

Free Sonic Toy with Purchase of DS ASR at Toys ‘R’ Us

According to Toys ‘R’ Us’ weekly newspaper ad, if you purchase the DS version of Sonic & Sonic SEGA Sonic All-Sonic-Stars Sonic Racing featuring Sonic, you’ll get a free Sonic toy (valued at a whopping $4.99).

The deal only lasts through February 27th until 5 PM.

[via Toys ‘R’ Us]

Jazwares Sonic Figures Coming To The UK “Very Soon”

It’s been a depressing fact of life for UK Sonic fans when it comes to Jazwares range of fantastic figures. Being ‘exclusive’ to Toys R Us stores but so far only in the US has made them very difficult and costly to get hold of. All of that is about to change. Following the announcement of the new ASR figures TSS got in touch with Jazwares to ask if their favourite blue hedgehog and friends would be available to purchase in the UK anytime soon. Jazwares replied and its good news, figures will be heading here “very soon.”

Jazwares has teamed up with Tomy who will be distributing the line of figures and it’s expected like in the US the range will be available to purchase from Toys R Us stores. Further e-mails have been sent to try and ascertain more details such as exactly which figures to look out for and when but until we get the answers this is all we know.

Obviously TSS will be sure to keep you updated on this developing story.

9 New Xbox 360/PS3 ASR Screenshots

Three new screenshots for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing have appeared on Toys R Us’s U.S. website, nothing new is revealed but we do get another good look at Alex Kidd and Amigo’s All Star Moves which see Amigo gather his fellow racers in to a conga line and Alex Kidd jump into his little helicopter. We’ll bring you more news in the run up to release as it’s revealed.

Toys R Us

Objectif SEGA

Hi-Ho Silver Away! Next Wave of Jazwares Figures Hit Toys R’ Us

Jazwares just keep them coming don’t they! Wave two of the 3″ figures are reportedly hitting the shelves of Toys R’ Us state-side, with the line-up including Silver the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic the Werehog. If you want to see some pictures of them out of the packet head over to the Sonic Stadium Message board, where SSMB’er Aquaslash has been kind enough to post up some pictures.

Finally, we can now get our hands on a Silver the hedgehog we can play with, rather than having to make our own.  Personally I think they’re a little on the chunky side, but there again if you’re going to make figures that size, you’re going to loose detail for posability.

Thanks to Foxwhisker for the heads up!

Catch It If You Can: SDCC JUVI Metal Sonic Figure Now on Sale!

MetalYup, it’s finally that time of the year again for the San Diego Comic Con, and for the handful of lucky, lucky American Sonic fans there’s a nice little treat in store. All attendees have their chance at picking up one of the Jazwares JUVI Metal Sonic figurines, which are exclusive to the event and will only be sold over the 4 days the event in held.

HOWEVER, if you’re quick enough, Toys R’ Us US are stocking a limited amount of the figure at $15.99 a pop, so even if you’re unable to attend the event you can still pick up one of these nice little additions. Unfortunately it looks like this is only open to the US, and only available to purchase for 4 days, so be quick about it if you’re wanting to snag one! Everyone else will have to open up their wallets and fork out for one (plus postage) on ebay!

You can buy the figure here at the Toys R’ Us Website.

New Merchandise: Super Sonic/Shadow figures

super-sonic-figure-tru super-shadow-figure-tru

It seem’s Toys R Us can’t get enough of our favourite video game franchise, after the exclusive Sonic Unleashed posable Werehog action figure’s you can now pre-order two new figures exclusively at their stores/website.

The two figures available are Sonic Super
Posers – Super Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Super Posers – Super Shadow The Hedgehog. Bet you can’t say either of those fast without stopping for breath. Both are extremely posable with (as the packaging puts it) “Over 25 points of articulation”, great for those battles with your sisters Barbie dolls. Each figure costs $10.99 and their estimated ship date is 05/10/2009(that’s 10th May 2009 for us Brit’s).

You can pre-order the figures at Toys R Us website at the following links –
Super Sonic
Super Shadow

No sign of the figures on the UK Toys R Us website at the moment but we’ll let you know if they do turn up.