SoS: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Tournament Announced

Sonic fans get your driving gloves on for it is time to take the pedal to the metal for Summer of Sonic’s Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Tournament. That’s right, we at Summer of Sonic will be giving you the chance to compete for the honour and priviledge of being the S&SASR World Champion – a nice little trophy to add to your Sonic collection and we may just have some other prizes in-store too so keep an eye out for a future announcement.

That’s all fine and dandy Shadzter but what format will the tournament be held in and just what version will you be using? Glad you asked! The tournament will be played on the Xbox 360 version. The qualifiers will be held in Time Trial mode where you will be challenged to earn the best time possible in a track we’ll be choosing at the event, the players with the best times (number of players to be determined) will be going through to the knockout finals later in the day where they will race for victory.

So if you’re up for some racing action then come and join me and the games staff at SoS’s gaming area, we look forward to seeing you!

Source: My article at the Summer of Sonic website.