Mario and Sonic Still On Top

Nothing in the UK seems to be able to stop Sega’s successful title Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games for Nintendo Wii and DS. For the 3rd consecutive week running the game is now again at the top of the all-formats chart(week ending March 1st 2008), this also marks the games 6th week at the top of the charts.

How much longer can Mario and Sonic keep up the Olympic pace?

Nintendo Power Interviews Simon Jeffery

In the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Simon Jeffery comments on the newest coming Sonic games, other current games, and what might be upcoming for Sega.

Interviewer from Nintendo then questions Simon on why he thinks Sonic has done so well in the market since the 16-bit era, while many others have fallen.

“It’s classic character design. It’s the same as the Looney Tunes characters or the Disney characters that were created back in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s. So much thought and process went into building Sonic originally back in those days. Many of the other characters that came out of the 16-bit era were created in very a reactionary way. Continue reading Nintendo Power Interviews Simon Jeffery