Most Influential Moments in Sonic Games

With Sonic’s 30th Anniversary in tow, we wanted to look back on some of the more memorable and Influential moments (or arcs) in the games’ stories. These aren’t simply surprising or epic situations, but story arcs, notable moments or any kind of cutscene that made a lasting impact on the series’ continuity and character development.

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Sonic Show: Top 5 Biggest Assholes

There are a lot of assholes in Sonic games.  A lot.

Ben and I meet up again to rank our personal top 5 biggest assholes in Sonic games.  What ensues is a list featuring frustrating badniks, notoriously difficult levels, and seemingly unpassable objects.  Who will take the top spot?  Watch it all below, knuckleheads.  (Be sure to watch in high quality!)

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

What are your top 5 biggest assholes in your Sonic experiences?  There are plenty more assholes to rant about!  Let us know and stay tuned for more cool shit from The Sonic Show.

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NEW @ The Sonic Show: Top 5 Winter Levels!


You ever watch The Sonic Show here at TSS?  You haven’t?  Start now.

I have returned to The Sonic Show, but I’m not reading e-mails anymore (so you can stop sending them, please).  This season, I’ll be trying many different things, but my friend Ben and I will be making “Top 5” lists.  (You may remember my new co-host from “How I Celebrated My Sonic 2sday.“)  Our first Top 5 list coincides with the holiday season, as we count down the best winter levels in Sonic games.  Which winter wonderland will take top honors?  Hit the jump to watch and find out!

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