Sonic Boom’s First Season to Finally Get DVD Release

For years, anyone wanting to own Sonic Boom on physical media have had to deal with piece-meal releases, whether it’s America’s two meager 8 episode volumes, or the UK’s more substantial 13 episode volumes. According to a new Amazon listing, it looks like those days might be finally coming to an end, with Sonic Boom Season 1, Volume 1, coming courtesy of NCircle Entertainment.

Slated for release on October 1, the two-disc volume comes in two packages: a $25 version bundled with Sonic & Eggman action figures made by TOMY, and a $15 version that just has the show. The first volume comes with 26 episodes, which covers half of the first season.

You can pre-order the DVD here. You can check out the included figures, DVD arc, and a list of included episodes in the images below:

The episodes are listed out of order on the back.

Currently, there’s no word of when (or if) the second volume is coming. Given that this isn’t the show’s first DVD release, it’s probably only a matter of time.

New Sonic Toys For 2018

In what could be argued as being the first big reveal for 2018. Tomy has updated their re-seller catalogue for 2018 which includes a lot of brand new Sonic toys covering action figures and plushies.

With regards to action figures we have a new a classic Amy pack which comes with a metal art plate and a Classic and Modern Eggman pack which also comes with an art plate.

But more interestingly, Zavok is finally getting a figure and Infinite is also getting the action figure treatment along with some Chao accessories.

More modern based figures, but the most interesting thing on show here is the comic book packs, you see… that doesn’t appear to be an Archie or IDW comic book, but something completely new!

Terror, excitement, confusion… all in one page. On the one hand with have the awesome looking classic Sonic figure, and the utterly stunning looking Super Sonic plush…. Only to find Amy and Vector who appears to be hitch hiking.

More plush toys planned, this time we see a new Classic Eggman and an Evil Chao figure join the line! Also is it just me or is Knuckles giving Shadow a bit of a look there?

More on these as and when we get the details in.

Source: Tomy



GE Entertainment’s Sonic Toy Licence To End Next Month

This is a bit of sad news if you’ve been collecting the character plush toys that GE Animation have been putting out; they have confirmed that as of April 2017 they will no longer have the Sonic licence, therefore they will not be producing any new plushes.

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16bit Themed Sonic Figures Shown at London Toy Fair 2017

It’s Toy Fair time again! As January ends and February begins, London, New York and Germany all become host to major toy fair events. Being a trade show, these events show perspective retailers toys that will be on shelves throughout 2017.


Well, London Toy Fair ended a few days ago and… yeah there wasn’t much in terms of Sonic there, however London has never been that great in terms of Sonic content, New York and Germany are the ones to watch out for.

But saying that, Tomy did have a booth and we can confirm that they showed off some new Sonic toys!

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Toy Fair 2016: New Sonic 25th Anniversary Toys Revealed!


It’s that time of the year again, Toy Fair season is in full swing and with London Toy Fair just coming to a close this week, we here at TSS decided that we would actually go along and see what there was.

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Tomy Reveals 25th Anniversary Toyline For July 2016

25th aniversary figures

“Ok Detective TSS! Are there any clues as to the next Sonic game?” Well F4F saying that their 25th anniversary statue must be classic, press material from various licensing and toy fairs saying classic. Interviews also saying classic. And now Tomy are releasing a classic themed toy line with the 25th anniversary logo all over it…

It’s hard not to jump to conclusions, it’s really hard, so many signs indicate that next year will be a classic themed one, why would there not be a game to support that, anyway…

Found in Tomy’s catalogue for 2016 are a bunch of classic Sonic toys complete with a new version of the 25th anniversary logo. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman are set to get a plush toy release and Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are also going to get a figure release with a collectable coin.

Now these are clearly just mockup images as they use the Boom figures as place holder images and official art as place holders for the plush line.

In just over a months time there is both London and New York Toy Fair which would be the most likely place for them to make their first appearance.

Items are set for release July 2016.

Keep checking TSS for more information as and when we get it.

Thanks again to Lhancat for the find. 

Sonic Boom Toys Now Available in the UK

boomukWay back in September we brought you news that TOMY had confirmed that the Sonic Boom toys would be coming to the UK, well several months later, it looks like the merch has landed, or have they?

According to this photo, a number of toys from TOMY’s Sonic Boom toyline have made their way into a UK Store, however, all is not as it seems.

The toyshop in question is named ‘Toy Planet’ which sounds like an independent toy store, but it’s actually an associate store of the toy shop chain ‘Toymaster.’ What does this mean? Well, Toymaster associate stores in the past have been known to order/import items for ‘test runs’ which may or may not reflect the wider chain of stores. Back when Jazwares released a bunch of 20th anniversary toys, one Toymaster associate store got in some 20th anniversary toys which never saw a wide release in the UK.

To further complicate matters, Toymaster doesn’t have an online ordering service, nor does it have a full toy catalogue on it’s website, so trying to verify if this is nation wide isn’t easy.

The photo itself was taken from a store in Derby, the person who took the photo also confirmed that the talking plush, running action Sonic and a Knuckles figure were also in stock, the prices break down as follows.

  • Sonic + Ripcord = £9.99
  • Knuckles + Hoverboard = £9.99
  • Sonic Running Action Figure = £12.99
  • Talking Plush = £14.99
  • Sonic Boom launcher = £22.99

Although considering Tomy said that they would appear, it might just be possible that these toys are indeed nation wide here in the UK, you would be best checking your local toy stores just in case they pop up.

We’ll update you if we get confirmation that this isn’t just a one off.

Source: Sonic the Hedgehog Collections

UPDATE: Sonic Boom Shoes, Trading Cards, Shadow, Metal Sonic & More Spotted at Toy Fair 2015

UPDATE: More toys confirmed at the end of the article…

ORIGINAL STORY: It took a while, but we finally have some images of Tomy’s booth from the New York Toy Fair 2015.


The first image was posted on Tomy’s own Facebook page and is a larger shot of the big headed plushes which we brought you news about last week. Included in the shot is an actual physical prototype of the Sonic Shoes which appeared at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in cardboard form.

There also appears to be a new much larger knuckles figure and what looks like clip on Sonic plushes and most surprisingly, what appears to be trading cards as well as a new box set which seems to include Eggman and Knuckles.

However, the second image is what you might find more interesting, we’re not sure on the source of this one, it was posted in our comments by “SpiritOfTheBlue”, so thank you for the heads up.


In the background you can make out more of the clip plushes, including a Knuckles themed one. However what’s more interesting is that there are what appear to be new renders of Metal Sonic & Shadow on a few display pieces, could this indicate that Shadow and Metal Sonic are to appear in the TV show at last? Or at least that they will have some merchandise made in the future? Note how Lyric has been confirmed not to appear in the show, yet Tomy have no Lyric merchandise at all, so far all their merchandise has been TV show themed, seems like a strong hint Shadow and Metal will be in there in some form.

We’ll keep you updated with more news as we get it.


Well that didn’t take long, no sooner had I posted this but I got made aware of two new toys. One of which was staring us all in the face, if we enhance one of those images… check this out.


We can jut make out the figures of what appears to be Amy and Eggman, however what’s strange is… Eggman appears to be green? Odds are it’s from an upcoming episode of Boom. Until more details come out, we are all calling this figure ‘Hulk Eggman’ or ‘Gamma Eggman,’ agreed?

The second image comes from twitter user dadarocks an shows knuckles… with rocket powered shoes!



Aside from getting his game gear Sonic 2 on, odds are this is from another future episode of the show.

Finally, there are three interesting figures in the back of the photo which don’t appear to match the current Boom TV show cast, but do look a lot like some certain other characters we all know.


The one on the right looks a lot like Shadow, could the other two be Metal Sonic?

Edit 2:

A new video has surface giving a look inside TOMY’s Sonic Boom booth, where we can get a much closer look at some of the more ambiguous figures mentioned above along with some new ones.

Some Screengrabs:

If any more news comes to light, we’ll let you know.


Big Headed Sonic Boom Plushies Spotted at New York Toy Fair


Despite New York Toy Fair being one of the largest toy fairs in the yearly calendar, Sonic related news has been very dry. Virtually no booths have any Sonic related merchandise on them.

However, Sonic Boom’s master toy partner TOMY are there, and it looks like they have a few new surprises for us. The above photo was taken by twitter user ‘dadarocks,’ the picture shows what appears to be big headed plushies of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and most surprising of all Eggman.

No other details such as release date or price where given at this time.

We’re still on the lookout for more toy fair related news, we’ll keep you upto date if any comes out way.

Source: Dadarocks

Nuremberg Toy Fair Shows us New Sonic Toys

Following on from the London Toy Fair, Nuremberg held it’s annual toy fair too, as with London, there was a decent Sonic presence there too. managed to attend the event and were able to spot the following products.


First up is the ABYstyle booth which had a bunch of the Paladone Sonic toys along with these new items. A T-Shirt which is likely going to be the subject of a number of jokes in the comments for some people and a classic Sonic & Tails mug.

The Tomy booth was very similar to the booth which was photographed at London, only we now have some better images of the new action figures which appear to be variants of the original toyline.


First up is Tails covered in oil, pictured next to the original Boom Tails.


Next is what appears to be Battle Damaged Knuckles, looks like this might be from an upcoming episode of Sonic Boom.

Edit: I have no idea if that’s the official name, just that typically action figures usually end up being called ‘Battle Damaged’ when they look like they’ve been in the wars.


Here we can see a new Sticks figure which was also at London Toy Fair, we can now clearly see that she’s covered in the green slime from the episode in which she gets the robot dog as a pet.


Sonic with light up feet, I have no idea why it happened, it just did.


Next up is the light up mask from Tomy, we even get a look at the reverse side.


Other products noted were the Sonic Saves the Day pack which we spotted at the London Toy Fair and a few other figures which appeared at London.

In addition to the above news, the following bits of information was also confirmed.

  • The Sonic Boom Toy Line will launch in Germany the moment the TV-Show begins.
  • Jazwares also confirmed that they are no loner making Sonic toys.

Finally, this document was also revealed which seems to show in-store packaging designs as well as some initial launch toys for Europe.


Check out the full report at

UPDATE: Tomy Making Sonic Boom Collectable Figures?

UPDATE: We’ve been emailed the following image which appears to show the figures pictured here.


Not really any new details other than those speculated in the article are confirmed.

If anyone knows of the origin of this, such as if this was found on a website or in some kind of trade magazine, please get in touch.

ORIGINAL STORY: A few weeks ago we brought you news regarding Tomy’s line of Sonic Boom toys which were on display at the London Toy Fair.


However a new photo has emerged which shows an unannounced toy line from Tomy. It seems that they intend to release small collectable figures based on Sonic Boom. Tomy have in the past released small blind Gacha toys based on Sonic, this photo suggests that they also plan to do the same with Sonic Boom.

The photo originates from a company called Heckford who are responsible for the construction of Tomy’s booth at the London Toy Fair. No further details as to price or release dates are available at this time.

However with New York Toy Fair being next week, we might get some more Sonic toy news in the next two weeks or so.

Source: Heckford

TSS Reviews: Sonic Boom Toys (Video & pics) UPDATED AND PRICES

FULL SET! Check for new information in bold.

The gang's all here.

UPDATE: I now got the full set of figures and have some new news on this toy set including pricing. Prices are actually pretty darn fair.

After heading to two different Toys R’ Us’s yesterday, I managed to snag some of the Sonic Boom action figures that have just been released from Tomy. Outside of my video review, I wanted to give a few more details.

Prices and figure sets. (Prices are from Toys R’ Us USA)

Single packs (Sticks, Sonic and Knuckles) $5.99  

Two packs (Sonic & Amy, Knuckles, & Tails, Orbot & Cubot) $7.99

Vehicle Sets (Eggman & Eggmobile, Knuckles & Hoverboard, Sonic & Spindash wheel)  $12.99

Sonic with Burnbot is $19.99

Check for prices on other Sonic Boom toys and plushies.

There are two Sonic head molds. One with a frown (Sonic & Burnbot) and one with a devilish grin (Sonic & Amy)


While the vehicle sets are in a plastic bubble, Sonic and Burnbot are in an open box.

Burnbot has been the toughest toy I’ve ever taken out of a package. He had the wire twist-ties going inside of his body and all around. Sonic was hard to get out as well.

No bumpy elbows means slightly less articulation, but more detail on the toys and they stand up much easier. Shoulders still have huge bumps for articulation. Not noticeable on Knuckles or Tails.

I had a hard time getting Eggman’s foot to fit in the peg in the Eggmobile as it was too close to a ramp in it’s floor.

All figures can stand pretty easily. Even Burnbot if you keep one claw down.

Except Orbot and Cubot who are basically PVC figures with no moveable joints and can barely stand if at all. Cubot was the worst and he’s a freakin’ cube! I added two black lego pieces that are hard to see to keep his head up enough to make him stand.

There was only one Sticks on the rack and plenty f Knuckles and Sonic single figures leading me to believe she may be single-packed (one per case) like many female figures tend to be.

While Amy has her skin color all the way around the back of her head behind her hair/quills, for some reason, her and Sticks are ummm…..”going commando”. I guess they ran out of white paint doing the sports tape.

As mentioned in juvi’s video review (check comments section), Tails “tails” start off as one and only split into two near the end.

That reviewer had a problem with Sticks’ head being wobbly, but mine’s fine.

While the paint detail of Sonic with his spin dash vehicle in a bubble was nicely detailed, for some reason, finding a Burnbot Sonic with a good paint job was next to impossible. Many having the white of his eyes bleeding onto his muzzle.

Neither Eggman or Knuckles can turn their heads

There are 3 different toys that come with a plain Sonic action figure.

Overall, they stand up well and look nice on a shelf but lack articulation (which may be a good thing in this case) and the paint detail can be a bit off (or none in the case of poor Amy and Sticks undergarments).

Sonic Boom Toys Coming to the UK Spring 2015


With Sega’s recent announcement that the UK and the rest of Europe will not get the Boom Cartoon show a year after it’s release, and the general lack of promotion for Boom here in the UK, many people have been wondering ‘What about the toy line?’

Well The Sonic Stadium can reveal that following an email exchange with the UK branch of TOMY, the Sonic Boom toy line is coming to the UK and it will be launched in Spring 2015, with some products possibly making it to shelves before Christmas.

Thank you for your email.

> They are due for Spring 2015. Some maybe in stock before Christmas, but we don’t have an exact date yet.
> I am sorry that I do not have any further information for you. If we can be of any further assistance please feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards


TOMY Careline

So hold off on those expensive imports, the toys are indeed on their way!

Toying With Sonic Boom! UPDATED

"No, I have not had any plastic work done! Why do you ask?"
“No, I have not had any plastic work done! Why do you ask?”

First off, sorry for the quality of these pics as they were taken off my iPod. Second, I’ll have more high quality photos as soon as I can get the picture from Nuckles87. I knew you guys would want to see the new toys as soon as possible and I couldn’t wait to show them to you. There’s quite a lot of toys and vehicles that will be available including the entire known cast. Look out below for some more pics. UPDATE: Speaking of, I just got Alex’s pics from him.

IMG_0524[1]Some plushies of Amy and Tails

IMG_0510[1]This fuzzy picture really burns my bot!


Now you can play “pick-up Sticks”…at the toy store.

IMG_0513[1]Tails and Knuckles


Listen you swindlers. You expect me to buy Eggman in his Eggmobile and then buy him again with Orbot and Cubot?!! Okay.

IMG_0515[1]Tails plane includes Sonic instead of Tails. That makes sense…..somewhere.



A large, articulate Sonic.

IMG_0518[1]Plush Sonic and Knuckles



Knuckles is a Free Rider.


Order from Amazon, and you too can ship Sonic and Amy together.







Sonic Boom Toys Launching in August?

ToyWiz have just opened pre-orders for some of the Sonic Boom toys. Whilst this isn’t as varied as the number of toys we saw from Toy Fair earlier this year, odds are this is the first of many which may come in the next few weeks.

Details of the initial toys are as follows,



The first toy is a burnbot playset which seems to include Burnbot and something which will launch that Sonic… you’ll probably have a better idea as to how it will look like when you see the next image.


The next toy is called the ‘Sonic Boom launcher.’ So it looks like the burnbot playset may also include a launcher, and it also seems that Egg-O-Matic Eggman is also on his way.

The third toy has no image, but it is described as a ‘Plane Launcher’ to me this suggests that we may also get a Tornado plane vehicle too.

The price is $28 each , however more interestingly is the release date of August 2014, however this is more than likely a placeholder and not the final date.

Source: ToyWiz

Sonic Boom: Even More Sonic Toys Revealed

Following on from an earlier report regarding the new Sonic toys, more information and images of the toys have come to light including some new toys and toys in their prototype stage.


First up is a Knuckles plush based on the Sonic Boom design. He doesn’t look too bad if you ask me, there’s no obvious problems with it and it’s very accurate to the final design. You can also just make Amy out in this image.


Up next is Tails. Tails looks… alright I guess? It’s hard to say, Tails hasn’t really changed too much during his Boom transformation other than the accessories so really it’s just a question as to if you like tool belts or not.

boomamyplushAnd the last one in this plush line is Amy. I might be alone here but is it just me or does it look kinda bad? It’s accurate to her design, no question about that, and I like the Amy Boom design, but in a plush form it looks a little messy.

Actually… I know what the problem is, it looks like someone took the head off an Amy plush and slapped it onto a completely different plush toy. Her head doesn’t look like its part of that body.

boomeggmanYES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Finally! We have not only an awesome looking Eggman, but also the Egg-O-Matic! It’s still in the prototype stage, but hopefully this one will get put into production. Eggman looks really great here, paint job seems accurate and his model is accurate too. But even though it lacks paint, just look at the detail on the Egg-O-Matic, also from the looks of it, Eggman can actually stand inside it!

Really hope this one gets into production, UK release please.


Another prototype now, looks like Burnbot will be tormenting our action figures at some point. He looks great, really well detailed model, just hope the paintjob matches… also… what’s going on with Sonic there? A spin attack form? Or… something else? I might have the answer in a later image.


I’ve highlighted this photo not just because of Knuckles, but also because there’s a strong suggestion that the Sonic characters will be using vehicles at some point. Behind him is what appears to be a Sonic Riders style hover board. Might we see this popping up in both the game and cartoon?


Ok then, I’ve highlighted this one not because of the face mask, but because of what’s under it, see that concept image? That would appear to show some kind of play set, and the Sonic figure with it looks like the one I pointed out earlier next to Burn Bot.

boomsonicelectronicWell now! This is a very interesting photo! We’ve got a Sonic figure which appears to have some kind of electronic component. But look at the size of that thing, I assume it’s going to be a talking figure but, look at the size of that speaker, I hope that gets minimised at some point.

Also look at the top left of the photo, another hint that Sonic and Co may drive vehicles in this series. Also this photo does make me want to ponder the question “Why does Sonic’s car need sports tape?”

boomsonicplushAnd finally we have a much larger Sonic plush. I think I like this plush not sure why, Sonic has a huge forehead and his watch looks a bit tacked on, but considering the Boom design, this plush looks really good.

With any luck we’ll see these products come out later this year in both the UK and the US, because I really want the Eggman toy.

For more photos from Toy Fair and to see the images in their full size, check out our gallery.

Source: ToyWiz

P.S. Why does Sonic’s car have sports tape on it? So when he runs down people who complain he has a car, he can bandage them up of course!



SEGA & Tomy Deal Brings Sonic Figures To UK & Europe

Earlier this month TSS exclusively revealed the first scraps of information about Jazwares teaming up with Tomy to release their Sonic figures in the UK. Today TSS has the full details of the deal including the first wave of figures and prices.

The first thing to take note of is that Tomy have agreements with both Jazwares and SEGA to not only release existing Sonic figures but develop their own Sonic based merchandise. The deal comes in two parts; Tomy will have access to “a massive back catalogue of characters and stories from two decades of Sonic games, to create a range of new and innovative Sonic-branded toys and collectibles for fans and collectors, young and old.” from Spring 2011. Secondly,  from February 1st 2010 to December 31st 2010 Tomy will distribute Jazwares’ Sonic figures across the whole of Europe.

In the press release announcing the deals Robert Mann, CEO of Tomy Europe had this to say:

“These are two hugely exciting agreements for Tomy. Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most iconic characters in the history of videogaming and has brand recognition reaching far beyond. Sonic players have been fanatical about collectibles and merchandise, and today’s generation are no exception. We’re looking forward to working with both Jazwares and SEGA to bring some really innovative and exciting products to market.”

While the business news is exciting Tomy have also released details about the first wave of Jazwares figures to look out for and their recommended retail price.

  • 6” Super Posers, highly detailed posable action figures with over 25 points of articulation (£9.99 RRP)
  • 7” Soft Figures, plush characters, ready to go wherever your adventure takes you (£6.99 RRP)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Comic Book Pack, a collector’s edition 200th issue comic book featuring Sonic and rival Knuckles, complete with two exclusive 3¾” posable action figures (£16.99 RRP).

This only appears to be the start, so for once Sonic fans in Europe have a reason to be excited when new Sonic figures are revealed. Now if only we knew more about the ASR figures…

Should any of you more eagle eyed readers spot these figures in the wild why not drop us a line at and tell us about it?

Jazwares Sonic Figures Coming To The UK “Very Soon”

It’s been a depressing fact of life for UK Sonic fans when it comes to Jazwares range of fantastic figures. Being ‘exclusive’ to Toys R Us stores but so far only in the US has made them very difficult and costly to get hold of. All of that is about to change. Following the announcement of the new ASR figures TSS got in touch with Jazwares to ask if their favourite blue hedgehog and friends would be available to purchase in the UK anytime soon. Jazwares replied and its good news, figures will be heading here “very soon.”

Jazwares has teamed up with Tomy who will be distributing the line of figures and it’s expected like in the US the range will be available to purchase from Toys R Us stores. Further e-mails have been sent to try and ascertain more details such as exactly which figures to look out for and when but until we get the answers this is all we know.

Obviously TSS will be sure to keep you updated on this developing story.

Ebay Watch: Rare Tomy Sonic Char-G


News is slow at the moment, so it’s time for another edition of Ebay Watch. Back in the early 90’s toy developers Tomy released alot of Sonic merchandise to fill the young fans playtime when away from the awesome Sonic video game titles. One piece of merchandise Tomy released was a Sonic edition of it’s then popular Char-G remote control cars.

What was so special about these were that they could be recharged in about 45 seconds from the remote handset and when driving them around you could make them spin, flash the headlights and do wheelie stunts. Doesn’t sound like much now but these were pretty cool back in the day and having a Sonic one made you even cooler.

If you’d like one of these very rare pieces of merchandise you can bid for it on eBay here.



Also on eBay –

Someone is amusingly enough selling an almost empty Sonic Rush box, I say almost empty due to the fact there is no game card and just a manual inside. Even more amusing, one person so far has actually bidded on this. Some crazy people out there on eBay. You can check this out here.