Capcom Announces Sonic the Hedgehog Collaboration for Monster Hunter Rise

The Sonic 30th Anniversary collaborations just won’t stop! During today’s Tokyo Game Show broadcast, Capcom announced that it will be partnering with SEGA to develop some special content for its beast-slaying game Monster Hunter Rise.

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Metal Sonic/Eggman Spotted in Team Sonic Racing

Over in Birmingham, the annual EGX Expo is currently underway giving UK fans the chance to try out Team Sonic Racing for the first time. Well our very own writer Dave was there and during his time on the Planet Wisp course spotted a Metal Sonic billboard on the side of the track while playing the game! Continue reading Metal Sonic/Eggman Spotted in Team Sonic Racing

Amazing Sonic Merchandise Up For Grabs at Tokyo Game Show

If you’re heading to Japan this year for Tokyo Game Show, then you’ll be happy to know that SEGA has prepared a metric tonne of incredible merchandise for you to buy on the show floor. Not only will there be interesting new Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces-themed items on sale, but a number of fresh items in a brand new ‘With Sonic’ range. Continue reading Amazing Sonic Merchandise Up For Grabs at Tokyo Game Show

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice and SEGA 3D Archives 3: Final Stage Will Both Be at Tokyo Game Show 2016

This year’s Tokyo Game Show kicks off on September 15th, and with it will come plenty of big reveals from some of the industry’s biggest developers and publishing giants, as well as over 200,000 people expected to be on the show floor to try out upcoming titles.

SEGA will be attending the event with livestreams going on throughout the show, showing off the likes of Yakuza 6, Persona 5, and the new Puyo Puyo Chronicle among other wares. The latest SEGA 3D Classics compilation title from M2, SEGA 3D Fukkoku Archives 3: Final Stage, and Sanzaru Games’ Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice will also be present, complete with new gameplay footage and a live stage event featuring special guests like M2 President Naoki Horii and Sonic series director Takashi Iizuka respectively.

Check out SEGA’s complete TGS 2016 schedule below!

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Sonic Lost World TGS Trailer Includes Amy, New Cutscenes


A brand new TGS 2013 trailer for Sonic Lost World has been released on the game’s Japanese website, and it features a whole cavalcade of new things to see. There’s what appears to be a gorgeous CG intro scene of Sonic and Tails chasing something in the Tornado on their way to Lost Hex, as well as our first (brief!) glimpse of Amy in an in-game cutscene. We also see interactions between the Deadly Six, and Eggman preparing to fire some sort of gun. For people hoping for a deeper and slightly darker story compared to Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations… it looks like you may be in luck!

There’s also plenty of new gameplay footage to see too, including a good look at all of the levels revealed so far – especially recently-revealed ones like Tropical Coast – and a more detailed demonstration of how the Wisps will work in both the Wii U and 3DS versions, showing how the GamePad in particular will bring new ways to control Sonic’s alien-powered abilities.

The Japanese site for Sonic Lost World also includes a few new pieces of art, included below. Thanks to SSMB member Woun for finding all of these new goodies!

With so much new stuff to see, that means there’s lots to discuss! Let us know what you think of the TGS trailer in the comments!

SEGA Performs Sonic 4, Free Riders & Colours Music at TGS



SEGA Japan held a musical performance for Sonic fans at the Tokyo Game Show, including music from SEGA’s three upcoming Sonic titles, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, Sonic Free Riders and Sonic Colours. Among the performers is fan favourite Jun Senoue, who plays some of his tracks from Sonic 4, aswell as joining a band for performances of Sonic Free Riders theme music, Sonic Colours’ ‘Reach for the Stars’ and an all new song for the game too. You’ll also see plenty of new gameplay footage of Sonic 4’s new build, with Sonic’s new running animation and his faster time of achieving ‘blurry feet’. Also on show is new CGI cutscene footage from Sonic Colours.


Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the find, heads-up and YouTube conversions!

Gamespot Interviews Morimoto-San On Sonic Free Riders


Gamespot has posted up an interview they held at the Tokyo Game Show with Sonic Free Riders Producer, Kenjiro Morimoto. Gamespot’s Laura Parker kicks things off by asking “What is it about the Sonic Riders series that lends itself to Kinect?” Morimoto-San explains that they felt the running in a traditional Sonic game would be too difficult to make user friendly and that the hoverboard riding gameplay style was a better fit for Kinect. Morimoto-San then speaks about the level-up system, another staple for the series, where you can upgrade your Extreme Gear’s abilities in a race by collect a certain amount of rings. Finally, Morimoto-San says you will be able to customize your Extreme Gear with parts that will give you various abilities to use on the track.

Source: Gamespot

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads-up and YouTube conversion.

Sonic Colours TGS Commercial


SEGA Japan has been playing a new commercial for Sonic Colours at the Tokyo Game Show and in it we get to see our first very brief snippet of what is believed to be footage of the Starlight Carnival stage. We also get to see the Pink Wisps’ Spike Power in action in the Planet Wisp stage. Check it out and post your thoughts in the comments section. Oh, and *ahem* LAAAZEERRRR!!!

Thanks to Dabnikz at the SSMB for the video.

SEGA Reveals Sonic Free Riders TGS Trailer


SEGA has revealed a few new trailers via their Tokyo Game Show USTREAM account, where they will be streaming events at their booth live. The trailers are for Korohyo, Shining Hearts and Sonic Free Riders. The Sonic Free Riders trailer gives us our first footage of Rocky Ridge and a previously unseen shortcut or two in Dolphin Resort. Also shown is the co-op element that the games product page has listed since the games announcement. In this mode it appears that you can hold hands with another player and pull off some joint tricks on jumps, but unfortunately that’s all that is shown in regards to co-op for now. We also get to hear some new music for the game, which is just as catchy as we’ve come to expect from the Sonic Riders series.

What do you think of the trailer? Speak out in the comments.

Thanks to Doctor Eggman at the SSMB for the heads-up and to Woun at the SSMB for uploading the trailer to YouTube.

SEGA Reveals Tokyo Game Show Line-up

SEGA has revealed their line-up of games that they will be bringing to this years Tokyo Game Show, which will be open between September 16th and 17th for press and September 18th and 19th to the public. Sonic fans will be pleased to know that both Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours will be at SEGA’s booth, but Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and Sonic Free Riders won’t be making appearances.

The full list of games and formats are as follows:

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity
Black Panther Yakuza New Chapter
Shining Hearts
K-On After School Live

Sonic Colours

Sonic Colours

Xbox 360:
Virtual-On Force 360

SEGA’s Tokyo Game Show Official Site

Thanks to Michael Myers at the SSMB for the heads-up!

Sonic Team “Could Do A Game Like Mega Man 9”

Be still my beating heart! Be still dammit! Kotaku went to the Tokyo Game Show recently and spoke to Akinori Nishiyama from Sonic Team. Asked if any of the classic games could be remade in HD – or if in fact, a new 2D Sonic title could be done on XBLA or PSN, the Sonic Unleashed producer said this;

There’s always the possibility. Whether it would be viable remains to be seen, but having a new game – or even a remake of the GBA games, which we now can’t use [thanks to the DSi] – would certainly be possible… One of our ideas has been that on older consoles, you may have had only 16 colours. One thing we could do is make a game like Mega Man 9; do a new Sonic, but in an old style.

Looks like someone’s been keeping an eye on TSS lately. One thing we would have to note though – a stipulation if you will – would be that such a project would really have to take on board all the classic mechanics of the Mega Drive originals (level design, physics based stages, epic-but-not-lame storylines, Sonic-Tails-Knuckles, Robotnik) to truly be something worth getting excited over. I mean, there was no point doing Mega Man 9 if it was just going to be Battle Network in NES graphics. If Sonic Team want to be serious about this, shit has to be taken back to the drawing board. Specifically, 1990’s drawing board.

On The Possibility Of 2D, HD, XBLA & PSN Sonic Games – Kotaku

Crush 40 Rock Tokyo Game Show

Junny Baby!

This has been coming for a long, long time.

Finally! the mighty guitar skills of the legendary Jun Senoue, and the vocal tenacity of Axel Rudi Pell lead singer Johnny Gioeli have reunited to perform what can only be described as an electrifying medley of classic Crush 40 tracks at the Tokyo Game Show on the 12th of October. I had been talking to Jun about a month ago, and although he told me to keep it all very hush hush, he said there would be a little surprise for those in attendance; that being a live performance of the new title track for the upcoming Wii title Sonic and the Black Knight, “Knight of the Wind”.

Johnny and Jun crash onto stage with an extra long opening version of “I am…All of Me”, before burning rubber into their version of “His World” (which we all know rocks the hardest, sorry Zebrahead). Other performed tracks include the “Sonic Heroes Theme”, “What I’m Made of” and of course, the obligatory “Live and Learn” theme from SA2. Continue reading Crush 40 Rock Tokyo Game Show

Sonic Unleashed TGS Footage, Positive Impressions

Like many on The Sonic Stadium, I have been fairly pessimistic regarding Sonic Unleashed. With severe frame rate problems being reported from several sources, as well as “boring looking” Werehog levels, it seemed like Unleashed may be more of the same. What’s more, due to bad magazine scans, the Wii version appeared to be a shoddy port.

The more I see of the game, however, the more it begins to win me over. Are the first, incredible looking videos from the Wii version enough to win you over? Is the latest preview good enough to get your hopes up? Decide for yourself. Here’s the first video. Two more videos and a preview after the break:

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TGS: Sonic and the Black Knight Trailer

Sega decided to show a trailer of Sonic and the Black Knight at the Tokyo Game Show this year, which is quite an unprecedented move given that we still have no firm release date for the next Wii adventure. It expands a little bit on the three-second teaser that was contained in the Wii showcase we posted a few days ago, and much like Secret Rings, involves Sonic going into storyland to beat an evil force. It’s his destiny, apparently. It still looks like Sonic-on-rails to me, so the jury’s still out here.

Jun Senoue, Johnny Gioeli to appear at Tokyo Game Show

Who’s looking forward to the Tokyo Game Show this year? We certainly are now, because it looks like Johnny Giolei & Jun Senoue will be making live appearances at Sega’s booth for TGS. There are rumours of a possible performance due to the fact that both men are involved in the band Crush 40. For those who don’t know, Crush 40 have performed many different theme songs to Sonic the Hedgehog games since Sonic Adventure, but has recently been on hiatus while Jun and Johnny pursue other interests. Seeing them together again would be pretty awesome for fans of Open Your Heart and Live & Learn.

Apparently, the best of British will be present at the Tokyo Game Show too, as Sonic plushies from our British Isles are also said to be appearing. Here’s a translation from one of todays updates over at official Japanese Sonic site Sonic Channel:

<物販booth> COSPA: “The reversible T-shirt, Sonic Adventure World”, “Sonic” Goodies, TGS announced in advance! Three British trade: “Sonic stuffed toys” selling all five points!

Quite. I hope they give us some of those reversible t-shirts in exchange for our exclusive stuffed toys. Greedy buggers.


Yuji Naka’s Prope Studio posts a teaser on it’s website.

I am sure lots of you are wondering what Yuji Naka has been working on these days. Ever since Yuji Naka left his position at SEGA to form the SEGA funded Prope Studio, we’ve been given very little in the way of details in regards to what he is doing. All that has been revealed so far is that his team is developing some sort of Wii games. Now, finally, it appears Prope is about ready to shed some light on it’s new project. They have updated their website with a teaser image, which you can view here.

The teaser appears to have a countdown. Originally, it appeared to be counting down to the first day of TGS, but it has since been pushed back a week. Whatever this project is, we should be finding out in about 16 days. Heres hoping that the fact that this will be the first game penguins can play is a good thing for the project.

BlueTube: Sonic Rocks Tokyo Game Show 2007

Last year, The Sonic Stadium attended the Tokyo Game Show in Japan. We reported on all sorts of lovely junk for various video game outlets, not least Nintendo Official Magazine with a preview of No More Heroes. Amidst the madness was SEGA’s booth, which had a healthy dose of Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan!, Valkyria Chronicles and NiGHTS Journey of Dreams. Of course, to help sell the company’s latest wares was none other than Sonic the Hedgehog himself.

Now you can watch as he entertains us with his strong man poses, cute nose-rubbing and photo-taking. We especially like the SEGA rep taking him away shortly after chasing a photo-buddy for not shaking his hand. Genius.


Gaming website IGN recently had an interview with Takao Miyoshi of SONICTEAM to talk about the next generation of Phantasy Star games, ahead of the Tokyo Games Show event taking place in Japan.

The interview discusses many new aspects of the game in depth, including the choice of why Phantasy Star Universe was chosen for a PlayStation 2 release rather than XBOX or Gamecube: “We felt that we could reach a wider audience by moving over to the PS2 and the PC… It might be okay to launch PSU on Xbox for the US market, but not for the Japanese market. Knowing what Final Fantasy XI has done in Japan with Online gameplay, I feel that the user base is there, so I feel strongly that PSU will appeal to the PS2 audience.Continue reading SONICTEAM Talk PSU

SEGA’s Tokyo Game Show 2002 Lineup Revealed – Sonic Advance 2 and Mega Collection Make Appearance

SEGA has officially announced its lineup of games to show off at the Tokyo Game Show taking place next week. And boy, it’s a lot of games. On the Sonic front, GBA sequel Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Mega Collection will be on display, while there is the suggestion of a few new game announcements from Sonic Team.

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Sonic Team is Developing a New Game for Sony’s PlayStation 2

It begins. After a spell of developing games exclusively for Nintendo’s Gamecube, Yuji Naka has reportedly confirmed that Sonic Team is working on a new project for rival Sony console, the PlayStation 2. What could it be?

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‘Sonic Adventure 3’ Listed For Reveal at Tokyo Game Show, For ‘Multiple Platforms’

Here we go again – another rumour about Sonic Adventure 3. We’ve had a couple of these now, but this time we’ve caught wind of a listing for the game at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2002. Interestingly, the game is listed for ‘multiple platforms’ as well. So not Gamecube exclusive, if this rumour is to be believed…

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Tokyo Game Show: See How Sonic Advance and SA2 Battle Connect in This New Video

Fresh from the Tokyo Game Show, SEGA has released a promotional video showcasing how Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on Gamecube and Sonic Advance on Game Boy Advance connect with one another. It’s all for the greater good of the Chao! Watch the video after the jump. As soon as any new media comes out of TGS, we’ll report it right here. Continue reading Tokyo Game Show: See How Sonic Advance and SA2 Battle Connect in This New Video

PSO Getting ASCII Controller, Xbox Broadband Support

Sonic Team head Yuji Naka revealed at SEGA’s Consumer Conference that the Gamecube release of Phantasy Star Online will be accompanied by a third-party controller by ASCII that features a small keyboard. On the Xbox, PSO will be unique in that it will support the broadband features of Microsoft’s console, as opposed to Dreamcast and Gamecube’s modem connectivity.

Read more on these, as well as the news coming from other SEGA developers and executives from the Consumer Conference, in Gamespot’s report.

Yuji Naka: Sonic Titles to Appeal to Younger Audience

SEGA recently held a Consumer Conference in Japan, which featured a number of high-level developers and executives speaking about the future of the publisher’s franchises. Yuji Naka was among the speakers, and presented an overview of the upcoming Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Advance, concluding that future titles will look to appeal to younger audiences. Continue reading Yuji Naka: Sonic Titles to Appeal to Younger Audience

NiGHTS Gamecube Teased as SEGA Announces New Global Content Strategy

In a keynote address at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, newly-third-partied SEGA unveiled its new global strategy that it says will make the company the #1 independent game publisher in the world. And if its slides are anything to go by, Sonic Team classic NiGHTS into Dreams could be a part of that strategy. Continue reading NiGHTS Gamecube Teased as SEGA Announces New Global Content Strategy

Tokyo Game Show: PSO Version 2 Coming to Xbox

Good news for potential Xbox owners – Sonic Team has revealed at this year’s Tokyo Game Show that a version of Phantasy Star Online version 2 will be coming to Microsoft’s big black box. As Microsoft is intending to move into the online gaming space, it makes sense for SEGA to think about the Xbox as a viable platform for PSO. No more details were revealed, so we’ll have to wait and see what form it takes.

Sega Officially Confirms Microsoft Xbox Release Slate

Looks like the rumours were true – SEGA has formally announced this week that they will be bringing eleven titles to Microsoft’s Xbox. They revealed four such titles during this announcement, which involve sequels to some classic SEGA properties. Looks like anyone who’s after a new Jet Set Radio might have to look at getting a new console! Continue reading Sega Officially Confirms Microsoft Xbox Release Slate

Rumour: Sega to Announce Xbox Partnership at Tokyo Game Show 2001

The upcoming Spring 2001 Tokyo Game Show event will be the venue for a big SEGA announcement that will see a list of games planned for Microsoft’s Xbox, according to IGN. The site says that it expects the publisher to outline specific titles alongside Microsoft when it introduces the Xbox console to the Japanese market. Continue reading Rumour: Sega to Announce Xbox Partnership at Tokyo Game Show 2001