New/Old Sonic Generations Screenshots, Including Emerald Coast

We’ve got a collection of screenshots from both console and handheld versions of Sonic Generations for you today, including some you may or may not have seen from Tokyo Game Show 2011 that slipped our notice and some more recently released Emerald Coast screenshots, which show the stage’s whale is just as passionate about attacking Sonic as it ever was.

You can check out all of the screenshots below.

3DS: Emerald Coast

3DS: Various stage screens from Tokyo Game Show 2011

PS3/Xbox 360: Various stage screens from Tokyo Game Show 2011

Sources: Sonic Scene, GameSpot [ PS3/Xbox 360, 3DS]

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Jun Senoue Confirms Tokyo Game Show 2011 Performance

Jun Senoue has today officially confirmed via the Crush 40 Twitter feed that he will be performing on SEGA’s stage at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. SEGA’s TGS website says the performance kicks off at 16:20 and ends 30 minutes later at 16:50 Japan Standard Time (08:20 GMT/03:20 EDT) on September 18th and will be broadcast via Ustream. Johnny Gioeli will not be there due to a busy schedule. Instead, Cash Cash’s Alex Makhlouf will perform alongside Senoue-san.

Sources: Sonic Paradise and Crush 40 Twitter

[EDIT: Unfortunately Alex is unable to attend, and instead JP from Cash Cash will be filling in the role! = T]

Online Multiplayer Confirmed For Sonic Generations 3DS

We’ve known for a long time that the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations will feature a multiplayer mode for 2 players, but SEGA has never gone into any detail about it. Now, thanks to information on SEGA’s new Tokyo Game Show 2011 website, we know that the mode will also have online functionality for 2 players.

Other than that little nugget, there are no other new details. SEGA will be taking the 3DS and PS3 versions of Sonic Generations to the Tokyo Game Show in a couple of weeks time, so hopefully more details and media will be revealed then.

Source: SEGA’s TGS 2011 Website (Google Translate)

SEGA’s TGS 2011 Website Open, Software Lineup Revealed


SEGA has opened their Tokyo Game Show 2011 website and revealed their software lineup for the event, which starts September 15th and ends on the 18th. The PS3 and Nintendo 3DS versions of Sonic Generations will be at SEGA’s booth, as well as a variety of other titles from the publisher listed below. A Sonic Generations trailer combining the old Green Hill Zone and City Escape trailers and the game’s two packshots without the logos have also been released.

Binary Domain (PS3/360)
Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure (3DS)
Hatsune Miku Project Diva Extend (PSP)
Virtua Tennis 4 (PSV)
7th Dragon 2020 (PSP)
Anarchy Reigns (PS3/360)
Sonic Generations (PS3/3DS)
Phantasy Star Online 2 (PC)
Yakuza: Black Panther 2 (PSP)

Sources: SEGA TGS 2011 Website, Sonic Scene and SEGA Driven

Thanks to Woun for the heads up on the SEGA TGS website and YouTube conversion of the trailer!