Sonic Mania Achievement / Trophy Guide

So Sonic Mania is out and available to download on home consoles. On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there are a range of Achievements and Trophies to collect and challenge yourself with. If you’re having trouble getting some of them, why not look through our Game Guide for some pointers?

NB: Spoilers inside, obviously. Continue reading Sonic Mania Achievement / Trophy Guide

Sonic Runners Tips & Secrets


Sonic Runners has been out for a few weeks now, despite the popularity of the game, there are still a bunch of hidden tips and secrets which not many people know about. Some of which have big positive effects on the player. So this update is a list of some of the biggest and best tips that we’ve found as well as some that not many people are aware of, none of these involve modifying save files or any other file edits, they’re in-game features people don’t know exist or are ignoring.

So lets start with one of the biggest ones shall we.

Stop the Premium Wheel on Whatever Space You Want!

runners premium wheel1

Confession time, I have not yet got this to work myself, but after some practice I am getting better at it, some people have claimed they have gotten all the Chaotix this way and from my own testing I believe after practice you can nail the timing.

You know that premium wheel, the one which you have to use eggs or red rings to use?

Well there is a way to stop it on whatever spot you want.

When you start the wheel let it do one or two full rotations, if you then tap the spin button again, the wheel will abruptly stop. However, it doesn’t stop right away, it enters the slowdown animation and if you time it right; it’s possible to trigger the animation so the dial will stop in the exact spot you want it.

For the Chaotix, if you imagine the wheel as a clock, it’s best to tap it just as the dial enters the area of 6-9 O’clock. What should happen is that the dial will stop spinning, at around 10-11 O’clock, it will then enter the slowdown animation and creep over into the next space, which is the Chaotix Egg/top prize.

As far as I can tell, you can also do this with the golden eggs too.

I strongly recommend you practice this using the desktop version of the game, you can lose all your red rings VERY quickly attempting this. If you want to practice, download ‘Andy‘ and the APK file for the game and practice with new accounts. It’ll take around 10 min to get your first free spin of the wheel. When you get the timing down, try it on your main account.

Get Bonus Rings For Clicking a Name

runners rewards

There are one or two things you need to do before doing this.

1: You need to Link your account to your Facebook profile. (check the options menu if you didn’t do it in the tutorial).

2: You need to have friends on your Facebook who are playing Sonic Runners.

If you have that, then you can do this next trick.

On the main menu, go to the leader boards, then select ‘friends,’ now select your friend and their player card pops up. At the bottom is the ability to ‘send them a challenge’ do it.

Wait one hour/shut down, then restart the game.

You are now given 2,500 rings for every challenge you sent. Regardless as to if that friend logged in and played the game. So long as you sent a challenge, you get free rings. It’s that simple. The cost to you? Nothing, just a few taps on the leader board screen.

Get/Give your friends extra lives for free!

This is an amazing side effect of the above trick. You might be thinking ‘I don’t want to spam my friends with challenges.’

Well, you’re not.

Your friend doesn’t get a challenge, what they do get however is a free extra life! For whatever reason, the game doesn’t send a challenge, it does however send a free extra life/try, and yes, they stack!

The moment you send a challenge, your friend will get the reward. There is however a cool down period as to when you can do this again, but this is a great way to get tons of attempts at later levels.

Get a 300-500 Combo Bonus

So you might have already seen this, but here is how it works. The more things you collect in runners, the higher your combo bonus goes, in normal play, it caps out at around 30-50 (depends on a few things). However, it’s possible to extend this to 300-500 (depends on how many gems/rings/animals you’ve captured so far without being hit).

First thing you need to do, find the power up which extends your combo period (you’ll be covered in stars). Then, a drill wisp (any wisp works, but drill is best). The combo will now rocket up to 300 or 500 depending on your chain.

On top of that, the drill wisp will also add an additional score multiplier to that which can give you some insane scores.

Don’t Want to Fight Eggman?

You get to the end of a stage, the boss appears… but you don’t want to fight him yet, maybe you’re doing a daily challenge? Maybe you want to farm rings? Maybe you just don’t have time to see if there are red rings in the next area?

Then don’t fight Eggman. You can avoid a battle with the boss if you select ‘play’ instead of showdown, you can do this as long as you like.

How to Perform Mid Air Tricks

So those red springs, finally managed to figure out the timing on those? Well did you know you can perform mid air tricks for even more points?

When you approach a red spring, tap the screen to be catapulted up. The moment this happens, rapidly tap the screen to make your character perform ticks, the higher your combo, the more points you get.

That’s all the tips and secrets for now, but if anything else is discovered we’ll do an update.

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