Freak Out Friday: Time Eater Adventure

This may be possibly the most late Freak Out Friday yet, but that doesn’t change the nature of this video.


We all know… it?… as the lamest final boss in a long time. Mefiresu on YouTube didn’t see that, however – instead, he saw Sonic Adventure’s new hero…

New Sonic Generations Screenshots & Artwork

UPDATE: We also have the above piece of new artwork from CBBC Newsround. (Thanks to SSMB member Neon for the heads up!)

Original story:
As well as story intro spoilers for Sonic Generations, SEGA Japan has today also released some other new assets, including new artwork for Rival character Silver the Hedgehog and new enemy Time Eater, new Xbox 360/PS3 & PC screenshots for Sky Sanctuary Zone and new 3DS screenshots for Emerald Coast.

You can view them all in our gallery.

Source: SEGA Japan’s Sonic Generations website

Thanks to SSMB members The Dead Skin and Torcano Sanctuary for the heads up!