Fan Spotlight: Robotnik’s Revenge

Welcome to the Fan Spotlight, a segment that shines on creative works in the Sonic community that you should check out.

Over at Sonic Retro, member ColinC10 has made a brand new ROM hack that tests not only your time attacking skills, but your boss killing skills as well.  “Robotnik’s Revenge” is a Genesis ROM hack that pits you against every single boss from both Sonic 1 & 2.  Back to back, you are presented with these familiar challenges inside the Death Egg, a design reminiscent of the version of the Death Egg found in the “Sonic 2 Long Version” hack.  The hack is incredibly addicting, as your previous experience with these bosses leaves you coming back for more if just so happen to die.  I died a few times near the end and kept telling myself, “I know that I can beat this game!  I’ve done it a thousand times!”  Then, I kept playing.

The hack offers a time attack mode (unlimited lives) and a survival mode (with lives).  You can play with Sonic or Tails in both modes.  Please, give it a play, because it is really cool to see the Sonic 1 bosses implemented into the Sonic 2 engine.


Comments enabled on Nexus site, time attacking continues

I want you to play my Sonic game.  I want you to read the articles on the site.  I want to make sure that you are actually reading the site by commenting on the posts.  So, that is what we have done over at the Sonic Nexus Development Blog. You can freely comment on anything you want over there, so when an article peaks your interest and a question arises, you can now ask it and promptly get an answer.  We will be more than happy to answer it.

Cheating. This guy did it.

Secondly, we are eleven days into the Time Attack Challenge and we currently have 13 entries.  That number is pretty damn good.  So, hey, let’s keep it up!  Record yourself playing the latest demo and upload it to YouTube as a video response to the “hub video” and you could win a $15 gift card.  No joke here, folks.  Spread the word!