Sonic Talk Podcast: Sonic 2 Movie Spoilercast Special

Everyone on Sonic Talk has finally seen Sonic 2, and we’ve brought our thoughts to the podcast alongside our guest and boss Dreadknux!

With five different views, good discussion is guaranteed! But of course, with loads of people comes a lengthy discussion, as we dissect and debate the entirety of the movie and its characters in depth. So be sure to grab a snack and drink before hand, or save us for when you’ve got some chores or work to do! Either way, check us out below:

New Cineworld Poster Includes Sumpter and O’Shaughnessey’s Names

Yet another Paramount Sonic controversy has found a positive ending, as a new version of last week’s Sonic 2 movie poster has been found on the website for UK cinema chain Cineworld, featuring the names of both Tika Sumpter and Coleen O’Shaughnessey.

The original version of the poster was revealed during an IGN online event, and only highlights Marsden, Schwartz, Elba, and Carrey, despite Sumpter and O’Shaughnessey’s characters prominently appearing in the art. While cast names on posters is often decided through the actors’ contracts and negotiations, this exclusion drew the ire of Sonic fans, those supporting O’Shaughnessey, and others supporting the broader treatment of voice actors in TV and film.

It’s unclear to what extent Paramount intends to propagate this version of the poster. At time of writing, the old version still appears on both Fandango and Regal Cinemas (an American subsidiary of Cineworld).

Thanks to Josiahblaze for the news tip!

Sonic 2 Movie to Film in Vancouver and Hawaii

Actress Tika Sumpter, has confirmed two filming locations for the next Sonic movie: Vancouver and Hawaii. She revealed this during an interview on the talk show “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” During the interview, she talked about how her daughter adored Sonic and wanted to “meet him.” She also confirmed that filming for her will start in March.

It should be noted that principal photography for the first movie was in Vancouver, despite the story largely taking place in Montana and San Francisco, so these shooting locations don’t actually tell us much about the plot beyond the kinds of environments they may need for the movie.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is scheduled for release on April 8, 2022.

Source: Live with Kelly & Ryan via Twitter

TSS Review: Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

The Sonic Stadium sped its way down to the premiere fan screening of Sonic the Hedgehog Movie in London late last month, for a chance to catch the film in its entirety before general release on Friday, 14th of February 2020!

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