Sonic Movie Tickets Now on Sale, First US Showings on February 13

Tickets to Paramount’s Sonic movie have been officially made available for pre-order today, at least in the US and UK. The US tickets can be purchased through various ticket vendors, including Fandango and the movie’s official website. Those in the UK can purchase their tickets at various cinema websites including Odeon, Vue and Cineworld.

The first US showings will be on February 13 at 5PM. Although the movie’s premiere date has long been listed for February 14, it’s common for movies to debut in theaters the night before in the United States.

Summer of Sonic 2013 Ticket Details


In 2008, when SOS was held in a place called ‘The Dragon Hall’ it was situated directly opposite a pub. A lot of the staff and many of the guests at the time joked that ‘nobody but the drunks over the road would turn up!’ It seems amazing to think that with more than 3 times the capacity of the Dragon Hall, last year, it took less than 3 minutes for all the tickets to be sold out.

With that in mind, this is probably one of the most important announcements if you want to attend this years event. The Summer of Sonic website has published the details of how tickets will be distributed this year. Here is what you need to know.

There will be two waves of tickets.

The first wave will be on Friday 5th July  at 7:00PM (BST)

The second wave will be on Sunday 7th July at 6:00PM (BST)

There will be 450 tickets in both waves.

Furthermore, the ticketing system this year has altered too, you now get to select how many tickets you want, (maximum of 4). Before you fill out your details. So you won’t have to race to fill out a form and then click submit and be disapointed if all the tickets for that wave have gone.

Booking tickets is done via the SOS website, at this specific link.

Authors Note: I shall update this with more specific details as and when I get them.

If it’s anything like last year, tickets are expected to sell out very quickly. Please be online and ready before they go live in order to avoid disapointment.

Oh and, if you were wondering how much it will cost you to get a ticket for this years event…

Tickets are Free!

See the SOS website for more details.

Ticket booking page.

SOS 2013 is held on August 3rd at the  in London.

Summer of Sonic Tickets Totally Sold Out!

Talk about speedruns! The third and final wave of Summer of Sonic tickets were released at 6pm BST this evening and were completely sold out in a staggering 43 seconds!

The total combined time to sell out all three ticket batches, which saw 755 tickets go to fans from all around the globe, came to just over four minutes.

If you were not lucky enough to snag a ticket in time, don’t worry too much as the event will be broadcast online via a video live stream, so you won’t miss any of the stage events!

A full schedule of the events happening throughout the day will shortly be displayed on the Summer of Sonic website, so those visiting the event and watching online can plan their day accordingly.

Keep your eyes on the site for many other updates and announcements over the course of the next few days.

Release Date of Wave 2 Summer of Sonic Tickets Announced

Due to the incredible demand for Summer of Sonic tickets this year, the entirity of wave 1 tickets (that’s 400 tickets!) sold out in less than three minutes. If you didn’t manage to grab a ticket the first time around, then here’s your next chance!

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Summer of Sonic Tickets Gone in Under Three Minutes!


One word alone is enough to summarize anyone’s reaction toward this, as Wave 1 of Summer of Sonic 2012 tickets went and gone by in under three minutes; the 400 free tickets being distributed have been sold out only mere moments after the wave went up, lasting from 12:30 to 12:33 BST.

To those who haven’t managed to get their tickets, you’re too slow! a second wave will be announced this weekend with all needed details including the distribution date, so brace yourselves: like the first wave, it’s on a “first come, first serve” basis!

In comparison, last year’s convention, which brought special guests such as Yuji Naka and Takashi Iizuka to celebrate Sonic’s 20th anniversary, took almost ten hours to give out 700 tickets! This, in conjunction with the surprisingly brief giveaway and the recent announcement of Crush 40 attending this year’s convention, is a sure sign of exponentially rising demand and anticipation for SOS 2012!

For inquiries concerning ticket reservations and other issues, you may direct yourselves to the full report on the Summer of Sonic webpage.

Sonic Boom ’12 Tickets On Sale Today

Tickets for the live US Sonic event Sonic Boom 2012 went on sale today via the venue’s ticketer Ticketmaster.

This year’s event, being held at the House of Blues in San Diego on July 13, has already confirmed the presence of rockers Crush 40 and Jean Paul/Alex Makhlouf from Cash Cash. As is Sega’s way, more guest and event announcements will be coming through a sieve in the coming months.

Though Sega have yet to announce today’s opening, they did announce the date and time last week. Tickets this year are priced at a total of $20 per head, which includes food and a drink during the evening.

The switch to paid ticketing came about due to Sega of America’s experience with the inaugral Sonic Boom in 2011, where there was a great deal of confusion over how many ticketholders and non-ticketholders would actually arrive at the Los Angeles venue. It remains to be seen whether the UK’s Summer of Sonic convention – where similar confusion over numbers came to a head last year – will go the same route.

Thanks to Sonic Wrecks for the heads up via Twitter.

SoS 2010 Registration Closing Soon

Announced earlier this evening at the Summer of Sonic website is news that advanced registration tickets for the event are running out fast, Urtheart has the full details below

“To the shock and horror of many we regret to announce that we may soon have to close registration.

In previous years, registration has usually got to a point where we have had to stop it in case we go over the legal limit of how many people we are allowed in the place we hold our events (health and safety and all that, any comments about us being PC will be met with a shotgun).

Despite us being able to hold double the amount of people in this venue, we are sadly reaching that limit again of how many people we can hold. If you are still on the fence about coming to Summer of Sonic, register anyway.  This way, you get a ticket in case you do want to come. We will still try to get in all those who want to come and have not registered, but please be aware that ticket holders will get priority.

We are sorry that we have had to warn you of this before a week of registration has come, but demand for Summer of Sonic has once again been far greater than we anticipated with people all over the world trying to get to the event.

We will inform you if anything on this changes.
Joshua Urtheart Cartlidge

Source: Summer of Sonic website