Chris Senn Creates Tiara Boobowski’s ‘My Space’

Chris Senn has revealed yet even more information on Tiara Boobowski, the conceptual character of Sonic X-treme.

Flexing his creative muscles Senn, the former director of Sonic X-treme, revealed detailed information in the form of a ‘My Space’ log.

Such information included Tiara’s likes and dislike, location, and another conceptual image. Since there’s so much information within the log, ‘Sonic News’ suggest you visit the web page here: Tiara’s ‘My space’.

New Sonic X-treme Information Found

A recent discovery, made by ‘Sonic Cult’ member HXC has revealed some interesting and new ‘Sonic X-treme’ information.

Among the discoveries that were bought to light when HXC contacted the games former director Chris Senn were: conceptual art of Tiara Boobowski (which could be classed as a very elaborate spite, much in the guise of the Sonic sprites from the cut scenes in Sonic Advance 2), a small GIF demo of Tiara in action And finally a 3D rendered demo of the game that was apparently coded on an Amiga 4000 and used to pitch the concept to SEGA’s board of directors, much like the Jade Gully 32X demo would have been. Continue reading New Sonic X-treme Information Found