Ask the Answer Man: A New Sonic Show Series

We have a new member of The Sonic Stadium team.  His name is Answer Man.  Coming straight from his Answer House in Answer Town, he’ll be answering your questions about anything Sonic related.  For real.

We’ve been receiving feedback about what people want to see back on the show and my “Slingerland’s Corner” segment was the one that people wanted to see again.  I don’t know why.  People throw a big fit when I write articles full of truthiness, but I can lay into people in a video and people will like it.  However, I’m a little tied up to respond to your questions, so the Answer Man will be taking over.  He’s a cool dude.  He’ll be keeping my format, but do it more efficiently and with flashy graphics.

For the first episode of “Ask the Answer Man,” we need some questions.  Want to ask the Answer Man something? Then post a question on the link below and it might be answered next week.  Keep your questions brief.  Treat it like Twitter or something.  Answer Man doesn’t want to read your rants.  He’s too busy with his Answer Women.


#61 Red Hedgehog Episode 1: SONICSHOW 5 YEAR RETROSPECT

It was back in 2008, that Evil Doc teamed up with The Sonic Show to create a series of toons for our audience to enjoy. In this one they looked at some of the more odd memories the characters have.
EVILDOC is a collaboration between Roger Van Der Weide and Alexandra D. Fortin and has been active since September 2006. They mainly focus on Videogame parodies (Bowser’s Plan, Doomed Shadow Show) and made a few original series such as The Evildoc Show.

#60 5 YEARS OF SONIC SHOW! Intro Look back

It was back in 2006 that The Sonic Show started, and throughout the next few months we will be looking back at what The Sonic Show has been up to.

To start it off, we take a look back at every intro sequence along the years of the show.

2006 started with a basic sequence edited by myself, to the tune of the Sonic & Knuckles theme.

2007 brought in a revamped version, using the Remix Project version of the tune and art drawn by Unny Gorey.

2008 saw a whole new era with art drawn by Professor J and music composed by Huepow.

2009 Finally brought us up to date with a new sequence animated by the very talented Legend 20x with music originally composed for the show too by Hunter Bridges

#58 Return to Little Planet 2 is finally here!

At long last it is here! The sequel you guys have been waiting for! Return to a human world influenced by the characteristics and adventures of the Sonic world you know and love. I won’t waste your time with words, just watch it and enjoy!
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Some characters you may wish to know:Posted ImageSonic
You should all know who this character is.  He’s still a positive guy who loves the thrill of adventure. Thanks to the time stones from the previous movie, who knows what he gets up to these days.

Posted ImageTailsStill looking after his Tornado, but hasn’t seen Sonic for a long, long time.

Posted Image Amy

She also hasn’t heard from Sonic for a long time. But in this canon, she has reason to be annoyed, as Sonic has a spark for her.

Posted ImageDr. Ivo Robotnik

Dr. Robotnik is recovering from his previous defeat. But this time he has much bigger plans.

#56 Live From SEGA of America

It’s time for another episode of The Sonic Show.  This time around, we hit the road and visit SEGA of America in San Francisco, California for their second annual community event.  We’ll play some PSP, talk to the employees at SOA and drop dimes on Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. Joining me on this trip is none other than America’s favorite doppleganger, Ben Kalough, SEGA of Antarctica’s best PR man.

For the Sonic 4 feedback session, I cut down the 30 minutes into about 10. There are moments where I started to speak and cut the camera, because I didn’t feel like rolling on what I was saying for those initial discussions about physics and level design. I spoke at length and since I gesticulate a lot, it would have been a mess. I wanted to focus on making a good, concise point instead of worrying about filming.  As a substitute, I’ve cut in abridged versions of what I said to Aaron and Ken, set to the Sonic 3invincibility theme.

Note: they wanted feedback and we gave it to them professionally. Anybody who says, “oh my god complaiiiiniiiiing” needs a reality check.  Any comments like this one will be deleted and you will be banned.  I don’t even want to deal with the Sonic Defense Force today (or ever, really).  Sonic 4: Episode 1 has major problems, so we aired them to make Episode 2 better.  Sonic 4Good Edition.

Enjoy the video and for a more detailed report of the event, I wrote one up this past Sunday.  Feel free to ask questions about the event and I will be more than happy to answer them for you.  Thanks again to all of the SOA employees and to all the guests who were featured in the video.  I had an absolute blast this past weekend and I think it shows!

#55 Cream Kills Everybody: A Dramatic Fanfic Reading

Brad Flick: Our running crew at Sonic Retro usually hops on Skype once a day.  It’s pretty ridiculous. A recent tradition at the annual Sonic Amateur Games Expo has been to get together and read incredibly awful fan-fiction (aka most fan-fiction) with Dom of Rare Candy.  Back in 2008, this was the most ridiculous fan-fiction that we had read to date.  It still stands as one of the all-time greats.  Retro member H_Hog recently finished an animation on his DSi, a projecttwo-years in the making, to accompany the audio.

Complete with Dom’s amazing musical talents, his Andross-inducing reverb and H_Hog’s Flipnote Studio animation, Sonic Retro presents… “Cream Kills Everybody: A SonicBlast08 Masterpiece.”  Warning: language and poorly-drawn gore.

Starring the voice talents of: Dom, H_Hog, Kroze, InstantSonic and Katzu Niku.  Stay tuned for more dramatic fan-fic readings.  Trust me, we’ve got plenty.  Yes, I play Rotor in most of them.  He’s so fabulous.

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#54 Sonic Colours Gameplay Trailer!

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Couldn’t make it to this years top event? DON’T WORRY. We have it covered! The Sonic Show is providing you with a live stream again this year! Complete with better audio :P

And for those of you who can’t be here in London, we have some nice little exclusives for you, like the first trailer of Return To Little Planet 2, only available to the folks watching at home!

There will also be a live chat room for you all to speak directly with other viewers and the Disco Ponies :D

#52 A look back at SOS 2008

Image1It was back in 2008 that the Summer of Sonic started and oh my how it’s changed. One thing that hasnt changed is the great spirit from the community as seen in this classic The Sonic Show episode. Enjoy original exclusive Summer of Sonic coverage and footage! Featuring all the concert numbers by Richard Jacques, TJ Davies, and Lee Brotherton, T-Bird’s Quiz Show, and more, Oh yeah and see what was  going on at SoS U.S.A 2008 (lulz)!

Check back next week as we look back at SOS 2009!

#51 Sonic Arena Two: Heated Finale Expansion Trailer

The new Heated Finale expansion has been announced to be released on the 1st of August 2010! Look forward to all new areas, quests and items in a final expansion of Sonic Arena 2!

Mushroom Hill
Explore more of an area you thought you knew, discover new lands, the story behind the Metal Sonics and discover the secret of Mushroom Hill!

Molten Mine
After an earthquake in Mobius a crack appears in a wall, break it open and explore the mine, but how can we smash it? Where will the mine lead? Discover an old enemy in the new molten mine area!

Hope thats enough for ya! This is only a taste of the heated finale expansion and we will announce more and more in the run up to 1st August!

#47 Behind The Scenes of Return To Little Planet II

Created by Kevin Langelier : Direct any praise his way.

Watch the Original:

Behind the scenes look at Return to Little Planet 2 by Jim Sass of Sasso Studios.

Shot on Canon 7D.

In the field shots used stock lens (28-135mm) and Tokina 11-16 f2.8. Interview done using Sigma 30mm f1.4.

Straight out of camera, ungraded except for minor color correction on interview shot.

Music is “The Adventure” by Angels & Airwaves.

#45 So Much More, New Bentley Track!

Bentley’s next EP has been announced! You can head back to the official “So Much More…” website by clicking here. Bentley needs your help to pick the front cover too! Vote now on his official blog. Details of the video competition will be arriving in January where you can win some incredible Sonic, SEGA and Bentley prizes!!

#36 Summer Of Sonic Hour Long Special

You all asked if we were going to do another special like last year. It seems that the answer would be yes! Unlike last year, we didnt really plan to do one. With out focus being on the live broadcast, so we picked up our crappy video camera and attempted to get a few things for you. My camera doesnt deal with crowd noise, but anyone is free to subtitle it for me if they drop me a PM :P .

The Sonic Show and Sonic Showcase Network are very happy to bring you this hour of highlights from the Summer Of Sonic. And amazingly, we have missed out so many things! You just can’t imagine how busy the day was!

Here is a quick guideline of this epic Sonic Show episode:

  • Bentley Jones Greeting
  • Opening titles starring Tails Doll
  • Roareye Black gives a history of SoS
  • Outside the venue.
  • A quick venue look around.
  • Roareye Black welcome and tour around the floor (include AAUK interview)
  • Dreadknux and AAUK event intro highlights.
  • Roareye Black interviews arty people at the Art Corner
  • Wentos arrives
  • Red Hedgehog Summer Of Sonic Special (plus Evil Doc interview)
  • Bentley Jones sings “Into The Night” & “Seven Rings In Hand”
  • Roareye Black interviews a few of the sexy staff including Dreadknux
  • Sonic Paradox Summer Of Sonic Special
  • Bentley Jones sings “Escape From The City”
  • Cosplay Contest (includes interview with winner!)
  • AAUK Event Outro
  • Credits of awesome memories.

Thanks to everyone who took part, I’ve never be so proud and happy to part of such a strong community. :D (I promise next year to do something a bit more professional)


Well this looks interesting doesn’t it…

Oh bugger I cant be arsed to write anything, COPY PASTE TIME!

THIS IS IT FELLOW MOBIANS! Over 10 months of development has yielded the penultimate event involving our favorite speedy blue hedgehog.

So now that the trailer has finally graced the interwebs, it begs the question. Would you like to see this Fan Film become a reality?

The decision rests in your hands Freedom Fighters!

For more info and updates, please visit:

My crew humbly appreciates your on-going support and all we ask in return is to rate, comment, share and subscribe.

Disclaimer: Sonic the Hedgehog is a property of SEGA. All rights reserved. We do not claim ownership of the characters depicted in this video and do not intend on profiting from the finished product. Though many people have registered their interest and support, SEGA does not approve or endorse this film at this time. However, we hope they at least enjoy it =)

side note: Yes, his name is spelled “ADNY” NOT “ANDY.”



Speaking with GameSpot, Sega associate brand manager, Ken Balough confirmed that Project Needle mouse will feature HD graphics. He also said the game’s concept was a response to “old-school Sonic fans” who “have long asked to see Sonic return to a more 2D style of gameplay.”


#33 Sonic Paradox Presents: Knuckles Briefs!

The Sonic Show is PREMIERING Knuckles Briefs? Great… but what on earth is that?!

Knuckles Briefs is a collab created by all of you’re favourite (or more likely, hated) Sonic characters. Knuckles is fed up of the attention brought to Sonic through the acclaimed series, ‘Sonic Shorts’ and has decided to have his own collection of “briefs”.

But seriously, what the hell is it?

Knuckles Briefs is collection of hilarious shorts by the Sonic Paradox team. Sonic Paradox are known for many things in the community, most notable being the Sonic Shorts and Sonic Tribute collections. This flash was created for the Summer Of Sonic event, however unfortunately never made it’s appearence on the day. But fret not as we can finally share it with you here!

Sonic Paradox… sounds familiar.

I should hope so, Sonic  Paradox has been around since 2006, though the first collaboration was the “Tribute Collab 1″ back in 2005. Their forum was created by Lilmario and The Wax created the main site. The first project was started by Sweet_Kat22 from Newgrounds. She, however, has moved on from Sonic Paradox.

When Sweet_Kat22 dropped down from being leader, HyperactiveYouth (known for Sonic: Uncut 1, 2 and 3) stepped in, becoming the 2nd leader in charge of Sonic Tribute Collab 2. However, due to development hell, HyperactiveYouth stepped down as well and their longest in service member, Bit-Master, became the 3rd leader. Due to slow progress, he stepped down from being leader to co-leader with their current leader, The Wax (known for Full Metal Sonic, Sonic Halo, and Sonic: Dark Chaos, and a variety of shorts). The Wax is the creator of the Sonic Short Volumes you all know and love.

#32 Sonic Abridged Episode One!

Hey there everyone, Todd Hakusho here. Yes, I am very aware I haven’t done anything for the show for a while; this fact goes ignored for now (XD lol). In any case, we at the Sonic Show are proud to feature Psyguy’s newest creation; Sonic Abridged(.com) as part of our video vidcast.

Don’t forget to visit and show him your support! A big thanks to Psyguy who let us share his cool new video with you!

SoS 09 Live Streaming

Broadcasting will be live between 11am and 6pm GMT. These times may vary on the day.

The Summer of Sonic 2009 is set to be even bigger than the first in 2008, with many special guests, a load of events taking place on stage and around the venue, and the return of areas and features that you guys loved – only ten times bigger! We’re going with the tried-and-tested uStream – we have an easy job putting it on, you have an easy job viewing it. We’ll have a camera perched in Dread’s Crow’s Nest™ with a good view of the crowd and the stage all through the day, and Jay up in the place will keep you up to date on developments with a live video ticker, so if you miss Lee’s presumedly excellent show or something similarly freaky – that’s freaky in a good way – you’ve only got yourself to blame. Or your computer. Or your annoying sibling cruely stealing the computer.

Unquestionable taste in suits

Unquestionable taste in suits

The host for your video pleasure is the one and only Roareye Black. He’ll be guiding you throughout the days events as well as asking Sonic fans what they think of the day so far (and hopefully all in a snazzy suit).

#28 Return To Little Planet (full length live action movie)


I have put many many hours on top of much blood sweat and tears into this movie to provide you guys with the most optimum Sonic movie experience so please let me know what you think!! – Sass

This is one of the most epic fan things I have ever seem! And Jim Sass has been kind enough to let us share it with you in its full length glory! :D

What is Sonic and his friends were humans? What would it be like? Well, you’re not going to get any better an answer than by watching this!