The Sonic Show Live: Sonic 06 and a bottle of booze

The Sonic Show now hosts a weekly live video show featuring a selection of your favourite community characters.

Tune in January 8th at 8pm GMT to see how Jay aka Discoponies fares at Sonic The Hedgehog on the Xbox 360, where he will be drinking for every death as the likes of  Turbo and friends look on in fear.

For the air time in your time zone just click here.

(The Sonic Show does not recommend anyone take part in drinking games as careless drinking is nooo good)

The Sonic Show: #100 – Top 5 Monsters

It’s a new a year in The Sonic Show offices (let’s pretend we have offices), and
what better way to start it off than this…

…something we released on our Youtube channel a few weeks ago. But don’t let that put you off, as it’s the return of the popular “Top 5″ feature. It’s also a time to welcome our two new friends on The Sonic Show team, Tanner and Fuad. So be nice and say hello!

#92 KNUCKLES vs CLASSIC SONIC: Sonic Generations

German website GamesWelt has shared some Sonic Generations gameplay footage which gives us our first look at the Knuckles race mission. The mission sees Classic Sonic try to beat the red echidna to the finish in a Green Hill Zone level that contains giant badniks that you’ll have to bounce on to get by or reach higher platforms. Knuckles will try to get ahead by using his digging ablity, so you’ll have to be quick.

There’s also a new remix of a song that those who have played Sonic R might recognise. We’ll let you find out what it is for yourselves.