Way Past School! Sonic Stationery Competition

Now quiet down class!

Thesummer is over, and a lot of you will be suffering a case of the back to school blues. Not only that, you’ve still got two months to wait until Sonic Generations is released! Fear not however as we have an awesome competition to totally pimp out your pencil case to give you the sweetest stationary set around!

Up for grabs is a cracking set of brand-spanking new Sonic the Hedgehog stationery, including pens, pencils, notepads, pencil sharpeners, rulers, erasers and a swanky pencil case to throw it all in – one lucky winner will be the recipient of the entire lot!

What we want you to do is come up with the best Sonic-themed classroom excuse! It can be anything from “Sorry Sir, I haven’t got my homework because my Motobug ate it.” to “I couldn’t come to class today Miss…I’ve had a bad case of the Mobian Measles.”

Be as creative and inventive as you can – the most original and comical excuses will have the best chances of winning. Post your entries in the comments box below; we will mark them in the Sonic Stadium Staffroom at lunchtime on Tuesday. We expect you all to get S-grades for spelling, punctuation and grammar.

You have until 5:00PM GMT on Monday, 5th of September to hand your homework in – the winner will be announced at hometime the following day. Failure to hand in your homework will result in you being send to the Dreadmaster’s office to explain yourself.

Good luck!