Tesco Name Sonic 2nd Top Games Character For 2010

It seems supermarket giant Tesco are trying to get in with the cool gaming crowd with their new flashy entertainment website they recently implemented, so they’ve come up with their top 10 game characters for 2010 but wait hasn’t the year only just started? In their efforts to get in our cool gaming crowd they fail miserably on the Halo and Zelda front. Check out their top 10 list below –

1: Mario
2: Sonic
3: Soap McTavish
4: Bayonetta
5: Big Daddy
6: AiAi
7: Nathan Drake
8: Zelda (I think they mean Link here going by their pic)
9: Halo (No we’re not kidding, they really have put that)
10: Rabbids


So, yet again Mario beats Sonic in a list but at least Sonic beat some pretty popular characters but with the hilarious mistake’s on that list we can’t give Tesco much credit as they don’t even seem to know what they’re talking about.

Let us know what you think of Tesco’s effort at gaming coolness and wether you want them in or out of our cool gaming crowd in the comments.