Sonic’s a mobile hog

If you’ve got a mobile phone (and lets face it who hasn’t) it’s likely you’ve been jamming with Sonic and crew.

In Japan Sega has thus far been committed to producing its brand of classic gaming, what it calls ‘Sonic Cafe’ on the DoCoMo’s i-mode. Sonic Cafe isn’t just restricted to producing Sonic games, although it does boast a strong line up from the blue one (Check out the TSS Sonic Cafe page) there are other franchises too, most of which Sonic Team have worked on, and there in lies the connection. Continue reading Sonic’s a mobile hog

Update and TSS Network

Hiya everyone, second day of TSS’ return, yay! Right, let’s get the updates and site news out of the way. 

  • Cyberblade is still a lazy bum, so unfortunately you’ll have to wait a bit for your SAGE 8 Part 2 coverage. Honestly, something that should take a couple of hours… If he hasn’t done it by Thursday you can officially lynch mob him in the SSMB ^_^
  • Some links have been updated, in the Links Database and the main affiliates – Sonic World and Sonic Planet.
  • Fixed the dead links that I was aware of, if you find any more let me know. Also, realised the whole Site History section wasn’t even uploaded – D’oh! So I did that for you 🙂 Also, opened the Guestbook – I thought there was a problem with it, but it seems that there’s just an anti-flood thing on it =)
  • The TSS FTP Service is offline until further notice. You may find it online every now and then (I haven’t actually gotten the word from Fastfeet that it’s totally offline) but on the whole it’s down. It shan’t be too long until it’s back online though, and we’ll let you know when that happens 🙂

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Well, did you miss us? It has been rather a struggle, but The Sonic Stadium is back to give you, the Sonic fan, even more information and blue hedgehog related stuff than before!One of the reasons for the downtime was because of an incompetent host that we were on, we shan’t name names, but their company name was right about you only wanting (or being able) to Host there Once. =P

Anyway, we were kicked off and found salvation from the uber-generous and ever-loving Shayne Thames, of Sonic fame. Without Shayne’s help, TSS wouldn’t be here today, so a huge hug goes out to her.

While we were down, we also has a good look at the layout of the previous TSS. Most pages weren’t finished, some had completely different layouts to many other pages, and it was basically unorganised. We’ve managed to re-organise the server folders etc and all the pages are as if they were one. If you look to the right there – that’s where the navigation menu is, that is.

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Important Announcement Regarding Move

OK then, I’d like EVERYONE to take notice of this Announcement. I don’t want anybody left clueless or left behind on the whole ‘leaving ezBoard’ thing.

I notice a few of you (be they newbie or regulars) that haven’t a clue what is going on. This topic is to inform you exactly what is going on, and the information you need to know about. For people who already know about the move, this topic is simply to re-instate the fact that I am serious about leaving the ezBoard.

This post is mostly about the history of this place, but PLEASE read through it – that way you will understand WHY we need to move to a better and new Message Board program, and why I am so eager for you to move to a new board as of next week.
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TSS Update: Moving On Up, Moving On Out…

Hi you all. I feel fantastic!!! Know why? Because, I’ve buggered off from my old school to a spangly new College! Ya….y? Excellent news, I flew right through my GCSE exams it seems, with my lowest grade a C. I literally have about 9-10 GCSEs, but it doesn’t really feel like I’ve done anything at all. I still feel like… me. And, I also feel great because I’ve changed the look of this place a little, and something about Sonic SatAM you may want to read… Continue reading TSS Update: Moving On Up, Moving On Out…