SOJ and Takao Miyoshi <3 Shakey Mushrooms

SEGA of Japan have put up a mysterious website for a new game produced by Takao Miyoshi, the person from Sonic Team behind Phatasy Star Universe. The site says Coming Soon and has a mushroom on it similar to the mushroom from Super Mario Bros 1 except for the different colours. When you run your mouse over the mushroom it shakes. The web adress has the word ‘pole’ and at the bottom of the page there is a timer which is counting down to the games official unveiling I’m guessing. It currently states 10 days, 6 hours and 17 minutes. No platforms for the game are mentioned.

Wonder what this could be…

Source: SEGA Nerds

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Gaming website IGN recently had an interview with Takao Miyoshi of SONICTEAM to talk about the next generation of Phantasy Star games, ahead of the Tokyo Games Show event taking place in Japan.

The interview discusses many new aspects of the game in depth, including the choice of why Phantasy Star Universe was chosen for a PlayStation 2 release rather than XBOX or Gamecube: “We felt that we could reach a wider audience by moving over to the PS2 and the PC… It might be okay to launch PSU on Xbox for the US market, but not for the Japanese market. Knowing what Final Fantasy XI has done in Japan with Online gameplay, I feel that the user base is there, so I feel strongly that PSU will appeal to the PS2 audience.Continue reading SONICTEAM Talk PSU