Amazing Sonic Merchandise Up For Grabs at Tokyo Game Show

If you’re heading to Japan this year for Tokyo Game Show, then you’ll be happy to know that SEGA has prepared a metric tonne of incredible merchandise for you to buy on the show floor. Not only will there be interesting new Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces-themed items on sale, but a number of fresh items in a brand new ‘With Sonic’ range. Continue reading Amazing Sonic Merchandise Up For Grabs at Tokyo Game Show

Get into the Halloween Spirit with a Spooky New Sonic T-Shirt

Reader beware, you’re in for a scare – a scary t-shirt, that is!

Last month, SEGA got into the 25th anniversary spirit with a limited edition pair of official Sonic Mania tees, and with Halloween around the corner, a spooky new t-shirt is now up for grabs on Amazon US. The new piece of apparel features Sonic as he faces off against a thematically dapper Eggman on his Eggmobile with surrounding Bat-Brains.

The new tee has yet to surface on Amazon UK, but those in the States can nab a navy or asphalt-coloured shirt for $19.99 today.

Sonic Halloween Spirit Tee – Amazon US

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Three Weeks Remain for Limited Edition Sonic Mania T-Shirts on Amazon

Sonic Mania keeps looking better the more we see from it, and all the more so with every little bit of footage sprinkling forward towards its Spring 2017 release. With that in mind, what if we looked better the more Sonic Mania we have on ourselves? Your dreams can come true today, as SEGA is selling a pair of official Mania T-shirts through Amazon – a Studiopolis Zone-based shirt and a “Triple Theat” tee starring icons of the game’s three playable characters.

However, this promotion is running for this month only, up until September 30th, and at the moment is only available through Amazon US. The Studiopolis tee, as well as a Triple Threat design with the Sonic Mania logo printed on it, were previously available on Amazon UK, though their listings appear to have vanished.

Have a closer look at the shirts themselves in the gallery below!

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25th Anniversary ‘Pixel Sonic’ Shirts Out Now In Japan

Well, we’ve had toys and plushes… the next stop is clothing! It’s the turn of Pixel Sonic (as Sega is calling him these days) to get the 25th Anniversary treatment, this time in t-shirt form. According to a Facebook user these shirts are available at a Japanese store called Shimamura. Continue reading 25th Anniversary ‘Pixel Sonic’ Shirts Out Now In Japan

TVMania to Release New Sonic Apparel

SON-2-009-010-011-revsied 2

SEGA Europe have partnered up with TVMania to release a new range of Sonic-branded clothing and accessories. The hedgehog’s face will be plastered over items such as t-shirts and socks and are slated to hit retail store shelves in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at some point in July and August. The range will be for all ages ranging from babies to adults, so there should be something for everyone!

Full press release after the jump!

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Sonic Augmented Reality Tops Out Now


It’s not unusual for new Sonic clothing to get released, but this one is a little different, it has a party trick to it. Chances are you’ve heard of Augmented Reality, that’s the thing where you hold up your camera phone or some other device with a camera on it to a picture/image and then the said image comes to life?

Well when you hold look at this shirt through a phone or device that runs the ‘Zappar’ application, Sonic jumps out of the shirt design and appears to run around the person wearing it.

This is an item exclusive to Asda in the UK and only costs £6. However, it’s children sizes only. Also before you ask. Nope, there is no way this will be available at other stores, reason being is that the designer is ‘George’ who is Asda’s own clothing brand.

Source: Asda Direct & Zappar

A pair of Sonic Anniversary T-Shirts Coming To Japan

Gonintendo reports on this pair of T-Shirts coming soon to Japan. The one on the left is a beautiful image from the Green Hill Zone in Sonic Generations and will be available in November for 6,300 yen ($82 USD) while the one on the right is a typography shirt that looks like one you’d buy for your kid at the local Wal-Mart and will be available in October for 3,045 yen ($40 USD). Both shirts are made by Cospa. whether or not they will be made available for import is unknown.