Hot Topic sells awesome Sonic shirts, sucks 10% less

Piercings and black hair stripe not included.

Hot Topic, the totally cool mall hangout for angsty, faux-punk, American teenagers that smells like parental hate, sells video game t-shirts in one corner of the store.  It’s always in one of the window corners, so you can gawk at them without going inside and sacrificing your dignity and musk.  The shirts are always so cool looking, but most in the store are absolutely ruined by silly phrases like, “I’m so money” or “Home Schooled”/”Classically Trained.” It’s a good thing that the Sonic shirts that they sell are not like that.

Hot Topic is offering up four styles of Sonic shirts for us to eat up.  A blue hooded sweatshirt with the iconic, finger-waving pose, two off-yellow tees with Sonic posing or laughing, and a red shirt with Sonic running.  They are all quality, retro, and awesome.  They can also be shipped worldwide!

Buy some damn shirts and wear ’em to Summer of Sonic ’09 already! (Thanks, Rio!)