New Sonic Games & Major Surprises to come in 2014


Earlier this year, Sega were one of the companies in attendance at the Vegas Licensing Expo, whilst news did come from the event with regards to Lost World, something has slipped under the radar which has only come to light just now.

During the event, Global License produced a daily newspaper of sorts filled with news from each day, and on the second day, they had a very interesting segment on Sega and the Sonic license brand.

Fans will get a preview of the action with new videogames and merchandise slated to release at the end of this year. With more games and major surprises to follow in 2014.

Whats interesting is the use of language, notice how they say ‘video games’ as apposed to ‘a new videogame’ or ‘a new game.’ Could this be a hint that maybe Sonic will see a number of releases in 2014? As apposed to just Mario & Sochi,’ ‘The Third Game’ as fans have started to call the third nintendo exclusive might get a release in 2014? Maybe we’ll see another game with the blue one other than Sochi and the 3rd game.

Also, major suprises which are not game related? What could they be? Well… there was also advert for the Sonic brand included in the same publication.

sonic2014advert Aside from the new renders of the cast, I would direct your attention to the top. In previous adverts since last years licensing events. Sega have used the line “Sonic has appeared in over 60 videogames,” they have never put the annimations/cartoons so dominantly on an advert of this kind. Draw your own conclusions, it’s why we have the comment section.

We’ll keep you upto date with more news as and when we get it.

Source: Global License

SEGA Japan Planning Special Surprise For Sonic’s Birthday?

Brazillian Sonic fansites Power Sonic and Sonic Zone are reporting that SEGA Japan has revealed news to press that the company will be bringing lots of Sonic content on our favourite blue hedgehog’s big 20th Birthday. SEGA is said to be adding lots of items to its official Sonic Channel website, some news to its official Sonic Generations website and unveiling a surprise. Could this surprise have something to do with the Sonic Generations demo that was recently approved at the Australian Classification Board’s website or the possible Nintendo 3DS version of the game in the works? I guess we’ll find out June 23rd.

Sources: Power Sonic and Sonic Zone