Sonic Origins Video Shows Off Drop Dash, Missions & Other Features

UPDATE: We now have confirmation that this video is 100% official, and was posted on the official Korean Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page.

While we don’t quite know this video’s origin, we do know this Korean language version gameplay video shows off some significant features in Sonic Origins the reveal trailer didn’t share:

We are marking this as rumor purely because it isn’t through official or confirmable sources at this time, but every other aspect of this looks pretty authentic. Treat this as we have high confidence but not 100% confidence in this. The button layout in the videos use ABXY, so the footage itself was taken from a Switch, an Xbox, or a PC.

While those who have played the other Retro/Star Engine ports will be quite familiar with some of these features, this gives a very brief overview of ones not present in the original 16-bit releases, including the Drop Dash and Super Sonic in Sonic 1, Tails as Knuckles’ sidekick in Sonic 2, and the prototype Hidden Palace stage connected to Mystic Cave.

Further, the video shows off a bit of the game’s interface, including Missions. In one, the player has to collect 50 rings in 50 seconds as Tails in Palmtree Panic, and another puts Super Sonic in Metropolis with a similar goal (but with the challenge of your rings being slowly depleted). In both cases, the stages are modified from their original 16-bit versions, changing formations of platforms, rings, and blocks. The rank letter in the top corner (shown in previous official screenshots) updates in real time, letting you know how well you’re performing.

If those bonus missions or getting to team Knuckles with Tails on a console platform gets you excited, Sonic Origins releases June 23 with these and many other announced features.

Thanks to Indigo Rush on the forums for the tip.

Details on Monster Hunter Rise’s Sonic Collaboration Revealed

Capcom today have confirmed that a update to Monster Hunter Rise which includes a Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration will release on the 26th November, 2021.

The announcement, via trailer, introduces players to some rather hillarious looking layered armour for you and your buddies to give you feline friend the appearance of Sonic, or your huge wolf dressed up in a Tails-themed “Canyne Tails” costume.

It also appears that the Sonic Gear armour has a Super Sonic mode as well.

Additionally, the trailer also features ring collectables, although there are no details on how these will be incorporated into the event quest.

Source: Capcom Youtube Channel

Super Sonic Rubber Duckie To Join TUBBZ Line

SEGA Shop Europe have announced the latest character to join their TUBBZ rubber duckie line, SUPER SONIC!

The “Swanical” figure joins the Sonic TUBBZ line, which currently includes Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman.

The duck is now available to preorder from SEGA Shop Europe for the “poultry” sum of £14.99, and promises to be out for Christmas, along with the incredible Advent Calender at the end of this month.

We already know what we are hoping for in our stockings this year!

Preorder link: Super Sonic TUBBZ

Sonic Going Super in Sonic Forces Mobile on June 23

We now know when Super Sonic will be heading to Sonic Forces Mobile, and it looks like it’ll be a birthday gift for blue blur: the character will be hitting the mobile racer on June 23.

This new character will mostly have the same power ups as vanilla Sonic, ice mine and fireball. But in place of the speed shoes, Super Sonic will instead have “Super Sonic form,” which appears to suggest that the character won’t be Super Sonic all the time, just while this ability is active. What’s interesting about this ability, however, is that it seems you earn it by collecting rings, not through item boxes. The exact amount isn’t specified, though 50 rings is probably a safe assumption. 

Like previous Sonic Forces characters, Super Sonic will need to be unlocked via character cards. Gold rings will also be earned through battle chests throughout the event.

The Super Sonic event will run from June 23 to July 5, so players will have plenty of time to unlock the racer. Once we’ve got him we’ll try to provide video, so stay tuned!

Check out screen caps of the news post below:

Sonic Movie Writer discusses Sequel ideas, Tails is their Nick Fury, Jim Carrey in a Fatsuit

The Sonic Move made huge waves from it’s announcement all the way up to it’s release in theaters, and with two stingers at the end (and a few other mysteries left unsolved) fans of all ages are asking questions about the sequel.

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Sonic Went Super in Early Movie Drafts, Director Confirms

Movies will often go through significant changes during production, with scripts typically going through drastic changes before the final direction is eventually settled upon. So it should come as no surprise that the Sonic movie went through some changes beyond its infamous redesign and the unused lizard villain leaked a few weeks ago. At one point, the movie was actually set to feature chaos emeralds and Super Sonic.

In an interview with, Sonic movie director Jeffrey Fowler confirmed that Super Sonic and the chaos emeralds were considered, but ultimately cut for the sake of simplicity.

“It didn’t make sense to obviously bring in the Super Sonic thing just yet. I mean, there were very early versions of the script and the outlines where… because we knew that’s something that’s very important in the fan mythology, or the mythology that fans love. And Chaos Emeralds are definitely a huge part, even going back to the first game in ’91, and it was definitely something that we were kind of trying to see. Like, ‘Does it make sense to include one of these?’”

Ultimately, Fowler wanted to focus the movie on Sonic and Robotnik’s origins.

“But again, just going back to what I said about the simplicity of it and just for the sake of just really starting from the simplest version and not trying to do too much, it just felt like, ‘Let’s just… let’s do the origins as Sonic and Robotnik and try to nail those characters before we potentially would open it up to some of these elements from the games that fans know and love.’”

These comments appear to raise the likelihood of either or both the Chaos Emeralds and Super Sonic appearing in a sequel. Now that we know that Super Sonic was at one point slated for this movie, that leaves one very important question:

What did Super Sonic look like when movie Sonic still had more human proportions and freaky teeth? Will we ever find out? Do we even want to know?


Mighty the Armadillo Plush Included In Jakks Pacific Sonic the Hedgehog Toy Line

Jakks Pacific show off more planned merchandise in their up-and-coming Sonic the Hedgehog toy line – including the first ever official Mighty the Armadillo plush! Continue reading Mighty the Armadillo Plush Included In Jakks Pacific Sonic the Hedgehog Toy Line

Super Sonic DLC to Remain Free for Sonic Forces Forever

Crisis averted!

Last month, the long-awaited inclusion of Super Sonic had finally come to pass for Sonic Forces, but there was a nasty catch: the Chaos Emerald-powered hedgehog would have only remained free for a limited time.

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Super Sonic DLC Crashlands into Sonic Forces, Free for a Limited Time

A series staple since Sonic the Hedgehog 2 over twenty-five years ago right up to the recent Sonic Mania, either earning the seven Chaos Emeralds or clearing the game’s story often yielded the highly coveted reward of Super transformation. From there, simply collect fifty rings mid-stage, transform, and blast off with ring-fueled invincibility and faster speeds.

While oddly absent from the game’s initial release over a month ago, Sonic Forces is finally bringing in this long loved franchise staple at long last as free downloadable content… unfortunately, with a catch that is already drawing community backlash.

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First 4 Figures’ Modern Super Sonic Statue opens for Pre-Orders


Modern Super Sonic; First 4 Figures’ latest offering has opened for pre-orders today, with a whole slew of extra details about the statue following in its wake.

The statue, which was revealed to fans some months ago at Weston Super Sonic depicts the climactic moments from the final battle in Sonic Adventure with Perfect Chaos, with Super Sonic splashing down into the flood waters that swamped Station Square.


As is per the course with F4F releases, we’ve got a flashy, more limited (600 pieces) exclusive version for $249.99…


And a slightly less flashy and less limited (1500 pieces) regular version for $224.99.


Both versions of the statue are due to arrive in Q1 of 2016.


I think it’s safe to say in this instance that the Exclusive version is where it’s at this time around. I mean… Look at some of these darkened shots, and how the light shines up from the base to light up the entire figure. Hooray for clear resin!

And another shot from my personal collection from when WSS had the statue:


Preorder the regular version here

Preorder the exclusive version here

With Modern Super out of the way, it begs the question of who or what will be next for the Modern line? Time will tell for sure.

First 4 Figures Modern Super Sonic Pre-Orders open May 5th


We knew it was coming, and now it’s just around the corner. First 4 Figures’ Modern Super Sonic statue will be going up for pre-orders this coming Tuesday (5th May 2015).

Originally revealed at Weston Super Sonic earlier this year, the statue portrays Modern Super Sonic splashing down into Station Square’s flooded remains in a pose reminiscent to this piece of artwork. The statue also includes a kick arse lighting effect that causes the water on the top of the base to light up.

Below is a video our very own Hogfather got of the statue during his visit to Weston Super Sonic of the statue, and its lighting features.

Be sure to join us on Tuesday, where the full official reveal of the statue will take place!

New Sonic Boom Details: No Chaos Emeralds


A whole slew of new details regarding Sonic Boom have surfaced thanks to the above interview brought to our attention by SSMB member Storme. As well as giving us a more extensive look at the New York venue for SEGA’s big announcements last week, it reveals some intriguing changes to the traditional Sonic premise – chief among them, the absence of the Chaos Emeralds in the Boom universe. How this will affect the story and mythos of the new series remains to be seen, but it does throw an appearance by Super Sonic or any other super forms (and arguably even the Master Emerald) into doubt.

Additional details revealed in the interview include:

  • The Wii U GamePad will be used to display a map and upgrades, as well as another function which is yet to be unveiled
  • The game follows an adventure style with currency and upgrades for the characters
  • The game is more “organically” challenging, in that difficulty arises from skill in combat and finding hidden secrets as opposed to enemies just becoming tougher
  • All the levels in the game are connected by the story and its locations
  • You will mainly use two characters at a time during gameplay, but all four will show up in hubs and boss fights
  • There will be points in the game where you are required to use a certain character to proceed
  • The game will be very character driven, with a lot of focus put onto each individual character and their unique abilities
  • We will “definitely” be seeing other characters from the Sonic series making an appearance – these will be revealed over the coming months
  • Inspiration is being taken from Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Generations

(summary adapted from a post by SSMB member Blue Blood)

What do you make of all this new information? Are you disappointed that the Chaos Emeralds are a no-show? Are you excited that other characters will be popping up in the game? Let us know in the comments!

Sonic 4: New Casino Street Zone Act 2 PS3 Footage, Super Sonic Included

[youtube][/youtube] has posted up exclusive gameplay footage they’ve recorded from the final build of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1‘s PS3 version. In the video we see footage of the console exclusive redesign of Casino Street Zone Act 2, which was shown recently on CNET’s preGame, but now we can see and hear it played directly and in high quality. Super Sonic is shown in full force throughout the stage and it sounds like the music for this Act, as well as Super Sonic’s theme music have been completely revamped.

Do you like the new Casino Street Zone Act 2 and the musical changes? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Thanks to Shaddix and Indigo Rush at the SSMB for the heads-up!

Full Pictures Of First 4 Figures Super Sonic Statue Revealed

You may have seen our article posted 18th June regarding First 4 Figures announcement of a Classic Super Sonic figure in the works with a small teaser picture, well today First 4 Figures have fully unveiled the project which has turned out to be a statue of which is second in a series after the last one they created of Classic Sonic standing on a Green Hill Zone esque platform. This Super Sonic statue also has a second version which brings something completely new to the table(or wherever you decide to place it *bad joke*) with it’s ability to light up the energy shockwaves the powered up hedgehog is giving off on the Chemical Plant Zone themed platform.

Here’s the statue’s features from the F4F website –
Normal version

Dimension: 15 inches to top of hair
Edition Size: 1500
Available: Q1 2011
Artist: Goran Sadojevich
SRP: $139.99

Light up version –

Dimension: 15 inches to top of hair
Edition Size: 350
Available: Q1 2011
Artist: Goran Sadojevich
SRP: $159.99

You can pre-order the statues starting today over at First 4 Figures website where you can also find more pictures from different angles of the statues.

Thanks to Frozen Nitrogen at the SSMB for the heads up!

First 4 Figures Reveal Super Sonic Figure

Want a Chaos Emerald fuelled super powered hedgehog in your merchandise collection? Well want no more as First 4 Figures have lifted the lid on the latest figure, Super Sonic! When can you get it and for how much? That information hasn’t been revealed yet but as seen in the above ad originally posted on their Facebook page, you can pre-order from June 22nd to make sure you get your figure.

Source: First 4 Figures Facebook via Emerald Coast

Get Excited: New Sonic the Hedgehog Mini Figures On The Way!

You’ll all be aware of the really snazzy Sonic the hedgehog classic mini figures line that are produced by First4Figures, well, while snooping as usual around the internets, I’ve found that Forbidden Planet UK are already taking pre-orders for:

– 1.5″ Mini figure Amy Rose
– 1.5″ Mini figure Super Sonic


1.5″ Mini figure MECHA SONIC!!!!!

Now hopefully they haven’t gone and got their robots mixed up (because usually this is what happens) – becuase if they haven’t, there may very well be a chance of owning a tiny version of the robot you fight at the end of Sonic & Knuckles, to many the coolest incarnation of Sonic’s robot counterpart! Either way, fans will at least be getting another Metal Sonic figure…something you can never have too much of! Until then, I guess we’ll have to make do…apparently Amy and Super Sonic were on display at the Neurnberg toy fair, with punters being forbidden to take photos, but hopefully some will surface soon!

Expect these figures to hit UK shelves around the 30th of July, 2010. Exciting stuff!

Source: Forbidden Planet International

eBay Watch: Super Sonic In Your Wardrobe


A costume design company in Shangai, China who sell many of their costumes on eBay ranging from Beijing 2008 mascots to weird advertising things like OMO(whatever that is) are selling a New condition Super Sonic costume that actually looks very well made, especially compared to the other crap Sonic costumes on eBay. The costume has the light orangey colour we saw from Sonic 2006’s Super Sonic, the spikes curving up, the red eyes and the more serious mouth so they’ve done their research. At the moment there are no bids which start at $0.99(approximately £0.62) with the end date being 17 Jul. Postage is worldwide but make sure you have a spare $84.00 to cover it on you.

E3 ’09: SSASR Gameplay Footage (Cam)


Things to note:

  • It’s Mario Kart, but shinier.
  • Big the Cat is back.  Yessssssssssssss…
  • Shadow is back on his motorcycle.
  • Billy Hatcher themed track.
  • The 7 Chaos Emeralds are one of the game’s power-ups, allowing players to go “Super.”  Combine MK’s “Bullet Bill” and famous “Blue Shell” and that’s how powerful (and annoying) it looks.  Looks like I’m staying in last place until the final lap and blowing by everybody.
  • When Super Sonic hits people, it looks like he gives them the finger.  Funny.
  • Aaaand just for fun: the shoe power-up makes cars go faster. 

Enjoy this video of Sonic and Sega All-SonicStars Sonic Racing featuring Sonic.

New Merchandise: Super Sonic/Shadow figures

super-sonic-figure-tru super-shadow-figure-tru

It seem’s Toys R Us can’t get enough of our favourite video game franchise, after the exclusive Sonic Unleashed posable Werehog action figure’s you can now pre-order two new figures exclusively at their stores/website.

The two figures available are Sonic Super
Posers – Super Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Super Posers – Super Shadow The Hedgehog. Bet you can’t say either of those fast without stopping for breath. Both are extremely posable with (as the packaging puts it) “Over 25 points of articulation”, great for those battles with your sisters Barbie dolls. Each figure costs $10.99 and their estimated ship date is 05/10/2009(that’s 10th May 2009 for us Brit’s).

You can pre-order the figures at Toys R Us website at the following links –
Super Sonic
Super Shadow

No sign of the figures on the UK Toys R Us website at the moment but we’ll let you know if they do turn up.

Super Sonic Figure Now Added to Unleashed Toy Line

So the US version of Sonic Unleashed is already out, apparently (for the Wii and PS2 it seems). Those lucky gits who decided to take it slow and start with the manual noticed an advertisement for the Werehog figure we spoke about a while ago. But wait, what’s this other circle about? Yes, looks like Super Sonic is also available as a collectible figure, thus increasing my British envy.

The toys will supposedly be available this month, it’s worth checking out Sega America’s official website for more details on where you can grab ’em.

Image: MarioandWeege’s DeviantArt (thanks, Clayton!)