Crush 40 Rock Tokyo Game Show

Junny Baby!

This has been coming for a long, long time.

Finally! the mighty guitar skills of the legendary Jun Senoue, and the vocal tenacity of Axel Rudi Pell lead singer Johnny Gioeli have reunited to perform what can only be described as an electrifying medley of classic Crush 40 tracks at the Tokyo Game Show on the 12th of October. I had been talking to Jun about a month ago, and although he told me to keep it all very hush hush, he said there would be a little surprise for those in attendance; that being a live performance of the new title track for the upcoming Wii title Sonic and the Black Knight, “Knight of the Wind”.

Johnny and Jun crash onto stage with an extra long opening version of “I am…All of Me”, before burning rubber into their version of “His World” (which we all know rocks the hardest, sorry Zebrahead). Other performed tracks include the “Sonic Heroes Theme”, “What I’m Made of” and of course, the obligatory “Live and Learn” theme from SA2. Continue reading Crush 40 Rock Tokyo Game Show

Super Sonic Präsentiert: The Better One Wins!

Germany tried all sorts of ways to get Sonic to turn his talent to the music industry in the 1990s. We all know about They Call Me Sonic, and the mental scars it brings. And we don’t talk about Sonic & Tails. But check this out – discovered by keen TSS’er BlitzChris, this was a compilation pop record farmed out by BMG Germany to get those crazy kids to buy Bobby Brown’s Humpin’ Around. Released in 1992, it features 17 tracks from various artists, and the only link we have is that Super Sonic Dance Attack features in the tracklist. Now you can build tenuous links between Right Said Fred and Sonic the Hedgehog before Wonderman was ever concieved.

Game OST: Super Sonic Präsentiert: The Better One Wins

The Spin: Single, Seeking Caring Consumer…

Walk into a Japanese music or games store. Look left. Look right. Notice anything different, apart from the eclectic colour and anime freaky cartoons screaming in your earhole rendering you half-deaf? Amongst other things, an abundance of video game soundtrack CDs. The Japanese love the aural aspect of gaming, so much so that society has deemed the compositions as a bona fide form of audio art. As such, you can expect to see many original soundtracks (OSTs) littered about the place for any such game.

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