The Summer of Sonic 2012 Shorts!

From SoS’12, we managed to bring you the Crush 40 concert, the Club Sonic setlist, NiGHTS’ and Reala’s unveiling in S&ASRT, as well as a contest to win some goodies (just closed!), but there’s one thing we’re missing: the shorts! To those who haven’t had the chance to see them up front and live: no need to fret! As of yesterday, all shorts featured have been uploaded!

A total of three animations were featured in front of a live audience. First up is Shadow the Hedgehog in Brief, followed by Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 in Brief, both parodies handled by Frobman, who previously animated Ring Energy’s Before the Machine and Sonic Heroes in Brief, the latter having been made for Summer of Sonic 2011. Though some would say they’re parodies, some would say both shorts depict each game as is… but that’s for you to decide!

The third and final animation is brought to you by Sonic Paradox! Instead of going with Shorts, the team took a more different route through Sonic Heroes with a music video. With Recorderdude on lyrics, Seaside Denied is split between four animators to handle the four different teams with numerous singers and voice actors, poking fun at every opportunity at both the game itself and the Paradox’s signature Shorts.



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UPDATE: GOING LIVE! Win Summer of Sonic Tickets on SEGASonic:Radio PreLaunch!

UPDATE [12:47PM BST]! We’re about to go live in less than 13 minutes! Click here to listen in, click here to join the IRC Chat! Participating in the chat is the only way to get a chance at winning, so good luck!

The waves have come and gone. Tickets gone in the blink of an eye on each occasion. Defeated, you’ve resigned yourself of your hopes to visit Summer of Sonic 2012 in sunny Brighton…

In that case, what the heck are you doing!? You’ve got one more chance to get a ticket here! Quit moping around and listen up!

The Summer of Sonic website has revealed that 10 tickets remain! How do you get one of these tickets? What does this have to do with SEGASonic: Radio? Head on after the jump for full details!

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Summer of Sonic Tickets Totally Sold Out!

Talk about speedruns! The third and final wave of Summer of Sonic tickets were released at 6pm BST this evening and were completely sold out in a staggering 43 seconds!

The total combined time to sell out all three ticket batches, which saw 755 tickets go to fans from all around the globe, came to just over four minutes.

If you were not lucky enough to snag a ticket in time, don’t worry too much as the event will be broadcast online via a video live stream, so you won’t miss any of the stage events!

A full schedule of the events happening throughout the day will shortly be displayed on the Summer of Sonic website, so those visiting the event and watching online can plan their day accordingly.

Keep your eyes on the site for many other updates and announcements over the course of the next few days.

Release Date of Wave 2 Summer of Sonic Tickets Announced

Due to the incredible demand for Summer of Sonic tickets this year, the entirity of wave 1 tickets (that’s 400 tickets!) sold out in less than three minutes. If you didn’t manage to grab a ticket the first time around, then here’s your next chance!

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Summer of Sonic Tickets Gone in Under Three Minutes!


One word alone is enough to summarize anyone’s reaction toward this, as Wave 1 of Summer of Sonic 2012 tickets went and gone by in under three minutes; the 400 free tickets being distributed have been sold out only mere moments after the wave went up, lasting from 12:30 to 12:33 BST.

To those who haven’t managed to get their tickets, you’re too slow! a second wave will be announced this weekend with all needed details including the distribution date, so brace yourselves: like the first wave, it’s on a “first come, first serve” basis!

In comparison, last year’s convention, which brought special guests such as Yuji Naka and Takashi Iizuka to celebrate Sonic’s 20th anniversary, took almost ten hours to give out 700 tickets! This, in conjunction with the surprisingly brief giveaway and the recent announcement of Crush 40 attending this year’s convention, is a sure sign of exponentially rising demand and anticipation for SOS 2012!

For inquiries concerning ticket reservations and other issues, you may direct yourselves to the full report on the Summer of Sonic webpage.

Crush 40, Summer of Sonic Venue Announcement!

If you couldn’t hold on much longer for news on special guests at this year’s Summer of Sonic, you’ll never let go of this announcement! Prepare to open your heart and get ready to roll out the blue carpet, because Crush 40 will be making a booming return to the annual SOS convention!

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Summer of Sonic 2012 Website Launches

Although you’re still going to have to wait another five months for the event itself, the Summer of Sonic website is now up and running with a swanky new look and a funky-fresh logo!

Although nothing is being revealed yet and ticket applications have not been announced, you can still head over to the site and register your interest for the event.

What’s more, Summer of Sonic is always looking for fan input – so the question is put to you guys and girls….do you have any great ideas for Summer of Sonic? Maybe you’d like a particular guest to come along, or an old face to return? If you do, head over to the SoS site and let the team know about it in the comments!