Sticks jumps into the modern Sonic world in Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Sticks in Rio 2016

Thanks to the eagle eyes of Katie Britt on twitter and SuperSonic772 in our comments section, it has been found in a new trailer for the game (seen at the 0:48 mark) that Sticks is now welcomed into the modern world, now would this be “canon” as they’re technically in the real world(?) olympics is up for debate. 😛 But this marks her debut outside the Boom spin-off series! it’s not official if she is indeed playable or not, we’ll do a follow-up when we find out. HUGE thanks to both Katie Britt and SuperSonic772 for the find!

See the trailer below (it’s mostly just recycled footage from the debut trailer, with the bit with Sticks and a boxing match between Mario and Bowser at the end) below:


Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will release on Wii U and 3DS sometime in 2016.

Sticks the Badger Announced

I know what this fanbase needs! More crazy!


Following on from the character leak a few weeks ago, Sticks the Badger (Jungle Badger) has finally been officially confirmed. Yup that’s right people, it’s not Marine, though it didn’t look anything like her to begin with.

Sticks is described as having lived most of her life alone in the wilderness, and unlike Knuckles who found solace in his years guarding the master emerald, Sticks has gone barking mad. sticksthebadger

“You can doubt me, but I’ll protect you anyway! Because I’m a good friend! And because it distracts me from the Government agents who are replacing my plants with violins!”

She is voiced by Nikka Futterman, and Sticks is apparently finds a best friend with Amy, she’s also described as being fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect them. Sticks is also described by sega as being a predominant character across both all aspects of the Sonic Boom franchise.


Source: Sega