The Spin: Sonic Maniacs In The Making

In more than ten years of writing for The Sonic Stadium, this article has by far consumed the most time, and required the most revisions. I guess this is because sometimes it’s hard to really convey what you mean when you’re in love, and I can say without a doubt that I am already in love with Sonic Mania. Continue reading The Spin: Sonic Maniacs In The Making

Sonic 2 Remastered Includes Hidden Palace Zone, Coming Tomorrow!


The delayed Sonic 2 Remastered finally has a release date. It’s tomorrow, and it’s coming out on both Android and iOS devices. As with Sonic 1, if you own the original you can upgrade for free, although Android owners will have to pay since theres no pre-existing version of the game on the market place.

Theres something else I’m missing, what is it…? Oh yeah, Sonic 2 Remastered also includes a fully playable Hidden Palace Zone! It’s the stuff of legend, but finally, Hidden Palace Zone will see the light of day in an official release, fully playable, no need for an action replace or game genie code this time.

The last Sonic Remastered title had a bunch of hidden extras included, who knows what else awaits you in Sonic 2 Remastered. Will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Joystiq