Best Buy Black Friday: Buy A 360, Get “Sonic 360”


Hey, my American brosks, I have good news.  Sonic the Hedgehog for the X360 is now at a “best buy:” free.

On Black Friday, that famed day after Thanksgiving where mothers kill each other over a laughing muppet, those in the U.S. can head on down to Best Buy and get an X360 Elite and six games, including the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog.

Xbox 360 bundle: Numerically, Best Buy pulled together an even better deal for gamers eying a new Xbox 360. But reviews may say differently. This Black Friday deal includes the high-end Elite console and six games, all for $299. The Xbox itself is a great value, with more online features than the PS3, a larger catalog of games, and a higher install base – so more of your friends are likely to own one. But the six selected games are a little weak. Here’s the list (with review scores from Metacritic): Sonic the Hedgehog (46 percent), Spider Man: Web of Shadows (68), Wall-E (50), LEGO Batman (76), Pure (85), Ghost Recon 2 (86).

So, if you don’t own a X360, want one, and like this game, you can get it at a steal with the purchase of a console.  If you don’t own a X360, want one, and are curious to play this trainwreck, then it’s at a reasonable price of zero dollars and zero cents.

[Via Christian Science Monitor]