SSR Announces “New Year’s Fcuking Eve 5.0”

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For the last few years, Sega Sonic Radio has held the odd one or two special broadcasts and events, well this year is no exception on December 31st 2015, they will be doing a special live stream event and fundraiser for Child’s Play.

Full details are as follows.

You thought SSR was dead and gone.

You thought I had forgotten, given up, or just was too busy to do a fifth New Year’s Eve show this year.

You were wrong.

That’s right, boys/girls/etc., New Year’s Fcuking Eve 5.0, our latest iteration of myself streaming video game music over a 24 hour period for the good people at Child’s Play, is now as ready as it will ever be, and will commence on 31 December 2015 at Noon GMT (7AM EST/6AM CST/4AM PST) here on SEGASonic Radio.

In addition to our usual collection of Steam games, I have a few other surprises up my sleeve. What are they you ask? You will just have to wait and see…

You can also donate via this link

Full details can be found on the SSR site

Sonic Radio, RadioSEGA, and SEGASonic:Radio Team Up for Sonic Fan Music Festival 2013

A follow-up of last year’s event, our friends at Sonic Radio will be hosting the 2013 edition of the Sonic Fan Music Festival, once again in conjunction with Sonic’s anniversary!

A collaborative effort between Sonic Radio, RadioSEGA, and SEGASonic:Radio, the 12 hour extravaganza will be taking place via the former two’s servers on Sonic’s 22nd! Handpicked by you, we’ll be celebrating with some of the best and most favourite tunes put together by various musicians in the community!

Sonic Remix and Shadow Remix – Sonic Radio’s Sonic R TV and The Sonic R Show

Dreadknux – Owner of The Sonic Stadium and SEGASonic Radio, The Sonic Hour

Rexy – RadioSEGA’s SEGA Mixer Drive, OverClocked Remix musician

ArchangelUK – Owner of Sonic Wrecks, SW/RadioSEGA’s Radio Redux

ForeverSonic – RadioSEGA’s ForeverSonic’s Random Hour

TallGuy-91 – RadioSEGA’s Ultra Wave

VizardJeffhog – The Sonic Stadium and SEGASonic Radio’s The Music Plant Zone

The fun starts at 8am PDT | 11am EDT | 4pm UK on June 23rd, 2013, so be sure to tune in! Remixers, listeners, submit and vote for the top 20 on the Sonic R Show through!

Speaking of which, did you know that we are currently looking for new DJs on SS:R? Do you think you have what it takes? Auditions close in two weeks!

FINAL SEGASonic:Radio Livecast: Sunday, 3PM GMT

SEGASonic: Radio, TSS’ livestream of 24/7 Sonic the Hedgehog music, will unfortunately be closing it’s doors on Sunday for some much needed renovation. The station has been in a state of gradual deterioration for some time, with shows becoming increasingly intermittent and scarce, mostly due to other (mostly real-world) obligations of the DJs.

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Project 24 Guests, Prizes and Timetable Update!

From 0:00 GMT (Midnight) on Sunday, SEGASonic:Radio will be bringing you 24 hours of live shows brought to you from a host of DJs!

The new schedule looks like this: Continue reading Project 24 Guests, Prizes and Timetable Update!

SEGASonic:Radio 2010 Program Line Up!

The Sonic Stadium’s radio station SEGASonic:Radio is back with a brand new attack for 2010! For those not familar with the station, we provide a 24/7 music stream with all your favourite Sonic and SEGA tunes playing around the clock. Not only that, but we have a plethora of SS:R DJs broadcasting throughout the week bringing you news, reviews, chat and much much more!

Check out the schedule!

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“Voice of Eggman” Mike Pollock Live on SSR Sunday 4:00PM GMT on DJ Darkspeeds


Bonkers Aussie Sonic superfan Elson “Darkspeeds” Wong usually goes full-tilt when he wants to do something, and he’s certainly added some spice to the SEGASonic:Radio line-up; this week will be no exception! Voice actor Mike Pollock, best known as the voice of Dr. Eggman in the Western version of Sonic X will be joining Darkspeeds for a chat on his show!

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The Countdown to Project 24 – A Day of Music and Prizes!


With only 10 days to go until Project 24 kicks in, it’s about time we showed off just some of the reasons you should tune in!

Project 24 is an all-day radio livecast on SEGASonic:Radio, the Sonic Stadium‘s much-loved radio channel with 24/7 music and shows hosted by a swarm of SSR DJs, taking place from 0:00GMT on Sunday the 15th of November and continuing until Midnight the next day! Spearheading the organisation of the project is resident SS:R DJ and Sonic Remix Expert BlitzChris, who has painstakingly promoted the event and even ressurrected some DJs from the bygone days of the SS:R airwaves such as Hawkz and Iceman to brush off the dust on the headset and to take to their shows once more! Also joining the ranks during the day are TSS Staff writer and fangirl heart-throb Slingerland,  Scottish random-rambler JayZeach, a delicious slice of Speedknux Pie,  the husband-wife antics of AAUK and EchoHawk on Radio Redux and the all-too hillarious flagship show The Sonic Hour with our hosts Dreadknux and Roareye…just to mention a few! Even I will be cracking out a collection of my favourite face-melters and metal monsters for a T-TIME! special!


Not only do you have a whole day of back-to-back tunes, requests, programming and chat on the Sonic Stadium IRC,  there will be a huge hoard of prizes to be won during the day including T-Shirts, Sonic Unleashed Beachballs, SEGA Superstars Tennis branded controllers and Smash Brothers Prima Guides. Because this simply is not enough, we’ve even got a signed copy of Jun Senoue’s new album “The Works” to giveaway, yes, GIVE, to one of you lucky hedgehogs or hedgehogettes, complete with Sonic Adventure 2 stickers and an official Jun Senoue guitar pick, used by the man himself! How do you win this you ask? Well…we’ll have more details of that next week! All I can say is, keep Sunday the 15th of November free in your diary! (Props to Roarz for the awesome artwork!).

signed works

Check out more Project 24 details on the Project 24 forum thread!

Worst Friday ever launches new SSR show this Tuesday

In one day, I lost the ability to walk on my own power, the opportunity to win $1,500, and missed out on formally debuting my new talk show during Sonic’s 17th Birthday Celebration on SSR.  You have all heard the story this past Friday where an emergency hospital visit let an unsupervised puppy chew away at my lone microphone.  Roarey thinks it’s funny…I think it sucks.

Now that it is well-established that I will be sidelined from any physical activity for about 3-5 weeks with an injured left hamstring, I guess I can put more time into the community.  For one, the Sonic Nexus team is back in full swing and I’ll probably be posting awesome updates sporadically up until this year’s Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo.  Secondly, I will be putting my “DJ” title to use with “The One Sided Talk Show,” an open, round-table discussion of all things Sonic. Continue reading Worst Friday ever launches new SSR show this Tuesday