A Pair of Splash Hill Remixes

Guess who’s back.  Back again.

Today, in honor of the recent release of Splash Hill screenshots and music, we’ve got a pair of remixes (holy shit, already?).  This first one is a “modern” twist on the latest obligatory green zone by remixing it in the style of  the Adventure games or Sonic Heroes:


Reminds me of Seaside Hill, so big ups on this one.  Seaside Hill is my joint.  P4KO, nice work on this remix and thanks for sending it our way, bronik.

This next remix of “Green Hill: Part 7,000” is by none other than Gecko Yamori.  His interpretation is of the “classic” variety, using the 16-bit sounds found within the Genesis/Mega Drive:


Once again, I am personally wowed at how fan remixes have been making the Sonic 4 songs catchy. I guess I just find the choice of instruments obnoxious in the official tracks, especially the synth.  That’s just me, though, so what do you guys think about the music and these remixes?

Do that shit.

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