TSS is now PSP Friendly

I was bored one day and decided ‘Hey, why don’t I make the site somewhat accessible for people who like to browse stuff on their consoles?’ So, ignorant to the fact that it probably wasn’t worth my time to work on something like that for the kind of person who does that sort of thing (which includes, er, me), I’ve tweaked the design of The Sonic Stadium for Sony PlayStation Portable users.

Accessing the site is now a piece of piss, as I was made aware that it was bone-grindingly slow today. Upon recognising the PSP Browser, TSS auto-switches to a custom made theme that suits the 400-odd pixel wide screen. There’s no sidebar, and a lot of the heavy duty stuff is cut, but the exact same content and stuff is all there. So if you fancy a little fiddle, crack open that PSP and let us know what you think in the SSMB (although the forums are still PSP unfriendly at this time, so use your PC for that).

You can also sign up to the RSS on your Sony handheld too, by clicking the RSS link at the footer of the page. Swish.

Totally Sonic!

Below comes from C21media.net, an international entertainment news website.

“DIC polishes Sonic for Mipcom” 

DIC Entertainment will bring new digitally-enhanced episodes and a ‘directors cut’ version of animated series Sonic The Hedgehog to Mipcom to coincide with the launch of a new Sega video game. (Sonic Heroes)

Totally Sonic is a 91 half-hour series which features a private collection of new episodes and enhanced versions of the originals, including a new director’s cut Secret Sonic episode. 

The release of Totally Sonic! coincides with the launch of the new Sonic The Hedgehog videogame from Sega.