Sonic Colours Ultimate Gets Amazing Anniversary Special Edition in Japan

We might not have a game that specifically celebrates Sonic’s 30th Anniversary like Sonic Generations or Sonic Adventure 2 before it, but that isn’t stopping SEGA Japan! The company is using the remastered Sonic Colours Ultimate as a vehicle to promote the landmark occasion, with a special edition pack of the game that will make most of us Westerners very jealous!

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GALLERY: See the Sonic Mania Plus Special Edition, Up Close and Personal

Sonic Mania Plus hits digital game stores in just a few days time! But next Tuesday is also important for the fact that it will mark the first time that the 2017 platformer will be available in physical format on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. We’ve had a review copy sitting in TSS Towers for a while now (review coming soon!), but we thought we’d share what you can expect to find in the physical package to help hype up next week’s release. Read on to find high-quality photos of everything! Continue reading GALLERY: See the Sonic Mania Plus Special Edition, Up Close and Personal

Japan’s Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Special Edition Is Making Us All Jealous

How do you get people in Japan to buy the American-flavoured 3DS action game Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice? Simple – just chuck in a whole heap of gorgeous-looking, limited edition merchandise! Continue reading Japan’s Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Special Edition Is Making Us All Jealous

S&ASR Transformed Wii U Special Edition Boxart Surfaces

SEGA Europe has today released box artwork of the Limited Edition version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed via their press site, but the Wii U version is oddly labelled differently as a ‘Special Edition’. Retailers have been and still are showing a Limited Edition for Wii U, though SEGA has never officially announced it for the Wii U, so have they been working on exclusive content for the Wii U version behind the scenes? Hopefully we’ll find out soon. If we get any details, we’ll pass them along.

Limited Edition box artwork for all formats is available after the jump.
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SEGA Spain Unveils Sonic Generations Special Edition Box Art

Via the official Sonic Tuenti, SEGA Spain has revealed the box artwork for the European Sonic Generations PS3 and Xbox 360 Special Edition. The cover is lenticular and switches between Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic. Boasted on the cover is exclusive DLC for this edition of the game, which as we know from UK retailer GAME is the Casino Night Zone pinball mini-game.

You can view both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the box art below.

Source: Official Sonic Tuenti (via Sonic Paradise)

Thanks to frokenok3 at the SSMB for the heads up!

UK & Spanish Retailers Listing Sonic Generations Special Edition For PS3 & Xbox 360

UK retailer GAME is now taking pre-orders on their website for a Sonic Generations Special Edition for PS3 and Xbox 360. This edition of the game is priced at £37.99 for Xbox 360 and an higher price of £39.99 for PS3, which is £5 and £7 higher respectively than the game alone. What’s weird is that the Special Edition is said to contain the content GAME has recently been advertising as a pre-order bonus for the game in-store. The same content is also advertised as a pre-order bonus at US retailer GameStop. Hopefully SEGA will clear this up and announce official details about the Sonic Generations Special Edition soon.

Sonic Paradise last week reported that Spanish retailer Xtralife is taking pre-orders for the Sonic Generations Special Edition in that territory. The website also heard from SEGA Spain that the company hasn’t yet decided who will be doing the voice dubbing for the Spanish version of the game.

Source: GAME UK

Thanks to Major Ziggy at the SSMB for the heads up on the GAME UK listing!

Full Package Pics of the Sonic Colours Special Edition

Courtesy of, we can now see what the full Sonic Colours Special Edition looks like for both versions of the game and it appears it is actually called the ‘Limited Edition’, which of course means that only so many of these will be made available, so if you’re after one then you should get pre-ordering. The contents appear to be no different to the loose contents EB Games Australia revealed, but at least collectors can now rest assured that they’re not going to get lumped with the figure and Wisps being loose on the side. Also of note is some new artwork revealed on the side of the packaging, which includes a new render of Sonic. You can view that and the DS package below. If you’re in the UK, don’t forget that you can get this action figure and Wisps for free by pre-ordering either version at, who recently dropped their prices.


Thanks to MarcelloF at the SSMB for the heads-up, Hero of Legend for the hi-res images and to Aries for extracting the new artwork.

Pics of the Sonic Colours Figure, Argos Drops Price

EB Games Australia is now listing the Sonic Colours: Special Edition that other countries have been listing for a while, which comes with a Sonic Colours themed action figure, but until now we’ve not seen a picture of it. Two pictures are now available, but why two you say? Because it appears you get different Wisps with your Sonic figure depending on which version of the game you purchase. The Wii version comes with a White Wisp, an Orange Wisp and a Cyan Wisp, while the DS version comes with a Yellow Wisp, a Red Wisp and a Blue Wisp. Seems odd that the Blue Wisp would come with the DS version, since it only appears in the Wii version. If you pre-order, you can still get the free Sonic hat too.

Argos, who we told you will be giving the figure away with pre-orders in the UK, has now
slightly lowered their prices for both versions. The Wii version has been dropped from £33.99 to £31.99 and the DS version has been dropped from £25.99 to £24.99.

Thanks to Blue Blood at the SSMB for the heads-up! Listing “Special Edition” For Sonic Colours

The German branch of online retailer Amazon is now listing a “Special Edition” for both versions of Sonic Colours. No information is given as to what is packaged with this edition of the game, but both versions are €10 higher than the standard versions, so we can expect at least a little something extra to justify the higher price. We’ll keep an eye open for any updates.

What would you like to see in these Special Editions? Let us know in the comments.

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[NEW UPDATE] Limited Edition of Sonic Classic Collection Confirmed for Spain, Australia Only

Not only is Spain getting different boxart (here’s the U.S. version), it’s also getting a special edition!  The special edition of Sonic Classic Collection will come in a tin case.  In addition to the game, players will receive 5 illustrations (boxart for Sonic 3, Sonic Chaos and a pair of Sonic Screen Saver images) and a classic Sonic figurine.  If only the Sonic on the boxart could follow suit.

Will this super cool package come to the rest of Europe and/or the U.S.?  Who knows.

[via GoNintendo]

UPDATE: EB Games AU has put up a listing for the limited edition now (in English, too).  Their listing also includes an “O ring sleeve:”

  • Limited Edition Tin
  • O-ring sleeve
  • 5 x postcard – exclusive imagery
  • 2D styled – 3D Classic Sonic Figurine
  • Game Case

The price that EB Games lists is $58.  Fiddy-8 Aussie Bucks.

[via EB Games AU]

UPDATE 2: AAUK has confirmed at the Sonic City Blognik that this limited edition of Sonic Classic Collection will ONLY be for Spain and Australia.

Why those two countries?  I don’t know.  It is what it is.