What Summer Of Sonic Means To Me : A Staff and Fan Tribute

At this years Summer Of Sonic, we gave you, the fans, a chance to express what this event means to you. We played a video showing the fans and staff’s memories and reflections live in the venue on August 6th. We are now happy to bring to you a super cut of this tribute!

Created and edited by: Pete Nethercote.

Featuring: Phil Sims, Lewis Clark, Kevin Eva, Pete Nethorcote, John Finlay, Dave Luty, Gavin Storey, Shadowkelsey, Peter Robinson, Dr Spudhead, Shadowmariogaming, Faz D, Tanner (Ewww), Mark Hugues, Kieran Gates, Monty Peter Sally, Svend

Summer of Sonic Sets a Guinness World Record!


“A Sonic Convention? The only people who will turn up to that will be the drunks over the road!”

A few years ago, shortly after the idea of a Sonic convention was first brought up in a small cafe in London, the idea was pitched to a few members of the Sonic community and one of the more joky responses was the above.

But despite a few ‘are we sure this is good idea’ reactions, Summer of Sonic 2008 went ahead, and people actually turned up. Since then it’s gotten bigger and bigger and it would appear that it’s getting noticed in circles outside of the Sonic fan base.

In the recently published Guinness World Records 2014 Gamers Edition. Summer of Sonic has set a Guinness World Record! It turns out that not only was Summer of Sonic the first officially recognised Sonic fan Convention, but it’s also the first official fan convention for a video game character!

Congratulations to everyone involved with Summer of Sonic, both past and present, and congratulations and thank you to everyone who has attended and supported the event. Since without you lot, we probably would have had to invite the drunks from over the road!

Source: Guinness World Records 2014 Gamers Edition Via SSMB Member Lucky.

Photo: Beth Johnson

Summer of Sonic 2013 Ticket Details


In 2008, when SOS was held in a place called ‘The Dragon Hall’ it was situated directly opposite a pub. A lot of the staff and many of the guests at the time joked that ‘nobody but the drunks over the road would turn up!’ It seems amazing to think that with more than 3 times the capacity of the Dragon Hall, last year, it took less than 3 minutes for all the tickets to be sold out.

With that in mind, this is probably one of the most important announcements if you want to attend this years event. The Summer of Sonic website has published the details of how tickets will be distributed this year. Here is what you need to know.

There will be two waves of tickets.

The first wave will be on Friday 5th July  at 7:00PM (BST)

The second wave will be on Sunday 7th July at 6:00PM (BST)

There will be 450 tickets in both waves.

Furthermore, the ticketing system this year has altered too, you now get to select how many tickets you want, (maximum of 4). Before you fill out your details. So you won’t have to race to fill out a form and then click submit and be disapointed if all the tickets for that wave have gone.

Booking tickets is done via the SOS website, at this specific link.

Authors Note: I shall update this with more specific details as and when I get them.

If it’s anything like last year, tickets are expected to sell out very quickly. Please be online and ready before they go live in order to avoid disapointment.

Oh and, if you were wondering how much it will cost you to get a ticket for this years event…

Tickets are Free!

See the SOS website for more details.

Ticket booking page.

SOS 2013 is held on August 3rd at the  in London.

Summer of Sonic 2013 Website Goes Live

SOS webpage

The annual fan convention Summer of Sonic has updated it’s website, and things are a bit darker than normal. In what will be the conventions 6th year a teaser site has gone live which doesn’t show us much, but there are one or two clues. Most noticably are tiny outlines of Sonic & Metal Sonic along the bottom of the site and do we need to point out the matrix style numbers in the background?

Also, if we take a look at the official Facebook & Twitter feed, things seem a bit… different? What could it all mean?

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Summer of Sonic 2012 Website Launches

Although you’re still going to have to wait another five months for the event itself, the Summer of Sonic website is now up and running with a swanky new look and a funky-fresh logo!

Although nothing is being revealed yet and ticket applications have not been announced, you can still head over to the site and register your interest for the event.

What’s more, Summer of Sonic is always looking for fan input – so the question is put to you guys and girls….do you have any great ideas for Summer of Sonic? Maybe you’d like a particular guest to come along, or an old face to return? If you do, head over to the SoS site and let the team know about it in the comments!


SoS 09 Countdown Day 5: The DK Rap

At the end of Summer of Sonic everyone paid tribute to Sonic with a massive cake – except it wasn’t for him but for someone else! Then ArchangelUK has to ruin it all naturally by reminding everyone that Rory and Svend still owe him the Wrecks Factor forfeit and that they would be singing the DK Rap.


(Footage courtesy of SEGA Nerds)