Summer of Sonic 2010 Intended Venue Revealed

Heads up! The Summer of Sonic website has revealed the intended location for this year’s convention. Following the announcement some months ago that the venue would be situated in London, attendees now know to head to Shepherd’s Bush for The Pavilion, a 1000-people strong space that offers a huge opportunity for some Sonic-based fun!

The website also provides a notice explaining the reason behind the venue’s delayed announcement. From the post:

“Various factors come into play when it comes to hiring a professional venue for an event – there’s signing of contracts, adding of accounts, and various clauses that need to be discussed at length before a deal between parties can be made final. Last year… we went through a similar process to this year to lock down the Truman Brewery. The fact that we have changed our venue for 2010 means all of that background work had to be done again.”

So there you have it. But, you already booked your hotels and flights and travel months ago anyway, right? So the delayed announcement is something of a moot point. As it happens, Shepherd’s Bush Tube station – one of the closest to the venue – is simple to get to on the Central (red) line on the London Underground map. A Google map location can be found here.

Click here to head to the Summer of Sonic 2010 post regarding this announcement.

Summer of Sonic 2010 Date Revealed

The world’s Sonic the Hedgehog fan convention, Summer of Sonic, will take place on the 7th August 2010, we can announce today. Further details such as venue, guests and events have yet to be determined. Entry may be charged this year, in order to cover costs.

Summer of Sonic has come in leaps and bounds since its introduction as a real-life convention in 2008. Organised by fans for the fans, and headed by Kevin Eva (ArchAngelUK) of Sonic Wrecks/Sega Europe and myself, it has proven to be the annual go-to event for Sonic lovers around the world.

Past guests include musician Richard Jacques, singer TJ Davis, remixer and artist Bentley Jones, Nigel Kitching and Nigel Dobbyn from Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic and Steve Lycett (S0L) of Sumo Digital. The event has played host to events such as Guinness World Records challenges and exclusive sneak previews of Sonic Chronicles and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing.

Over 400 people turned up to East London’s Brick Lane to hit the Summer of Sonic 2009, situated at Truman Brewery’s Boiler House. A similar number is expected for 2010, with Sonic fans around the world coming together in London for another day of Super Sonic activity.

With the costs of Summer of Sonic 2009 exceeding expectations, it is being decided whether to charge a small fee for entry to this year’s event. We hope you’ll be supportive of this move, should we go ahead with it, as it will allow us to bring you even more unexpected surprises. There are many things in the pipeline for 2010 – you won’t be disappointed.

Further details – as well as an official SoS 2010 website – to come soon. In the meantime – start booking that date off of work, guys!